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  1. Yeah, I am well settled into my job and secure in my career, so I feel comfortable discussing the challenges with a few close colleagues. It's a lifeline.
  2. Plus they don't have any associates. Everybody is a PARTNOR around there.
  3. I didn't take a dump on anyone. But your list of things that you think make a good lawyer ("talkativeness, quality at cocktail parties, "playing the game" genes, and above all, eye speed for reading") made me laugh out loud, so I said so!
  4. I won't speak for anyone else, but I'm in a place right now where if something doesn't need my immediate or near immediate attention, it slips down in my inbox until it's been long enough that it would be embarrassing to just reply. Your thank you note is probably buried in there somewhere.
  5. I lasted five years in that job! Exactly as long as I lasted on Bay St.
  6. Yeah, in my last job I had to commute 45-75 minutes, depending on the traffic. I took this one not necessarily because I thought it was a better job (though it turned out to be) but because I could walk and bike to work in just a few minutes. Before having a baby I used to move seamlessly between home and office. I might spend a few hours in the office doing meetings, calls, being social, then go home at 3 so I could review a factum or whatever I need some more silence and concentration for. When we had the baby I started to just spend my whole day in the office because focusing on anything or having calls at home was hard. Then, of course, that choice was cruelly snatched from me by the pandemic. But I'm looking forward to going back to a time when I could choose to work from home or the office for all or part of the day or week based on my plans and what I need to do that day. My home office setup is way better now, so it will be even better than before.
  7. No lawyer in my company is regularly working five 10 hour days with another five hours sprinkled in. We all may have those weeks once in a while (I had a few this year as I became a full-time coronavirus lawyer as well as doing my regular job) but they are not the norm at all. These days I may do some work some evenings, but I do not work a minute before 9 or a minute after 5 because those times are family time.
  8. In the days when I was reviewing student application packages I used to take a quick look through undergrad courses to see if there was anything interesting, but never once bothered to look at the grades.
  9. No one is looking at students' LinkedIn accounts. We creep your linkedin account when your name is on a letter addressed to us.
  10. "Every adult who wants one" in Ontario is probably about 8M people. They have already done over 3M first doses and are doing another 100K+ a day.
  11. In Ontario, every adult who wants a first shot will have it by June. A friend of mine is a prof at an Ontario law school and she says they are pretty adamant that they'll be doing it in person unless it's truly impossible.
  12. I'm not an overpreparer by any means, but why not spend some time making sure you know what you want to talk about if asked? Everybody puts "cooking, traveling and reading" on their resume, so make sure you know what dish, what trip, or what book you want to discuss if asked. Probably you can do this without preparing, but what's the downside to thinking about it in advance?
  13. The person who laid the foundation of knowledge for the vaccines currently saving the world never made more than $60K in a year. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/08/health/coronavirus-mrna-kariko.html
  14. Who cares if you need to write it out to deliver your message effectively? If that's what you have to do, do it. But you should be prepared to discuss in depth and at length everything in your resume. You put it in there to tell people why to hire you, so they're going to ask about it.
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