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  1. I submitted my application at the end of November, but one of my references was delayed.. So, I had decided not to take the January LSAT (partly to avoid a delay in my application) and ended up at the same time frame anyway without another LSAT attempt—I have a 157, so would have been good to make another attempt. 🙄 I have the best luck!
  2. yes, I also received this email... they must send it to all applicants? Because my application still hasn’t even been sent for review 😕 so I have no idea if I’m a Future Student lol Gotta say, instant heart attack. First I wasn’t sure if I DID receive the email, and what THAT would potentially mean. And then I was like “I have an email as a future student, am I future student!?” 😆🤦‍♀️ man this is stressful.
  3. Congrats! Do you happen to know when your application went for review?
  4. I was wondering about this as well. Looks like others have re-uploaded and haven't had issues. Some have been accepted, some (like us) haven't heard back yet. But they wouldn't reject you simply because you had to re-upload.
  5. That’s per semester. Living costs may be cheaper than other schools though.. so perhaps isn’t quite as dramatic overall (depending).
  6. Can I ask what your stats are? I’m wondering how they group/sort applications.. hoping that maybe mine just hasn’t been reviewed yet.
  7. Has anyone else had to re-upload a transcript? I made a mistake with mine, re-uploaded a corrected copy (5 weeks ago).. but now I have no idea if my application is all good and will be reviewed or if it's stalled out somehow? I'm realistic that it likely just means I'm a no for this application cycle, but would hate to be assuming my application is moving through the process if it's just sitting there in limbo. 😔
  8. bahahah.. nope. Not me anyway. 🤞 for you.
  9. Yeah, I’m the same. They haven’t added my LSAT score or my letter grade.
  10. I think you still have a decent chance at the L2 schools 🤷🏻‍♀️ Non-expert obviously as I’m also an applicant. I looked at going back for another year and decided against it—didn’t make enough of a difference in my case. I made a spreadsheet with all my grades, to run some possible scenarios and see how an extra year could affect my GPA, using the various rules for the different schools.
  11. I think they might just be off today--I looked at the Acceptances thread for last year and there were people accepted on the Friday of reading week (Feb. 21). Also, U of C provided an update in the U of C forum and said "have a good long weekend" and their website only lists today as a holiday. I imagine the other schools would be the same? (I sound nuts. I know this. I'm just here over-analyzing everything!)
  12. yeah, my LSAT score was sent from LSAC on Feb 8, but it isn't updated on MyTRU yet. I think it takes them a bit to process it.
  13. Wait a minute... are admissions offices closed next week? For Reading Week break?
  14. I believe the application itself is the only introduction the admissions team wants.. I emailed schools questions at times, but there wasn’t an “introduction”. How could the application process be any different? I’m not sure I understand this question—do you mean a different process because you are a mature applicant? Just take the LSAT, apply to schools. Each school has the process outlined on each website. If there’s a mature category, follow the specific steps. Otherwise you’re just another applicant.. write your statement to explain anything unique about your situation.
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