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  1. yeezy

    10 reasons not to go to my school.

    An update on western?
  2. yeezy

    Jan LSAT scores

    Depends on the school. For example, Uoft's second round finished at the end of Jan.
  3. yeezy

    York Apartments

    I mean thats a completely different situation. Personally, not having my own place is unthinkable to me.
  4. yeezy

    UVic vs Dalhousie

    Just no all around. Especially in a comparison thread, it's obviously important what the campus has to offer. I don't know about you but I definitely do not plan on only being in the law building and only interacting with law students. With regards to the studley campus vs others and fragmentation, I think that's fair enough. But the (big) concern over the feeling of a campus is still there for me.
  5. That's really not abnormal at all or very specific actually.
  6. yeezy

    UVic vs Dalhousie

    I dont really have an opportunity to check out campuses before I decide so could you elaborate on your experiences at the 8 campuses/law schools you visited?
  7. yeezy

    UVic vs Dalhousie

    1. I have never been to dalhousie so obv experience might differ but having considered it heavily, the campus seems quite fragmented. Its definitely not campusy to me since its scattered somewhat in the downtown of halifax (esp considering they literally say they have three different campuses in dt halifax because of this fragmentation). Other than that idunno obv its going to have university basics like a sub etc. Im mainly comparing uvic and dalhousie here. Uvic is completely encapsulated and all university buildings are on campus. And that model is way more appealing to me. 2. Placement stats are not really relevant when comparing these schools. They are definitely relevant for schools like osgoode vs toronto that are challenging for the same main market. But for a school like uvic, I mainly said what I said because of what Ive read with regards to the quality of the program. Dalhousie is alot closer to Toronto and Im sure many students go there with Toronto in mind. But with uvic, I feel like students would already be self-selecting themselves out of that market. That said Im still not sure with regards to toronto chances between these schools so I wont really comment on it further.
  8. yeezy

    Queen's Admission Bursary

    It's basically asking if you have money or are receiving help that would cut into potential debt. For example if all costs are 30k and if you don't receive any help and have no money, then you would need 30k in loans. If your parents were pitching in 10k then you would only need 20k in loans.
  9. yeezy

    LSAT score drop on third attempt?

    Take a deep breath. One pt doesn't mean anything (and neither does two btw). I recommend just not doing anymore pts at this point. Don't build up anymore anxiety. Just take a break and maybe do a couple questions before the test on Saturday to warmup(don't check if u got them right). If you did score lower I doubt it would have a big impact. Good luck!
  10. Eh agree to disagree.
  11. It's really not. People are so sauve about fiances and debt here. Qb's bluntness is very refreshing. Especially when the other poster clearly doesn't know what they are talking about and yet they continue to hand out financial advice.
  12. yeezy

    Accepted 2019

    That's not extraneous. It's useful.
  13. yeezy

    Osgoode vs Western

    Visit Osgoode! I live all the way in bc so I can't really do so but I envy the opportunity. Go and check out the Osgoode law building, talk to some people, scope out the campus etc. Same goes for western even if you are already there, go to the law building and talk to profs and students etc.
  14. Fair enough but I've read too many horror stories of unreasonableness to suggest anything other than what write in their rules.
  15. yeezy

    Best undergrad for Corporate Law?

    I think your undergrad should be both something: 1. that you would enjoy if you dont end up in law school 2. that you will get good grades in