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  1. Hey OP, are you sure you did the conversion right? Your percentage grade is nearly 10% higher than mine but my CGPA is 3.3 according to OLSAS.
  2. I just got an email saying I need to submit additional documents for my application, but I didn't find anywhere in the portal to upload...Does anyone know how to upload documents? Thanks in advance!!
  3. I took my very first visit to BCIT today to check the test building, but somehow I didn't find any visiting parking spots on campus... Any tips for parking on the test day? Thanks in advance!
  4. I have a similar question. I went on an exchange but that university has a different grading system. The transcript has both percentage and letter grades so I am wondering if UBC will just average the percentages, or convert it
  5. Hello everyone i am new to this forum=) I am a 3rd year student and probably apply next year. I an taking an elective as 'gpa booster' this term, but things turn out that this so-called gpa booster is totally not my thing. However I missed the ddl to drop it without a W standing, so I am seriously considering withdrawing it and having a W on my transcript. How does it count? Will this be considered as one of the lowest 12 credits? Thanks a lot!
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