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  1. Buying some classic French literature that catches your eye would probably be a good call. If you're not near a book store, most ebook files are incredibly small and download on even terrible connections quickly.
  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. McGill is a black box process - that's not a bad thing per se, but it does mean sometimes you're going to get results without really knowing why they happened. Your GPA is stellar and that's the hardest part, quite honestly. You can write/rewrite the LSAT, but you can't really easily ever re-do your undergrad.
  3. Sorry to hear. If you can, I'd really try rewriting the LSAT - if you can hit 160, or at least the high 150s you'd basically be a lock for UOttawa + a few other schools. Your CGPA is really good.
  4. I can't speak much on the openness of extensions or their existence (but people seem to have answered that) in law school - but if they exist, and you feel like you need them, use them. They're there to be used by students who need to use them. Getting over that in my undergrad actually let me succeed. Chances are pretty good that if you care about the deadlines, and you feel you won't finish, you probably have a good reason to use them. Take care of yourself, especially now, and having a high CGPA/GPA doesn't mean you shouldn't take an extension. Quite honestly, with a high GPA it probably means you probably really need it because if you're normally a good student, there's something up with your life that's not normally there.
  5. in a normal cycle, McGill doesn't finish admissions decisions until late May/June. Way too early to give up, my friend.
  6. Honestly, with a case that unique, definitely speak about it in some sort of addendum statement - especially if you have any form of medical documents or unique circumstances that led to those low grades that you can append to your application in some form. This would make it way easier for admissions committee staff to review your GPA way more in favour of those circumstances. Quite honestly, incredibly impressive comeback grades. B2/L2 schools are also certainly an option, as would a more holistically-minded school. With such a turnaround, it seems pretty likely you had Other Things TM going on in your life that factored into that.
  7. I was thinking about my posts yesterday, and I've probably come to agree with this - but with one obvious caveat of all big undergrad courses going online, because those few 300+ people classrooms at most of the big universities are going to have to be used instead of the usual rooms to permit adequate distancing. A seminar room won't be used but instead a 50 person classroom gets used, and the 50 person classes meet in the even larger rooms (since they usually step in some degree of relative size as you go lower in the course level). Like your POLI 101s and 102s will probably be online for a long time. And quite honestly, they probably should be anyways so people can take electives a little easier from home instead of having to stay on campus for longer or watch them at their own convenience.
  8. This is fair and would seem correct on the point of it being a possible future infection, and really, probably not a super huge problem like you said with a vaccine. I'm not saying that ProfReader is wrong, though. They could very well be completely on the nose. It does genuinely seem without a vaccine that there is indeed a real and distinct possibility of a very dangerous second wave, and with that hanging over us, I am incredibly reluctant to assume anything good will happen.
  9. But that doesn't change what I've stated, nor does it change the fact that without a vaccine, the risk is variable, and above all else, basically unknowable. We have no certainty and we could very easily be dealing with another crippling wave of COVID-19 in the short-term, long-term, medium-term, the who-knows term. Our modelling is probably pretty accurate assuming most things stay consistent, but we have no idea what the virus could do to completely upend trends. It's also pretty unclear if people can get sick again from the virus. I'm on the side of experts and our health care workers interested in protecting as many human beings as possible, and I am perfectly content in criticizing policy-makers when they don't do that as well.
  10. I don’t doubt they’re *planning* to reopen - but without a vaccine there is a probable and ever-present chance that the virus will come surging back. Today the WHO stated that we may just be dealing with this virus from now on, as a new common viral infection. The world sucks and seems to enjoy torturing us, so I’m guessing it’ll be the worst outcome. We don’t know. That will be a possibility until we have a vaccine. We are stuck without any certainty in anything beyond a few weeks from now without one. Epidemiologists are continually making this point, again and again.
  11. You can believe they'll reopen, but it's pretty clear - without a vaccine, social distancing will come back, and then you're going to be probably stuck back in the same scenario if another full lockdown is needed. We just don't know and the only safe assumption is that nothing will look like it did, or even kinda resemble it, without a vaccine.
  12. It's pretty clear that we cannot go back to 'normal' until we've got a vaccine. A vaccine will indeed take years. The CDC is already warning of the dreaded second wave. The only thing stopping this virus is people staying home right now. This is, and will continue to be a cyclical pattern until we have a vaccine. Social distancing will slacken and tighten as needed, but campuses really can't reopen without a vaccine. Universities are probably going to have to stay online for a while. Residences for first year students are basically a no-go because they'd be a ground zero for outbreaks. Top it off with travel restrictions even within Canada, which would mean a lot of people traveling at once domestically, and it basically becomes impossible to safely move people right now. From the above Guardian piece: "Riley: It’s conceivable that we may have to do another round of lockdowns, but we need to look even further ahead. What’s going to happen next year? Is it going to come back again like the influenza? Is a new type of coronavirus going to come back? Maybe not next year, but maybe, two years from now? This is not the only time we’re going to be doing these lockdowns." Basically, expect the worst, and hope for the better - but we're probably getting the 'worse'.
  13. Not all staff can work from home - tons can't. Even a hybrid model is inconsiderate to the people who now have to commute in order to clean classrooms, provide basic maintenance and repair services, and probably at the very least some food and beverage staff will be needed. Furthermore, what's the average age of most professors? Many are definitely in the risk pool too, so now they have to be risking their safety as well. Quite frankly, I care more about the employees than students who just have to take classes online to alleviate virtually all risk for everyone involved. This is all completely unnecessary and should be completely online until we can ensure a functioning vaccine provided to all.
  14. It seems incredibly early for schools to even consider going back to in-class instruction before we have a vaccine. What about the students who have older relatives to take care of, or those who are themselves immunocompromised? It's not just the students, it's all of the support staff who would also have to return to work to facilitate this. Not just office administrators, but the armies of working class folk that staff janitorial positions and all the other jobs that need to be done on campuses. Couple that with students basically tending to wind up being crowded in one way or another, and how many people one sick person could infect, and you're looking like an impossible situation to manage. I don't think it really matters, it just seems like Western is setting themselves up for failure when the province likely tells them to go online, especially if we do see a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall.
  15. The ones that really get me are the posts structured like "ECs: great, RLs: great". I mean c'mon, at that point, you're not even trying to convince yourself and you're guessing like the rest of us.
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