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  1. that is going to be a very difficult. you will likely need to do that at least 4 times a week in first year.. though i suppose you could get a lot of work done during your 6+ hour daily commute
  2. probably nothing. but your marks do matter. you also said: "almost always", "i am hoping that will be the case for me" so i think you already know the answer? do the best you can and you don't have to worry also i don't necessarily think taking a pass over a letter grade matters. everyone else is in the same situation as you
  3. maybe in 30 years but you are going to school and getting a job today
  4. i mean, if you really want to.. but if you want to be a lawyer i think just a JD would work.
  5. i would go to the school with the better program/experience.
  6. You will hear lots and lots of no's - but it is often worth it once you get that 1 yes. Don't give up.
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