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  1. I had Simons for Bus Org, she is kinda boring, very left wing, but ok.
  2. Lol, yeah there is no data at all. UofT ranked 22nd internationally; Manitoba ranked somewhere between 400-500. UofT has one of the top 5 hardest programs to gain entry to (engineering science); Manitoba didn't make the list. UofT average admission average: low to mid 80's for most programs.; Manitoba: low 70's.
  3. At UofT, anyone taking an Arts degree has unadjusted grades; anyone in engineering has adjusted grades. I cannot speak for where you went to school.
  4. ...and they do such a good job of teaching students how to think analytically and write?
  5. Lol, yeah U. Manitoba is known for its challenging undergrad programs.
  6. I knew my post would ruffle some feathers. Forget anecdotal evidence, just look at the unadjusted average grades for STEM majors versus non-STEM majors. It was not uncommon in some STEM courses, at UTSG, to see average mid-term exam grades of 37%. Tell me how many gender studies majors saw those averages in their first year mid-terms?
  7. I think the comment is germane as it is. If it is harder to get high grades at UTSG, it makes sense to work hard, and I realise that "work hard" is relative. The drop in grades from high school to UTSG is quite drastic and it catches many students off-guard.
  8. I am pleased to hear this. This hasn't been my experience, nor the experience of the people I know in law school.
  9. I meant my professional experience and my MBA. I didn't do my undergrad in business.
  10. The LSAT tends to be harder than many people anticipate. I suggest writing a diagnostic LSAT test (write the LSAT without any study) and see how you do, and then start studying for the LSAT and see how your practice LSAT scores are. If you do outstanding on the LSAT, you'll gain entry somewhere. I wouldn't be overly concerned whether it is Ottawa or not.
  11. Having graduated from UTSG, my advice to you is to work extra hard. The average grade at UTSG is 67% and to get into law school, you'll need 80% or higher. For first & second year courses, profs are told they can only allow 5% of the class to get a grade of A minus or higher (yes, I saw the memo with my own eyes).
  12. I don't have a STEM background, but one of the smartest people I know graduated with a B+ average from engineering science at UofT. She'd run rings around most of the people I know in law school. Law schools claim they don't take majors into account, but I think anyone would be mad to equate a GPA from an engineering science grad with the GPA from a gender studies major. As long as your STEM is the hard sciences, and not psychology, I think you have a shot, especially if you nail the LSAT. I know American schools put a lot of weight on the LSAT.
  13. I grew up in Toronto and Ottawa is nothing like Toronto. Ottawa is a government city and the culture here reflects this. The downtown core is dead after 6pm, once all the government employees have gone home. The people here have all of the dynamism you would expect government workers to have. Ottawa is a quiet, sleepy city filled with boring people. Ottawa is not an ethnically diverse city, so the diversity of food here is limited. The city does have a number of outdoor festivals, being the nation's capital, but it is so damn cold here, you may just want to stay indoors. I have not found the culture at U.Ottawa Law to be particularly healthy, but I think this is true of many law schools. As all courses are curved to a B, students compete against each other, rather than help each other. Coming from a business background, this was completely opposite to how I worked. Again, this is true for all law schools I believe. Ottawa has the largest law school in Canada, so there isn't a strong sense of community. The one nice thing they do in first year (IL) is they put you in a small group of about 15 students, so you will have a chance to get to know some people well.
  14. I think you have a decent shot at Windsor and Ottawa. Queen's had a mean LSAT of 161 this year, and Western's was 162. You're not that far off the mean of Queen's & Western's, but they don't publish their 25th percentile scores - like American schools do.
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