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    Suits For Men

    I'm looking for a 2.75 inch ties (mainly solids and subtle patterns) and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a good retailer. I've looked at tiebar, suitsupply, spier and mckay but they are almost all 3 inches. I wear a size 38 suit so a 3 inch tie looks comical on me in addition to not matching my lapel size. My current 2.75 tie is from a Calvin Klein outlet. Any recommends?
  2. If finance isn't an issue, take serious advantage of 1L summer to do something interesting instead of trying to make it into a cubicle farm. Not only is the rest of your working life is likely to be in an office, few OCI firms express interest in your formal jobs. I went to Southeast Asia on a shoestring to surf. Still got an OCI job.
  3. On another note, it's now exam season and I know your marks follow you 5 years after call. What if you get a bunch of C's and was not hired back post-call. Would it ding your chances at an associate position at another bay firm?
  4. So would you participate in the articling recruit at all during 2L summer if you were on bay st, just to have a safety net?
  5. This is implying that your 2L summer (bay) job guarantees you an articling spot? What I fear is having applied to go on exchange, they pull the rug from under me during 2L summer saying you need to look elsewhere for articling
  6. Having secured a 2L summer job at a bay St firm, I intend to submit a 3L fall semester exchange application. I wanted know if I was in the safe for articling if I go on exchange. From what I understand, at the biggest Bay St firms, while there is no explicit guarantee of an articling spot, there should be no worries that you won't be offered to come back for articling? If this is true, does one participate at all in the summer articling recruit during their 2L summer Bay St job? It would be extremely helpful if someone could provide a timeline of what the articling recruitment looks like. Furthermore, would employers frown at seeing the exchange on your transcript when it comes time for hirebacks? Lastly, would an exchange be detrimental to passing the bar exam?
  7. Osgoode is ranked second after UT, hiring almost double the number at Queen's and Western if Bay St is your thing. The importance of this is that you may want to keep your options open for other practice areas. While you may be set on Legal Aid going in, economics, groupthink, and getting to actually know the practice of legal aid may change your mind very, very fast. YMMV of course.
  8. You are out at all the schools you applied for, especially if you are waiting on Feb LSAT marks. They may withhold consideration for people with very good cGPAs pending new LSAT scores, but that would not likely be the case for you. Even if they did wait for your february LSAT and even if you did score 163, there wouldn't be many spots left to give you an offer. Sorry, but I don't think you'll make it this round.
  9. Likely in in terms of raw stats, but your personal statement will be decisive because you are still borderline. Your MA will only be a soft factor. Good Luck.
  10. In law school, social relationships are more often than not transactional. It's very very hard to nurture the same kind of relationships you had in undergrad. That has been my finding and I have always just thought of this as part of growing up and becoming an adult.
  11. To add a few more details, it was a 3rd year associate that asked on Monday. He had this unnecessary swagger about him and I suspect he was just powertripping. The partners before him were great people but not this guy. For this reason and others, I cancelled dinner on them and told them to look at other candidates. It was absolutely shocking that a well known firm like that hires these kind of associates.
  12. I feel I need to update this thread now that the 2015 recruit is over. One interviewer at a particularly big firm asked me "when did you come to Canada". I kept a straight face and told them I was born here despite my ethnic name. I thought it was absolutely surreal.
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