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  1. So no ones been accepted off the waitlist yet?
  2. Got in this morning. Going to be declining L2: ~3.6-7 Avg lsat prob 162
  3. Waitlisted as well. 166 CGPA: ~3.55 L2: ~3.6-7
  4. Kind of shocked that there is literally not one non-white faculty member 🤨
  5. Just got the offer today GPA w/ drops: 82% Lsat: 166 Probably will decline
  6. Yea I have. I have an offer already from them which I will take if TD don't get their act together. I'm with TD rn and would prefer to stay with them. I just like their apps and services alot more.
  7. Just wondering if anyone here has successfully negotiated with TD for a PSLOC for western? Im in the lower mainland and dealing with reps that arent seemingly familiar with the process. Ive emailed with the scotiabank rep for western and had a seamless offer through email but am looking to negotiate with TD for similar terms. Is there a TD rep for western like there is for scotiabank?
  8. Not necessarily. Some schools will, like uoft, but don't think most will just because of the deadline. Queens last year didn't get back to me until July for example.
  9. Five weeks after you wrote is about a week or two after scores are released so that sounds about right. I got it about a month after the scores were released.
  10. Uvic and Ubc are probably the best bang for your buck if your not a quebec resident.
  11. Best 2 years gpa, that's what queens looks at
  12. They won't look at individual courses maybe but they definitely look at things like patterns, course load, course selection etc. @Sasha7 it depends on the school really. Some schools do look at your cumulative GPA but others also do just your last 2, best 2 or even best 3 (years). Some schools even allow going to drop a certain number of courses from their gpa calculation. Generally I doubt the two courses will really have a significant impact. Otherwise, I would double check your gpa calculation. You can't really do overall percentage to gpa conversion. It won't work. You have to do course by course conversion. And some schools have different methods of doing that so your gpa calculation might be different at different and so you will have to calculate accordingly. Hope that helped. Good luck!
  13. Accepted today cgpa: ~3.5, l2 ~3.6-7 lsat: 166 Will probably be declining
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