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  1. abc321

    Starting Completely Fresh, need advice.

    Can I just ask--do you have kids? I'm just wondering if your comment about the OP "being there for [their] son" is backed by parenting experience. Having kids doesn't mean that you are JUST a parent. It is possible to be a good parent and pursue your own interests--especially if this is your education, which benefits your children. And, how old are you? This isn't a bitchy question, I am genuinely trying to understand your perspective, because now I feel old! 33 is really not that old. If all goes well, I will be 33 when I graduate law school. And I have two kids, not one. Another note--"why now" -- I am obviously not familiar with the OP's circumstances, but personally, I know that not everyone is able to (or wants to) attend university straight out of high school. And I don't remember the OP's original post in detail, so I'm not sure if they mentioned that they needed to work, but I don't think there would be any expectation for a parent in school to be working full-time or close to-- there are financial supports available if the OP does not have another income in their household.
  2. abc321

    How to advertise as a young solo practitioner?

    Side note-- I've been watching the various conversations involving T&B.. And i have to point out that, from what I've seen, this brilliant new platform that apparently is now in the prototyping stage was an idea from about a month ago. Now, suddenly, it is "we" are doing this, that, and whatever. I suspect that T&B is some bored high school kid who has created some fun backstory to participate in arguments/conversations on this forum as an apparent "expert". Or something along those lines. Not replying after this. But I had to say it. I'm sure others are thinking something similar.
  3. abc321

    Looking for a roommate with a dog

    (damn quote doesn't work. I'm guessing because IE at work ) ahhhhh... yes, I was wondering how it would be more efficient. I thought maybe something about the looking for accommodation would be more efficient? yes, this does make more sense, as much as I agree I would not want to share any feces-related responsibilities. To the OP--in all seriousness, it is probably best to find accommodation that is pet-friendly and not worry so much about the roommate having their own dog. I am slightly biased because my Border Collie is a complete NUT and doesn't understand doggy manners; it would be a nightmare to live with another person's dog. And if you are looking for someone to share the pet responsibilities, that could be hard to manage and may make for a pretty stressful living arrangement. Just my opinion. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are hoping to find
  4. abc321

    Looking for a roommate with a dog

    Personally, if I was looking for a roommate (as a person who does have a dog), I would prefer a roommate who likes animals, but who does not have their own dog.. I also don't understand the rationale here. Is there an expectation that the dogs will be friends? Companion for your dog? Trying to get two people to live together without conflict is difficult enough without adding two animals who have to get along. Not to mention the new and interesting things to argue about--"that's your dog shit!" "No, that's YOUR dog shit"... could be awkward. Maybe I'm just an awful roommate.. Seeking pet-friendly accommodation, regardless of whether there is currently a dog in residence? lol
  5. I just counted each course, regardless of how many credits it was worth. I also have some 4-credit courses, but I'm not sure if they were within my last 20.
  6. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you are asking, but are you asking about courses that are only one semester (eg. Jan-April), or a course shorter than that time period? Because I understand a half-course to be a single semester-long course, rather than a full course which is an entire year. I'm not sure if what I did was right, but to calculate my L2 I used my last 20 courses (because mine were all a single semester). The website says that a GPA may be calculated using the "most recently completed 20 half courses" and doesn't mention credits at that point.
  7. okay, my browser at work is awful and I can't add a link, but Google transfer Alberta to find the ALIS website that provides the class search. Also see the link for "transfers from/to another province" there are agreements on equivalent courses between universities. I transferred courses in for my degree and it doesn't always need to be the specific course, sometimes they list it as anything within the same course area over a certain level (depending on the class).
  8. abc321

    Starting Completely Fresh, need advice.

    I'm applying next fall, so I can't really answer law-specific questions; however, I had my daughter half-way throughly undergrad and I (fingers crossed) when I start law school my kids will 3 and 7. Managing family life and school isn't too much harder than with a full-time job, it's just a bit different. Homework can be hard when you have kids, but I found that I ended up finishing it up after my daughter was in bed (son didn't come until after my undergrad). The worst part I found was the lack of sleep, and the frustration at trying to get a baby to sleep when I knew I had to get up in the morning. With a two-year-old that's (hopefully!) not a concern anymore. School can actually give you a more flexible schedule to plan around kid's activities, depending on your schedule and how you manage homework/other events for school.
  9. abc321

    June 2016 Study Thread

    I'm using a combination of The LSAT Trainer, 7Sage (just the free LG demonstrations) and drilling packs from Cambridge. I work full-time and I have two young kids so an in-person course won't work for me. Plus, I can't justify the cost of the in-person courses I've found here in Calgary. So, I think that self-study requires a lot of commitment, but it can be done even with a busy schedule. We will see closer to test day if I am still saying that, because the holidays have WRECKED my study schedule and I'm feeling a bit behind!
  10. abc321

    What did you guys do for an undergrad?

    Edit--failing at commenting on mobile! Was trying to say, before I posted only a quote and no comment, that sounds awesome! Its the thought of a major in only basket weaving that I would find funny--only because I'm imaging all sorts of basket-specific classes. Basket linings 200, basket structure 101, history of baskets 202... Haha!
  11. abc321

    What did you guys do for an undergrad?

    I really want to meet someone who majored in basket weaving.... that sounds amazing
  12. abc321

    Teachers college marks

    as far as I know (what I have found applies to me), admissions considers all undergrad classes, regardless if they were in your initial undergrad. Now, some schools I believe will only count years where you have a full course load and some just go by number of classes, no matter which semester they were taken in. Catria-The 2 year bachelor of education, taken after an undergrad degree, is not a graduate program. And perhaps I am taking this the wrong way.. But "willing to practice in Alberta..if it was your only option" ouch! Lol what do you have against Alberta!?
  13. abc321

    ~3.8 CGPA, 175 LSAT, Academic Probation

    Not sure how much help I am--I'm just at the LSAT studying phase, but I've been reading a lot to familiarize myself with the admissions process and expectations.. Not sure what the policies are for other schools, but I will be applying to U of C and I know they have a section of the application for "special facts" that could be used to give a brief overview of why the failed class, in your situation. From what I've been reading it sounds like admission committees are interested in seeing how you perform academically overall. And if you did well on the class the second time, plus well in all other classes, I can't see how that would be a problem. You sound like you're in good shape to me. Have a look at the accepted threads to see what gpa/LSAT combos others have had for the schools you are interested in. Edit-also consider if schools are looking at L2, B2 or cGPA..
  14. I had a whole detailed reply typed up before my browser crashed :/ I second The LSAT Trainer! Plus, the Cambridge drill packs and reviewing the LG with 7Sage video explanations. I started with the Manhattan series (similar in format to PowerScore, I think), but I prefer the simplicity of The LSAT Trainer.
  15. I commuted 45-min one way for my undergrad (although in Calgary), and I found it to be possible, but I was not as involved with some of the on-campus events/clubs. However, I also have kids and that was another reason I wasn't as involved. I'm currently studying the LSAT and applying next fall to U of C, so I will be commuting again (fingers crossed I'm accepted lol)--it will be about 50-60min one way now (since moved) and I know it will be possible, but my worry is that I want to be more involved this time around. Networking seems to be a huge consideration in law school. From my experience, 1hr 30min would be a very tough commute. That's 3 hours a day that you could be spending studying, or with your fiancé, or with friends, etc. And, as mentioned, when it comes to events after class--it's hard to attend those events when you will have a long commute after it (or make a special trip in for those events). It's not impossible, but would make things very difficult. Personally, we are not in a position to move--we recently bought a house and one of my kids is in school, but if it's a possibility for you--definitely look into it.