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  1. bb213

    Apartments in downtown london

    180 Mill St and 675 Richmond are both very nice buildings and right downtown. The express bus stops right across the street and takes less than 10 minutes to campus.
  2. bb213

    Wait List Single JD 2018

    Waitlisted today. 3.5/161 only write. Submitted Nov. 1. Went to referral sometime after the privacy breach.
  3. bb213

    No co-sign, no hope?

    Ah! Sorry, misread I guess. So now I have q's for you! Is it not discharged after paying it off? Why wouldn't a bank at least try to work with you as it is paid off? Freaking out a bit bc I had a loan in collections and paid off as well. Haven't applied for any loc so idk what's going to happen :/
  4. bb213

    No co-sign, no hope?

    Call the agency holding your arrears and ask to go into rehab (they have to, it's relatively new, 2016). They give you a 6 month payment sched and after that must send your loan back to where it started. Collection Management in ON is 1-888-815-4514, they will have better info than I've given you. IMO rehab looks better than collections and the outcome could be positive. Really hope everything works out for you.
  5. Perhaps something in the middle will work? Try to stay with the parents the first year, see how law school is for you. Do you have access to a vehicle? Can you arrange a ride share to the U on weekdays? Can you stay over at your SO if there are important social events/on weekends? Having a tense relationship with parents at your age is not unusual. You're trying to be a man/woman and they are often confused by your new ideas/opinions/independence.
  6. @UofC Admissions and Malina will get you sorted best!
  7. bb213

    Am I going to law school fall 2018?

    Am I missing something? It's still early where I am so maybe I need to give my head a shake, idk. You are entirely passive aggressive. But you didn't ask for validation! You asked people to tell you their opinion of whether you had a chance at Sept 18 law school. The general consensus was no, and you were offended. These people are lawyers and students, not psychics, if you want a hug, ask. MA is a soft. PhD is a soft, if you are jesus fucking christ and turn water into wine, it's a soft. Of course you worked for your grades. We all did. You're not special. I have an arts MA so get fucked with the judgements there, bud. Absolutely no one discredited your hard work. I think a bit of humility goes a long way. I think you need to talk to your mom.
  8. bb213

    Am I going to law school fall 2018?

    At 23 you have time to figure this out. You seem quite competitive and thin skinned at this point. If you don't agree with what people are saying, tell them to get fucked and move on. Passive aggressive and flippant are not a good look. All of your info is very impressive, but you know that already. You're looking for someone to say that your LSAT doesn't matter. It does, it's the one thing we all have in common. Even at a 150-152 I think you're looking at Windsor/Lakehead, but I think you'd find those schools insulting. You mentioned Ottawa. I'm envious of anyone who gets into Ottawa, they have a great program and take top students, 142/150/152 won't get you a second look there. Go with your original plan of writing the June LSAT and applying next year. Best of luck
  9. Aside- You deserve a fucking medal 24/children/single/law school. That's very impressive!
  10. bb213

    Windsor Rejected 2018

    I'm sorry to hear that
  11. bb213

    Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    thanks for this ^^^ I was really disturbed!
  12. bb213

    Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    Got it today. Not impressed.
  13. I'll be 29 when I start. Doooo it
  14. bb213

    Windsor Rejected 2018

    Very sorry to hear this