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  1. Radche

    Anyone from Manitoba?

    3L here from Winnipeg. Went to UofC (no regrets). Applied to both markets for articles after second-year. Got hired back in Winnipeg and decided to finish my degree at UofM (& so can also talk to what UofM is like). In my first 2 years at UofC there were a grand total of 3 Winnipeg law students in the faculty, so you probably won't get many more recent responses. Short version: UofC is the right decision if you get in. Not because UofM sucks, blahblahblah, but because it will give you more employment options, and you can still come back if you decide that you want to. Having spent 4 months at UofM now, many students have to apply for jobs in Calgary because there simply aren't enough articling positions in Manitoba. By going to school in Calgary you better position yourself to find an articling position (which you need to be a lawyer). That being said, it seems as though UofM has a stronger criminal law presence than UofC, but each will provide you roughly the same level of education in the area. Feel free to PM me if you have more questions! (and any other Manitoba students that may see this in the future)
  2. Radche

    Chances for 2019?

    What’s your L2? I had a 3.3 cGPA, 3.6 L2, 163 LSAT and got in.
  3. Radche

    Should I write January LSAT

    If you can afford to apply to Sask and UNB, I would do so. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what you'll make practicing.
  4. Radche

    Should I write January LSAT

    Depending on where you are applying to, I think you should be okay. Apply broadly and I think you’ll get in somewhere. Source: had a 3.3, 3.6 cGPA, 163, and got multiple early offers.
  5. Radche

    UCalgary Chances -LSAT 152, GPA 3.98

    Practice taking fully timed tests.
  6. Radche

    Chances? L2 GPA 3.67 LSAT 159

    It’s been said on this forum in other places, but try not to worry about your debt. You’re going to make more money in your first year as a lawyer than you (probably) will in your final year pre-law school. If you’re mentally ready to go, just go. That being said, a 159 is a solid score with that L2.
  7. Radche

    Question for those who have gone through law school.

    I found it easiest to just focus on doing the things that made me happy. Listen to all the advice you want to, but only take the actions that will lead to your own happiness. Don’t compare yourself to others. Let the curve take care of that.
  8. I can't echo this enough. I came from a humanities background and didn't return to creative pursuits until 2L. It made a world of difference in my happiness level.
  9. Look at Starling’s quoted text in their first response for an idea of what it looked like pre-edited. As someone who read OP’s first post, I wish it hadn’t been edited.
  10. This is true. I still stand by my statement that a hobby is possible (and encouraged, in my opinion), though it probably depends on what you want out of your law school career. There are people that live in the library (maybe they watch movies in there, I have no idea), and don't seem to have hobbies. Some of them are deans-listers, some of them are not. If you want to spend all of your time doing schoolwork, power to you, but 1. time spent working =/= guaranteed better grades, and 2. employers are often interested in more than just grades. Everyone prioritizes things differently, and whether "you have time" for more is really up to you. (Obligatory "your mileage may vary.")
  11. Radche

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    These are fair views. In the draft of my first response I started to go off talking about access to justice issues, and how the real employment crisis is articling, not actual legal work, so I totally understand what you're saying.
  12. Radche

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    Without any kind of attacking, where in the country do you think another law school would be a benefit? It seems like the smaller law markets (Maritimes, Sask, Manitoba) are already feeding into the larger markets (GTA, Alberta) because they can't support the law students they are already producing, and there simply aren't legal positions to support an increase in law students. I admit that my knowledge here is limited, and I may be totally off-base, but I don't understand why "we don't want to create more law students because there isn't room to find them all work" is a poor argument.
  13. I definitely did not read 5 pages of this, but I have enough classmates that are parents as well as law students. If they can do that, there is definitely enough time to have a side hobby. Also fun anecdote: Charles Soule is an immigration lawyer in the U.S., and also happens to be a major Marvel comic book writer. Daredevil, Darth Vader, you name it. If he can do that, you can find some time to do the things that you enjoy.
  14. Radche

    10 reasons TO go to my law school

    Winnipeg has an incredible Fringe festival. the doughnut shop is called (funny enough) Bronuts.
  15. Radche

    1L textbooks

    Some are the same, some are different. Wait until you’re assigned your section & get your book list before buying.