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  1. I'm also very curious. After speaking with a few lawyers in the field (ranging from 1-3 year call), I've been told a competitive salary for a first year call in a Toronto based Plaintiff PI firm would be anywhere between $40,000 - $65,000. However, I must point out that I do have my suspicions that the range is much wider than that...especially given the fact that the lawyers mentioned above have not personally practiced in Toronto.. Anyone care to provide some insight?
  2. This may be an older thread, but I'm also interested in practicing in PI and am wondering if anyone in that field is open to answering some questions as well?
  3. Unfortunately, I'm also in the same boat as OP for similar reasons If anybody has an updated indice that they can hook me up with, I would really appreciate it. PS. I can repay the favor with beer
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