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  1. Waitlisted as well. 166 CGPA: ~3.55 L2: ~3.6-7
  2. Kind of shocked that there is literally not one non-white faculty member 🤨
  3. Just got the offer today GPA w/ drops: 82% Lsat: 166 Probably will decline
  4. Yea I have. I have an offer already from them which I will take if TD don't get their act together. I'm with TD rn and would prefer to stay with them. I just like their apps and services alot more.
  5. Just wondering if anyone here has successfully negotiated with TD for a PSLOC for western? Im in the lower mainland and dealing with reps that arent seemingly familiar with the process. Ive emailed with the scotiabank rep for western and had a seamless offer through email but am looking to negotiate with TD for similar terms. Is there a TD rep for western like there is for scotiabank?
  6. Not necessarily. Some schools will, like uoft, but don't think most will just because of the deadline. Queens last year didn't get back to me until July for example.
  7. Five weeks after you wrote is about a week or two after scores are released so that sounds about right. I got it about a month after the scores were released.
  8. Uvic and Ubc are probably the best bang for your buck if your not a quebec resident.
  9. Best 2 years gpa, that's what queens looks at
  10. They won't look at individual courses maybe but they definitely look at things like patterns, course load, course selection etc. @Sasha7 it depends on the school really. Some schools do look at your cumulative GPA but others also do just your last 2, best 2 or even best 3 (years). Some schools even allow going to drop a certain number of courses from their gpa calculation. Generally I doubt the two courses will really have a significant impact. Otherwise, I would double check your gpa calculation. You can't really do overall percentage to gpa conversion. It won't work. You have to do course by course conversion. And some schools have different methods of doing that so your gpa calculation might be different at different and so you will have to calculate accordingly. Hope that helped. Good luck!
  11. Accepted today cgpa: ~3.5, l2 ~3.6-7 lsat: 166 Will probably be declining
  12. Dailene O’Neill but her title is admissions officer.
  13. I live in van and cannot at all justify the cost to visit. Don't know why you would assume people even could.
  14. Im also super interested in this as well!
  15. And dont worry about there being a wait. I did the dec lsat and went above the auto-admit and it took a month or so to get the call.
  16. I used one of the same reference and then one new one. Completely new ps.
  17. @rkathleen covered most of it but I'll try and expand on that. Disagree on the vacancy rate. I think you should be looking at least by April/may. After that you are competing with a lot of people (houses are worse than apartments tho). I would recommend a place somewhere on the 4/14 and/or 15 bus line. It's the best situation really, you have access to uvic and downtown in only one bus ride (same cannot be said for other areas). $1000 is going to be tough for apartments near uvic. If you could go $1200-1300 then you might have a shot at some of those. A room in a 4-5 person house is going to be around ~$500-600 and for a 2 bedroom apartment/basement anywhere from $600-1000+. Used Victoria is what most people use to list. Craigslist is less used in Vic. Also lots of apartment rental companies have their sites and so I would Google those and ask about the waitlist now!! Depending on if u have a car or not (or even are willing to bus 30-40mins), esquimalt and other farther regions are cheaper and some even nicer. If you do end up rooming, I would make sure that it's with a fellow law or grad student. Most of these rentals are going to be undergrads and well we like to party. Lastly, just on residence, if you were able to get a grad apartment in South tower (newest residence building) then I would highly recommend it. It's much cheaper than off campus and clean.
  18. Depends on the school. For example, Uoft's second round finished at the end of Jan.
  19. I mean thats a completely different situation. Personally, not having my own place is unthinkable to me.
  20. Just no all around. Especially in a comparison thread, it's obviously important what the campus has to offer. I don't know about you but I definitely do not plan on only being in the law building and only interacting with law students. With regards to the studley campus vs others and fragmentation, I think that's fair enough. But the (big) concern over the feeling of a campus is still there for me.
  21. That's really not abnormal at all or very specific actually.
  22. I dont really have an opportunity to check out campuses before I decide so could you elaborate on your experiences at the 8 campuses/law schools you visited?
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