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  1. I've been having issues with their emails too. best of luck with your other applications.
  2. Have there been any rejections yet?
  3. Hey everyone, Just posting because I'm a little worried that I haven't received anything from Lakehead. No emails, confirmations etc... anyone else with this same problem?
  4. Hey everyone, just a quick question about what qualifies as L2. I'm currently in my fifth year of my undergrad. I know this kind of sounds like a stupid question, but would my last two years be my 3rd and 4th year? or my 4th and 5th year? important to note that i'm only part time this year because I only had a few courses left to finish. Thanks
  5. Okay, I did that. I should still have a 3.6 ish.
  6. No, but regardless - my CGPA is 7.7 at uottawa. a 7.0 is a B+ (75%) http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/olsas/c_olsas_b.pdf
  7. Archer - how do you only have a 3.26 with a 78%? http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/olsas/c_olsas_b.pdf
  8. I'm going to call OLSAS tomorrow. I'm freaking out .. this is the last thing I needed to see. Wish me luck. Thanks for the help.
  9. Yes, and when I add them up and divide them by 6 (the amount of entries), it averages out to what I should have. it's just the average that they wrote.
  10. and even on the OLSAS GPA rubric I should have a 3.5 ish (I have a ~78% average)
  11. Well first of all I used to CGPA conversion chart on OLSAS ... hence why I was shocked to see what I did. But even on OLSAS, by term (starting from 2011) my marks are - 2.79, 3.18, 3.80, 3.76, 3.90, 3.90. I added those 6 numbers up, then divided them by 6. the average is 3.55. OLSAS is telling me I have a 2.95.
  12. Mine is way lower than it should be ... I re-calculated it to make sure and it's still wrong ...
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