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  1. About a month or two into the lockdown I figured I should get something better than the cheap dining room chair I was sitting on. I got a fairly basic Staples office chair and it's worked out very well. We have Herman Millers in our office and I don't think I could tell the difference, though chair comfort is very personal. It's this one, I think. https://www.staples.ca/products/990119-en-staples-hyken-technical-mesh-task-chair-black
  2. I have never heard this either, and I started posting here well over 10 years ago as a student. But I haven't read the applicant forums in a decade or so now.
  3. There are tons of jobs in big firms that you don't need to drive for. I didn't have a car while I worked on Bay St. I did have my license and used autoshare a handful of times (probably less than 10 times in 5 years) but you could easily get by with Uber these days for anything like that. Once you move inhouse, most positions would never require you to drive anywhere. I haven't driven somewhere for work a single time since I started my current job in 2018 (I haven't left my house for it in a year, but that's another story...).
  4. When I got my position, the position had been open for almost a year (covered by a rotation of seconded Bay St associates). They were looking for the perfect mix of experience and were not going to settle. Luckily someone knew someone who knew someone who knew me (an old mentor of mine on Bay St, still a partner at a big firm) and convinced me that it would be a better position than it sounded like on paper, since I had seen the posting and wasn't interested in applying. And he was right!
  5. Take a look at Table 1 of this report: https://www.cps.ca/en/documents/position/child-and-youth-injury-prevention TABLE 1: Leading causes of unintentional injury deaths for 2007 by age group [12] Under 1 year 1 to 4 years 5 to 9 years 10 to 14 years 15 to 19 years Threat to breathing (54%) Motor vehicle traffic crash (22%) Motor vehicle traffic crash (58%) Motor vehicle traffic crash (55%) Motor vehicle traffic crash (71%) Motor vehicle traffic crash (18%) Drowning (21%) Drowning, Fall, Fire/Flame (6% each) Drowning (13%) Poisoning (7%) Drowning (15%) Threat to breathing (19%) Threat to breathing (5%) Fall (7%) Drowning (6%)
  6. If you do the five years at a big firm, then jump you can top out at a lot higher than $130K for jobs with pretty decent work life balance.
  7. I just want people to have the choice, rather than being forced to live in the suburbs and put their child's life at risk daily because they can't afford to live in a nice neighbourhood downtown where their child is safe.
  8. Most MVA victims are screwed no matter what the system in place is. Another good reason we should be building more dense, walkable neighbourhoods so that people aren't forced into cars (which are pretty much the most dangerous aspect of our daily lives) to go about their everyday business.
  9. I think there was a big chart of this info floating around a few months ago.
  10. When I was on Bay St I consistently worked around 50 hours a week. Some weeks more (some weeks way more) but I had weeks where I did less as well. In house now, I work pretty consistently 40-45 hours most weeks, with the odd week that is heavier. There's not a lot of part time / reduced hours in law other than contract type positions, but I've seen a few people do it successfully after establishing themselves in a firm or department.
  11. Sorry, I only get my information from shady youtube videos!
  12. I wonder if OP can give us a thread on how climate change is a Chinese hoax and actually cigarettes are good for you.
  13. God forbid you would want to do something that reduces your exposure to potentially infectious aerosols by 95%!
  14. OK, anyone who read the OP here knows they are not coming around for a thoughtful discussion of the grey areas. The pandemic thread actually has quite a few discussions of the various restrictions, the government processes (and fuck-ups) in putting them in place, the arbitrariness of the rules, etc. OP is looking for some place to park their high horse.
  15. LOL. Can't you try facebook? It specializes in conspiracy theories and misiniformation.
  16. I have reviewed a lot of accommodation requests in my time, and working from home is often requested as an accommodation. But no company I've worked for or provided advice for views working from home as an option for accommodating childcare needs. It does provide some flexibility if you suddenly need a day off because your kid is sick and they can't go to school/daycare, but you are not going to be very productive. Paying someone to care for your kids (whether you call them a babysitter or a nanny) is not cheaper than daycare unless you have some sort of sharing arrangement.
  17. How exactly are you supposed to work if your child is not in daycare or otherwise cared for? Working from home is not generally compatible with providing childcare except in an emergency.
  18. For me, this is the worst time of any year, even in normal times. The dark, the cold, the end of the holidays and back to work (and since the holidays were crap this year, its even worse...). This thread is mostly us working stiffs commiserating about this, but may have some tips:
  19. Same. And even the one year of "moderate work" was way less work than any full time job. It was just a lot compared to undergrad and the two subsequent years.
  20. I'm fairly sure almost every firm will have expanded WFH options when this all ends, but every firm will also require most people to live close enough to the office that you can be there a few days a week. The world is not going to massively change, but WFH options for most office workers will be there for sure. Once people are back in offices, it would be the kiss of death to try to WFH all the time (at least for more junior people still trying to make a name). In person interactions are still the gold standard of interactions.
  21. I think it's more like 140,000. And they have four MPs! Compare to some Ontario ridings that have over 130,000 people in a single riding. Or one riding in Edmonton which is over 160,000 people.
  22. Is it because almost no one lives there?
  23. It's satire like this that keeps us all coming around to read these forums. Keep it up!
  24. Yup I've been to Atlantic Canada and it's pretty much all lobster and cod. And little quaint coloured houses.
  25. The original post said "tech company" so I would assume it's not in Atlantic Canada. But yes, I'm in Toronto and was hiring someone in Toronto.
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