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  1. Dentons has sent out dinner invites!
  2. Did anyone get a call from Stikeman?
  3. I'm in the same boat as you, and I heard that ppl got called back for Fasken and Blakes already :S Although many tell me that the timing of the call doesn't matter that much!
  4. When did you do your interviews for these firms?
  5. Dentons has also started calling for second rounds
  6. Did anyone get any second round calls yet?
  7. They are still calling today too! Just got called
  8. Anyone know when Miller Thomson will call?
  9. LRMM says they're gonna call people tommorrow and thursday on their website!
  10. Has anyone from a Montreal school heard from BLG?
  11. This is my first rejection, so not sure! But I heard that firms usually send rejections eventually...the timing differs by firm
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