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  1. Recently declined Western. Hope this opens up a spot for one of you here - best of luck to all who are still waiting!
  2. Agreed. Not sure what you are interested in, but if it's bay street, then Western students seem to do just as well as Osgoode's. Both are great schools, but IMO, $20K is a ton of money to reject.
  3. I'd do just what the person above me said - contact Vicky. You aren't losing much by doing so. Congratulations on the scholarship btw, that's crazy impressive!
  4. Interesting. I was of the opinion it would be the opposite if anything. For one, it seems there are more applicants. Osgoode has noted 2700 people applied this year, compared to 2500 last year. Assuming all schools follow a relatively similar trend in terms of # of applications they receive, I would think that may point to a more competitive year. Someone on the Queen's forum also noted they called AdComs and they noted the pool has gotten more competitive this year. But as to whether this also goes for other law schools - who knows!
  5. Accepted last week. Highest LSAT 158 cGPA 3.60 Have declined as I will be choosing between Dal and Western. Good luck to all those who are still waiting!
  6. Am I unable to vocalize my opinions? Look - if you felt disrespected, please accept my apologies. I just personally felt you were a little too harsh in shooting down my opinions. FYI, your posts have really helped me in this forum, but to be quite honest, I didn't want to start this thread to have an argument and that's why I asked for its closure. Best of luck with your upcoming bar exam.
  7. Oh hey am I talking to Danielle from Western AdCom? I hope you noticed I purposely did not answer your previous post, mainly because it seems like you came here just to argue with someone. Mods, please close this thread. Not interested in responding to this person's posts. Thank you.
  8. I agree this data isn't completely reliable. I'm sure some people don't tell the truth, for whatever reason, and so forth. I would like to think, however, that even if as low as 80% of the posts are accurate, the "error rate" is quite the same from school to school. Most importantly, I want to make something clear - I think the Western Law program is tremendous and I would be honored to go there if I end up accepting. Just chiming in my two cents on what I think is a potential trend forming. I personally thought I literally had no chance of getting in, considering my LSAT was a 158 and this was based on previous acceptance thread trends. Completely agree that only the AdCom can provide an answer if there has been a change.
  9. I do understand Western has admitted those with LSATs under 160 in several instances in previous years. As I said in my previous post, however, I think they put more emphasis on the LSAT as compared to other schools (this is backed by data - i.e. the chances predictor which used hundreds of data points found from 2011-2016 the average LSAT of those admitted, and posted on this site, was about 164, which is 2nd to U of T.) It certainly is within their right to operate this way, I'm just of the opinion it would be better if they were a little more flexible and hopefully they are trending that way. I'm not saying admit people with LSATs under 150 or 155 all the time for instance. There has to be some standards and I appreciate the significance of enforcing them. But if a person with a mid to high 150, for instance, has outstanding ECs and GPA, and other than a poor LSAT looks like they have incredible potential - I think it would help strengthen the already fantastic Western Law class further. Just my two cents.
  10. Ok, my language was a little exaggerated. But anyone who has tracked the way Ontario schools recruit would agree that Western plays more emphasis on the LSAT than most other schools.
  11. I agree with all your points - it's certainly too early to judge. I think it would definitely be advantageous for Western to start being a little more indeed holistic and not have a hard-enforced "min 160 LSAT" system.
  12. Hi All, Just a random thought. I have religiously analyzed the Western acceptance threads of the past few years, and it seems this year they are accepting more sub 160 LSATs. In the last 2 days alone, 4 people have been admitted with sub 160 LSATs (158, 158, 157, and 156). If I recall correctly, people with sub 160 LSATs - if they were to get in at all - would usually get in late (i.e. June or later) in previous years. This is good news for all with sub 160 LSATs. Does anyone else sense a change?
  13. I emailed Queens and Western a month ago related to this, asking them if I "provisionally" accept Dalhousie, i.e. put a deposit, am precluded from being accepted into their programs? The answer was no.
  14. Got accepted April 10th. Highest LSAT: 158 cGPA: 3.60 L2: 3.85 Hope for those with low LSATs! Good luck to all.
  15. Thanks to all for the responses. My worry in rejecting Dalhousie is the prospect of living in Windsor, which I hear isn't great. I lived there from the age of 0-4, so I don't quite remember it but don't hear too many good things about it.
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