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  1. You can look at the schools' websites to see whether they accept courses after graduation when calculating CGPA, not all do. You could also just contact Admissions at the schools you're interested in to see how it would be weighed.
  2. Most schools only have a few people who defer, or less. Schools generally will only let you defer if you have some kind of personal or family emergency, or get a really amazing opportunity at your current job that would make you a stronger candidate. I have never heard of a school letting someone defer for travel or because of cold feet. I can't imagine them letting someone do that.
  3. I assume you'd be able to find that kind of information on the school websites? If it's not there, they probably don't exclude credits.
  4. BLG sent ITCs yesterday. @lawgirl101
  5. ITCs went out this morning from Harper Grey, Blakes, Singleton Reynolds and Alexander Holburn.
  6. Well what's your converted GPA with drops? You might know this already but you need to convert each grade to percentage, not just convert your CGPA.
  7. Did you confirm your GPA with UBC? That does seem like a pretty low LSAT score, but who knows. The calculator is right.
  8. I can’t speak to Toronto, but for Vancouver I’ve heard of recruiters offering to help with resumes/cover letters for students that they’ve gone for coffee with or know reasonably well and are interested in. I definitely wouldn’t cold-approach a firm recruiter and ask them to look over your application materials, that’s what your Career Services Office is for. I think you risk looking unprofessional by asking for a favour out of the blue. If you go for coffee with a recruiter and they offer, or one of their summer students offer to pass your materials along as per @easttowest‘s suggestion, then I think that’s totally fine.
  9. The index formulas are accurate for both schools and both are numbers based. So they will decide whether to admit you or not based on your index. You could apply Discretionary if it applies to you and you want to have your work experience taken into account, otherwise it won't be.
  10. I just wanted to say I am so sorry this happened to you. You explain the way you were acting, the way you were dressed etc. But I want to make sure you know it was not your fault or anything you did.. It was disgusting and incredibly creepy for someone three times your age to approach you in an academic setting and dangle a potential job in front of you, then do this. He was obviously trying to take advantage of the power imbalance - that's awful. Given that it was ostensibly a job interview, it would have been difficult for anyone to vocalize their feelings, but especially a very young women since we are conditioned to always "be nice" and polite while growing up. I have faced harassment a lot in other professional settings but never in law, if that makes you feel any better. I would actually say most lawyers, on average, are much more aware of these types of issues than many other professions and do more to protect women from being treated this way.
  11. I think that might be a nice thing to mention if you frame it properly - it's memorable. If you're interested in environmental law you could tie that in nicely.
  12. Haha no, that's still true. I think it only really matters if you have the exact same index score as someone else and they only have one spot, then they may take it into account. But that's so unlikely.
  13. If you apply non-Access, then they use the index formula that's posted on the website. Your personal statement doesn't really matter General category. Obviously applicants should still take it serious but UBC is a stats-base school.
  14. I worry about feeling that way one day too. Do you think you would need to leave law to find more fulfilling work?
  15. You don't need a gap year to apply for law school... I was working full-time when I wrote the LSAT and applied. Some schools will take into account the marks from your masters program but most won't. Look at the schools' websites to see whether they would look at those marks.
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