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  1. Any of the great suggestions above (I'm partial to "Of Counsel"), but served out of an extravagant golden cup encrusted with jewels... something along the lines of this😉:
  2. If a firm is hosting a reception on Monday night, is it ill-advised to schedule a first-interview with them on Tuesday morning?
  3. Bump! Humble 1L here to offer what insights I have (anything to get away from these Constitutional readings...). Ask away!
  4. As a 1L, there are two opportunities to gain clinical experience: (1) Volunteering at Queen's Legal Aid (QLA); and (2) Volunteering with the PBSC Family Law Project (it's a PBSC project, but they work out of/in conjunction with the Family Law Clinic). This year, QLA took on 30 1L volunteers, and the PBSC Family Law Project took on ~10 1Ls. Given the incoming class size of ~200 students, you're looking at roughly a 15% chance for QLA alone. Keep in mind, though, not everyone is interested in the clinics, and there are plenty of other worthwhile extracurriculars to get involved in. Beyond 1L, there are plenty of opportunities to gain clinical experience. The Prison Law, Elder Law, Family Law, and Business Law clinics all offer a course-credit option for 2/3Ls (the application cycle for these just closed--pretty crappy timing, all things considered, but it is what it is). QLA also offers a course-credit option, "Clinical Litigation Practice" (CLP), and takes on 2/3L volunteers as well. For what it's worth, there are 22 CLP caseworkers and 28 2/3L volunteer caseworkers at QLA this year. So... all this to say, there's definitely lots of opportunities to get involved with any one of the clinics, even if you don't get a spot in 1L Hope this helps! Edit* just realized there's a better thread for this: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/43574-ask-a-1l/
  5. Congrats everyone! To echo some posts way back on page 1, I'm a current 1L and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about Queen's Law It is reading week after all!
  6. Hello friends, Would any of you fine folks at Western Law be willing to share an outline/summary for Professor Khimji's 1L Property course? This is his first year at Queen's, and we're in dire need of an outline. Cheers!
  7. This whole thread is giving me the shills...
  8. Woops! Completely missed that (and the others) in my cursory glance. Well, it appears the Small Business Advisor I'm speaking with is right out of it.
  9. Has anyone received an interest rate from Scotia of just Prime? Or are they firm at Prime + 0.5%?
  10. Not dumb at all! The info was kind of buried amongst the pile of forms we've been sent You can find/activate your Queens email at this link: office365.queensu.ca Log in with your usual NetID and it'll send you to Outlook. There's also a separate website where you can change your email from the generic one ("NetID"@queensu.ca) to something like [email protected] if you wish. Edit: here's the blurb in the PDF Aimee had sent out: You can access your Queen’s e-mail account using your NetID and password by logging into https://office365.queensu.ca/. You can also go to http://netid.queensu.ca to manage your e-mail address and change it to a [email protected] address, instead of the default letter/number combination.
  11. Hey everyone, Back again with another question What is the difference between the "January" and "Winter" terms? Are the "January" and "Fall" terms the same thing? I've been reading into the Litigation Practice (LP) course elsewhere on these forums (http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/41612-upper-year-course-selection/?hl=bidding), and it was mentioned that taking LP "in the winter term will also count as your January term course". On the topic of the LP course--would experience as an 1L Associate Caseworker with the CLS be advantageous for someone considering the LP course in their upper years?
  12. Thanks! This has made things much clearer regarding the OCI's.
  13. Gotcha, thanks for confirming. I found this interesting as well. I was discussing this with a recent grad from UofM law (Robson Hall) and, using the most recent distribution available from UofM: http://law.robsonhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/April_2015.pdf, noted how drastically they vary from Queen's in terms of "C" grades received. Robson Hall doesn't use A- or B-, which probably explains this. Do firms take into consideration the different grading schemes when considering an applicant's marks? If not, then wouldn't it be disadvantageous to be marked on a scale that doesn't include B-? Sorry for taking the thread off-topic I never thought I'd be lucky enough to have offers from both Western and Queen's, and I'm literally leaving no stone unturned.
  14. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if Western Law makes their mark breakdowns for Fall/Winter terms available? Something like this from Queen's, which is accessible through the Queen's law website: http://law.queensu.ca/sites/webpublish.queensu.ca.lawwww/files/files/JD%20Studies/Grading%20%26%20Exams/Winter%202016%20Grade%20Breakdown%20Sheet%20-%20May%2018-16.pdf
  15. Not at Osgoode (yet--fingers crossed!), but I did my undergrad at York. My commute from Richmond Hill (Yonge/16th) was around 50-60 minutes on average. This would be much quicker obviously if leaving super early/late. Commuting to York from Yonge/Sheppard was significantly better. There's a direct bus from Sheppard Station to York (can't remember which #) that would be roughly 30-40 minutes. I imagine you might be able to find a place around this area for $750/month.
  16. Congrats! I hope you took the opportunity to batflip your phone and walk away like a boss
  17. A box under where your name and student no. are located will populate. Best of luck!
  18. Accepted! No email either, just logged on to the student center when I noticed all the commotion here Regular applicant, 163 LSAT, 3.6'ish L2, and a cGPA that is significantly lower than the 2015 mean indicated in the Prospectus (I was really banking on my EC's and PS!). Congrats to everyone! I'm already marking March 19th off on the calendar
  19. If Bart Simpson got $5 for his, I imagine a fresh Biglaw soul should be able fetch... $14.95?
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