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  1. YA... I just thought that form was something for people who were Clerking ... at courts... you know? That was an unwelcome surprise, but I paid the fine, all was well in the world. So you'll be fine, and it won't affect your start date.
  2. .. okay I obiously lied there I need to make some money. I live in Toronto after all! but I don't need to be well off just yet haha
  3. Hello everyone, Thanks for the advice! Yes, business planning is essential, my principal incorporated her business and recommended the same, but she isn't the only expert out there so for sure I'll look into it. I do have a business plan.. and I do network, I'm not hiding my head in the sand. I guess I made going solo sound like a back up plan- but that's not the case, I was just airing my fears that, if it came to it, starting this ultimate goal right away might not be the best for providing quality of service to my clients. Did my "going solo" dream start because of job market fear? Yes, and no. Yes, because I loved the thought of leading my career my way and avoiding some of that job market nonsense.. and no because the fear I have of the job market is NOTHING compared to the fears of setting up a practice all by my lonesome. I do believe getting hired as an associate and living the associate lifestyle where you work hard, but your work is fed to you at first, is "easier" in that sense...if not in others. I want to discuss fear openly (well openly-anonymously). Because it's important. Fear has not frozen me from trying and trying... but I will say, trying and trying has also included crying and crying... and believe me, I will be doing both again soon. I love what I do with my principal, she is exceptional, and if I can do that and fly by myself, that would be amazing. But I know what it feels like to fall, so I guess I need some pep talks too. I don't need to make money, i just need to make progress. Capiche?
  4. Hello everyone... here I am, sitting here, seeing the end of the tunnel, but there is no light on the other side. Why? Because I am articling with a solo practitioner, which means after my call to the bar I have to a) work somewhere else or, b) set up my own shop. Now, as much as I think I'm amazing, I am cognizant of the fact that on paper I'm very average... ontario law school, B range grades... all those fun things. I also had one hell of a time securing articles...and while I don't think it's a personality problem, we ought not to rule that out (just in case I'm being willfully blind to the terribleness that is me). The horrible experience looking for articles makes me fear the living daylight out of attempting to put myself out there and get hired, especially when I know that first year associates are coming out in numbers ... it's slim pickings. I'm in Toronto, and I don't fancy moving outside the city because I have a dependent here. On the other hand, I would love to open up shop. But to do so immediately, well that could be a disaster (although, in this market.. people are increasingly doing it). I do have a strong feeling that this is the choice that I will be left with (out of potentially failing the above). This is my end goal ultimately... but scary if right the f now. Guys, I feel fear. Optimistic fear.. if that's a thing- but it probably isn't. Honestly, I can probably guess the advice you'll give me.. get out there and network, show that you're a shining star.. .and, believe me, I will. I'm mostly curious: are other people out there incorporating straight out of the gate? and if you are how is it going? Do you regret your decision? Alternatively, is the first year associate job market in very small to midrange firms not as abysmal as I think? Thanks, Capiche.
  5. Well I failed solicitors. I feel like such an idiot
  6. I had a different experience than you guys. I very much felt that I absolutely bombed the business law section. No way I passed it, considering how many questions I marked to come back to later. I'm very depressed. I was hoping y'all thought you failed business too. ah well.
  7. They sent that email saying that they would respond by the end of the week. Has anyone heard? It's Saturday, so normally I would assume the worst, but they didn't seem that confident that they would be ready by friday...
  8. Capiche


    Apparently they are in their final interviewing stages.
  9. midterm grades are not the same as final grades. Keep that in mind. You may get all the As for midterms, but you guys haven't been graded around the curve.... yet.
  10. Well, I guess that's it then. too bad
  11. Did they tell you they were doing second interviews for sure?
  12. They said that the people they hired outside of the process were just as good as the OCI hires. They said wonderful people fall through the cracks during OCIs and now they can happily be there to scoop them up But honestly... this way must be better: They can invest in applicants that aren't stretched thin trying to decide between a million different choices in three days. It makes a lot of sense.
  13. I interviewed there and I loved them. Now I'm just twiddling my thumbs. Don't know if they're doing second interviews, don't know when they might contact you with the, hopefully, good news. One thing that's good about OCIs is that you know the process down to the minute...But I think that's the only thing good about OCIs.
  14. Celli, Just throwing this out there, but I think you MAY be a little bit harsh. I get where you're coming from. It sucks to want something so much and then you hear about somebody else who seems to have recieved something so easily and they, from your perspective, don't even appreciate it. Wait. That too is Law school. From my experience a lot of kids (especially the privledged ones) seem to have lollipops of luck sprouting from their eyeballs. Learning to deal with those people is also what it means to be a law student. But back to the actual discussion. Law school is something I think you can only appreciate from the inside. There are so many representations and warranties. I believe you can only understand if you're meant for law school when you're in it. So don't be harsh on the OP for his lack of planning. Be sympathetic to the way the world loves to throw us to the wolves. And I really do hope you succeed too.
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