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  1. Aside from the assessment emails, nothing from RBC so far
  2. Just got a call from MSM to schedule an interview fyi
  3. Confirming? Did they already reach out about an interview before (other than the email saying they would call today)?
  4. Nope, would have been nice if they provided a specific time when they were going to call
  5. Was this the automatic email sent out right after or another email directly acknowledging the application?
  6. I cant really speak to any experiences as a lawyer but as a student, compartmentalization is absolutely necessary! For me, thats basically dividing the place, setting, and time I do work vs play. For example, I work and play games at the same desk and computer, BUT when I am playing games, all of my books and notes etc are put away and out of sight. Additionally, I have a cut off time for when I stop thinking about work and answering emails etc. I'm not sure how practical this would be for you but this has been useful for me. Heres a great video I found helpful:
  7. As a 2L approaching the recruit, the lack of diversity in business law/full service firms in Toronto is truly astonishing. I find that with some firms the student and associate level is starting be racially diversified but even then, generally, the partnership level is extremely white across the board. I do hope these firms are sincere with their recent efforts but the proof will be in the pudding...
  8. Hey yall, I was wondering what looks more professional for a zoom interview in terms of hearing audio through the speakers or headphones etc. The options for me are the following and Id just appreciate any thoughts anyone as to how it would look in a professional sense. Thanks No headphones/earphones, just hear audio through speakers. Over the ear headphones (athm50's) Powerbeats pro (black) Airpods I have a desktop and laptop - the laptop has bluetooth and the desktop does not. I'd prefer to use the desktop and so that is why I am posing the question. I dont have speakers for the desktop - so would require the use of the headphones. I am just wondering if that would be frowned upon. I have a seperate mic and webcam so that's not relevant. (I know this is gonna seem like a ridiculous question BUT honestly, some of this stuff just seems to matter and I am also in the going crazy and overthinking everything part of the 2L recruit)
  9. You're in 3rd year, I would much rather focus on your courses imo. It is very difficult to get a score in the 170s.
  10. Hi all, I am selling the following books. I am in London but without a car so would appreciate if you would be willing to pick them up. Covid 19 precautions will be taken. Tort Law - Weinrib, 5th ed [$70] Martin's Pocket Criminal Code 2020 [$50] Criminal Law - Roach et al., 11th ed [$40] Thanks, get in my dms if you would like to buy
  11. Thats a pretty good diagnostic btw
  12. Vic does have a very low vacancy rate but op you should be able to get a nice studio or 1 bed apartment for like 900-1200 @ChasingMountains (Its been two years since ive lived there tho so things could have changed)
  13. @student0033 lol i noticed u liked my comment, i hope u realize i was being sarcastic...
  14. eh more like 11-12k from BC unless you qualify for the low income grants (think its like 1-2k) and even then your parents income is accounted for unless youve been out of high school for atleast 4-5? years
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