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  1. The helpfulness of the tutorial will always depend on your tutor, but generally the A&E tutorials are a good bet. They're size limited, you'll never have more than 12-14 people, whereas in the drop-in tutorials the entire class might show up. The A&E tutorials also take into consideration the learning needs of the students in the tutors. Don't be afraid to reach out to the tutor in one of your classes if you have questions (tutorials start this week!) or contact Jessica Simon, the A&E coordinator if you have more specific questions.
  2. This. I've been mostly quiet on here but I've followed this thread and the advice on this forum for years and it's been truly invaluable.
  3. There's not supposed to be any contact between students and firms between 3 and 5 on Wednesday. So by LSUC rules appointments should end by 3, I can't speak to firm practice though, some may choose to end earlier.
  4. Tutorials are an optional session every other week where an upper year student reviews the material. Depending on your tutor they can be very useful or not so helpful. I'd definitely recommend checking out the first ones to see how you like them. You'll get more info about them once classes start.
  5. I'm in my thirties and in law school. It's really not an issue. My group of friends covers a 30 year age range -- I fall in the middle. I thought I'd feel old, but if anything I feel younger than I have in years. There are obviously a lot of things to consider if you're thinking about law school, but I wouldn't let your age get in your way. Good luck!
  6. I got in under access at a few schools, I'd also be willing to chat via PM, if you want.
  7. Ok, I'm an 0L (can I say 1L yet? CAN I???) so I can't speak to law school specifically, but I moved with my significant other while he went to school so I think I have useful perspective here. For me, it was definitely more about me than them in terms of how well I fit in and got along with everyone -- by that I mean that no one was going to exclude me for not being in the program, but they definitely had a pretty intense focus on their study area that could have left me out. It took me a little while to figure out where my niche was, what interests I had that overlapped etc but eventually I wiggled my into the group and it was fine. I suspect it will be the same for your boyfriend with law students, it might take a bit of work to find initial common ground but eventually things should settle in. Best of luck to both of you!
  8. So I'm dragging my husband with me to Ottawa (he assures me he prefers this to being left behind ) and we need somewhere to live. We'll make a trip to Ottawa to look at places in person, but I'm trying to make sure the places we see will count because time will be tight. We both prefer a building with amenities (we'll use a pool/sauna/fitness room so it's not wasted money for us) but we're not hung up on any particular details at this point. Though we do have pets, so pet friendly is a must. Close to campus is nice, but I'm happy to live further away if transit is decent and the neighborhood is interesting. 160 Chapel looks like a good prospect, so I'm wondering if anyone has any recent experience living there. Are the facilities maintained, the supers effective but not nosey etc etc? Also, I'd love any recommendations for other buildings that might be similar, or that you just really like. Other question, what's up with all the carpet in Ottawa? Soooo many carpeted apartments. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for the info! I'm not sure that I'd count as a NS resident for bursary purposes, since I haven't actually lived there in a while but I'll look into it. Does anyone have any thoughts on mooting and/or clinical opportunities at Dal?
  10. You might remember me from such posts as... well, there've been several, but I swear this is the last one! I know there's already a Dal/Ottawa thread, but I feel like these comparison threads are pretty individual, so here goes: In all likelihood I plan to come back to Toronto to work, so Ottawa has proximity points, BUT I'm from Atlantic Canada and I can't deny the appeal of living a bit closer to home for a while. I know Dal places well in Toronto, but if I'm not mistaken, it's mainly a big law focus? Does anyone have any experience going from Dal to TO in an area other than big law? At this point I've done a ton of research and feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the pros and cons of each option, but I'd love some more insight, just in case there's something I may have overlooked. Thanks so much (again)!
  11. I've also had to withdraw from school for health reasons and experienced the same fear in going back. What if I can't do it? What if I'm just BAD at this? What if I'm not really better? Etc etc. It's terrifying and that's okay. As everyone else has said, take your time. Definitely look into your options and see if you can find someone at your school who gets it and who can advocate for you/advise you. I didn't end up going back to the same school I withdrew from and policies will differ everywhere, so I can't speak much to those details, but I can tell you that it's absolutely doable. I wish I had more tangible advice to offer, but in lieu of that I hope informed encouragement helps at least a little. On that note, I'd be happy to talk more via PM if you want. Good luck!
  12. In after an interview. 3.65 L2 (but with some gaps) 169 LSAT Maritime Resident
  13. People really have wheelie bags? I thought I was being hyperbolic. I was hoping to be able to just kill two birds with one stone and just get a tote, but I'd rather save my back than my wallet (but only barely) so I'll probably pick up a backpack of some description too. The lockers sounds reasonable though, and handy... unless you have an upper locker neighbor who's a jerk, apparently. Undergrad was a very, very, verrrrrrrrrrrrry long time ago for me and my back.
  14. I need to buy a new laptop bag/backpack/satchel/wheelie suitcase because the one I have was designed by sadists (also it's hideous). So what I'm wondering is just how much we typically have to lug around on the day to day. Do we need books in class regularly or just our notes from readings? Am I looking at mostly big hard covered heavy books, or mainly readers etc etc. I know it's going to vary from prof to prof, I'm just trying to get a general feel for what to expect. Also, are there lockers available on campus? That would probably ease some pain. Any other advice on those little details you wish you'd know when you were getting your stuff in order for classes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  15. First off, you said you've been feeling suicidal, please don't hesitate to get emergency help if you feel like you need it. I'm not sure exactly where you are, but here's a list of crisis lines. I'm not expecting you to need one but if you do, it's better to have it on hand. I used to work for a crisis line, so please trust me when I say that it's always okay to call. I'm still an 0L so I have no experience with articling or law firm culture, so I'm not going to try to touch any of that (though Hedgis's suggestion to talk to HR seems slid to me). That said, I do have experience with depression, so maybe I can be at least a little bit useful. Do you have extended health coverage? A psychologist might serve you well here, someone who can give you some strategies that you can use on the fly. A good psychologist should be able to realistically listen to your circumstances and help you develop tools that actually work for your life. As far as antidepressants go, don't be afraid to discuss your concerns with your doc. There are a ton of med options out there these days and while they all have side effects they're not all the same. Your doctor should be willing to listen to your concerns and discuss what side effects you can live with. As far as getting together with friends, it's always a good idea but if it's not happening because of your scheduling, maybe just try to take a few minutes regularly to text chat or phone call with a few of your favorite people. It's not a substitute for a face to face connection but making any kind of connection can be helpful. Maintaining those connections and reminding yourself you have people you care about and who care about you is always a good thing. Finally, I know we all hesitate to say this because it sounds so trite, but it's true so I'm going to say it anyway: You're going to be okay. It might be hard, and it might suck for a while, but you're asking for help and doing all of the right things. You're going to get through this.
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