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  1. 1. I have never been to dalhousie so obv experience might differ but having considered it heavily, the campus seems quite fragmented. Its definitely not campusy to me since its scattered somewhat in the downtown of halifax (esp considering they literally say they have three different campuses in dt halifax because of this fragmentation). Other than that idunno obv its going to have university basics like a sub etc. Im mainly comparing uvic and dalhousie here. Uvic is completely encapsulated and all university buildings are on campus. And that model is way more appealing to me. 2. Placement stats are not really relevant when comparing these schools. They are definitely relevant for schools like osgoode vs toronto that are challenging for the same main market. But for a school like uvic, I mainly said what I said because of what Ive read with regards to the quality of the program. Dalhousie is alot closer to Toronto and Im sure many students go there with Toronto in mind. But with uvic, I feel like students would already be self-selecting themselves out of that market. That said Im still not sure with regards to toronto chances between these schools so I wont really comment on it further.
  2. It's basically asking if you have money or are receiving help that would cut into potential debt. For example if all costs are 30k and if you don't receive any help and have no money, then you would need 30k in loans. If your parents were pitching in 10k then you would only need 20k in loans.
  3. Take a deep breath. One pt doesn't mean anything (and neither does two btw). I recommend just not doing anymore pts at this point. Don't build up anymore anxiety. Just take a break and maybe do a couple questions before the test on Saturday to warmup(don't check if u got them right). If you did score lower I doubt it would have a big impact. Good luck!
  4. It's really not. People are so sauve about fiances and debt here. Qb's bluntness is very refreshing. Especially when the other poster clearly doesn't know what they are talking about and yet they continue to hand out financial advice.
  5. That's not extraneous. It's useful.
  6. Visit Osgoode! I live all the way in bc so I can't really do so but I envy the opportunity. Go and check out the Osgoode law building, talk to some people, scope out the campus etc. Same goes for western even if you are already there, go to the law building and talk to profs and students etc.
  7. Fair enough but I've read too many horror stories of unreasonableness to suggest anything other than what write in their rules.
  8. I think your undergrad should be both something: 1. that you would enjoy if you dont end up in law school 2. that you will get good grades in
  9. You need atleast a 158 and you would have an okay chance at western or queens. 160+ should probably do it though.
  10. Got a call today! ~81.6% (after drops) LSAT: 167 (Nov)
  11. I've not seen this allowed ever. Do not even risk it. Just not worth it to worry about one more thing on test day. Ziplock with contents and that's it.
  12. You can take classes in a subject that you are not majoring in. Also, really wish people would stop coming into these kind of threads ready to pounce. You don't know whatever op is dealing with and it is not at all helpful to determine from the small piece of info that you read whether someone should abandon their dream/career/etc. And holy fuck, forget about mental health stigma, the mere mention of a mental illness has given you the authority to tell op this? Never been depressed? Body image issues? Compulsive tendencies? Anxiety? Good for you but mental illness includes a variety of issues. The large majority of lawyers would be out of a job if we go by your criteria. Btw, It is possible to just not comment in a thread.
  13. You need to go to ur doctor and have it on file that you experienced etc. Later on when you apply, this same doctor can vouch that you did indeed during a certain time period go though that. You can attach this as supplemental medical documentation then.
  14. Something I've noticed but have not been able to pin down entirely is how different people have different ideas of what it means to be able to afford a house. As an immigrant, I know that just about any other immigrant family that I know will take more risks to improve their future well being. For example, for my family, this meant taking a huge risk on a $400k home (lower mainland) on a $40k household income while having only lived in Canada for four years. From my experiences, for alot of people that are born here and/or that are non-poc, this kind of decision would be ludicrous. Aka not affordable. And probably rightly so, but seeing housing prices skyrocket, my parents saw this as a rare opportunity to move forward. But this is what it meant to afford a house for us. Coming to a new country, not yet knowing if you will/can live there forever, not having citizenship etc, there is a strong desire to attain security (not necessarily financial but security as in feeling a sense of belonging, hope, owning something in this new land aka being connected to it etc.) That's not to say non-immigrants don't have the same feelings, I just think it's uniquely disproportionate in immigrant families. For me, having had these experiences, I think I still feel this angst/drive when I picture myself on my own. And whether or not its the right decision at the time in terms of the market etc, a house is the most accessible, and tangible, representation of that security. As such, I'm probably willing to be in a worse financial positon when I do buy a house then others.
  15. From my research, kingston and toronto (outside od immediate dt) are very comparable in rent. I was shocked at the rent of a 1 bed in kingston.
  16. Have you used Reddit, like ever?
  17. The site was sold without people being told about it. Mods and users we're confused and asking for info. New owner started placing restrictions on mods. When people started to get upset, new owner essentially banned talking about the sale or what was happening. Eventually mods left and created a new site. The place is a ghost town now. Unfortunately.
  18. I don't know if Reddit would be better, especially due to limitations arising from the nature of a subreddit. But the main reason this is THE place for Canadian law students is that it was ~first (atleast relatively?). Once you get people somewhere and that place becomes known for that one thing, it shouldnt/can't really change. This site has existed for a long time and has a history of being the place for Canadian law students. For example, in the us, after a shady new owner drove users away from the toplawschools forum (used to be very popular), the new lawschool.life that was created by the same mods has struggled to maintain a similar level of activity. Some regular users went to the new site but most people don't even know it exists and so either go on Reddit or don't go on any site because toplawschools is no longer popping. Another big factor is the content. There is a decades worth of information on this forum for prospective students. You just can't get that on Reddit. Plus having seen some of the passionate arguments on this forum, I very much would not like the ability to downvote/upvote comments.
  19. You have a chance at Western. No clue about Windsor. Very unlikely at osgoode and uoft
  20. Idunno, considering that you are set on living in the lower mainland long term, it might be nice to see what's out there and go to uvic for a few years. Additionally, it's not like you're moving across the country and that support system is literally a ferry ride away. I went to uvic for undergrad and while at first it may seem far away, I found it to be a good balance of just far enough and not too far. After law school, you may not be able to move to a new city and this could be a worthwhile opportunity to experience new things and test your love for Vancouver.
  21. Over time you just realize that lawyers are like they are stereotyped: largely white, from wealthy families, etc. I'm on this forum alot rn as I'm done school and just waiting for 1L but I actively avoid any forums about money or politics or other off-topic discussion. Not because of the users. Most of them are great, even surprisingly so. But it's the few people that have little perspective that come in these topics and derails them to no avail.
  22. Absolutely no writing in any of them. Quite good condition. Maybe some wear on the outside. $30 each Or $75 for all three. Can deliver anywhere in the lower mainland. Please pm me if interested.
  23. You should really try and get prime. Lots of people have gotten that at Scotiabank here.
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