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  1. We had a broken window a few weeks ago, and I studiously refrained from making any jokes. I was very proud of my self-restraint. We just had the new articling students in too!
  2. I guarantee you, if there is a lawyer who doesn't like traveling, summer plans, tv, movies or sports, he/she (probably he, TBH) will be happy to tell you about it at length in a tone of voice that suggests he thinks it makes him better than anyone else.
  3. Lawyers love talking about themselves, so just ask a few questions about their work or life, and they will go on and on and believe everyone is having a good time.
  4. I wasn't particularly young when I started practice, but did look a lot younger than I was. There's not anything specific I can point to, but I did feel like people started to treat me with more gravitas when I grew a beard about two years in. I'm not sure it was about that - it may have just been my improving confidence with two years under my belt - but it sure felt like it at the time.
  5. It also varies vastly from group to group within firms. At least it did at the firm I worked at, anything else I tell you is just hearsay
  6. I learned a valuable lesson about firm dinners before the second year interviews. In first year, I did a bunch of in firm interviews, but didn't get an offer. I wasn't hugely bummed about it since it's so competitive, but I thought a bit about my performance and conceded that I'd been a bit of a stuffed shirt putting on an act that wasn't really authentic. In second year, I got a bunch of in firm interview offers, but not from one of my top firms. However, just before the in firm interview week, I went to a dinner they were hosting for something unrelated. Because they'd already rejected my application, I allowed myself just to be friendly and act like myself during the dinner - with the lawyers there, but also the other students. I had a few glasses of wine (just the right amount, I was still being professional!) and enjoyed myself. The next day I got a call from their recruiter asking if I could find time in my schedule for an interview with them. Obviously you can only take this so far, but the lesson for me was that dinners are an extremely important time to make a strong impression, and that you make a good impression by being honest and authentic.
  7. When I went there and ordered a pizza, I was surprised how delicious it was.
  8. I haven't tried it out yet, but that Tractor place on Yonge and Richmond is also open late.
  9. Boxcar Social on Temperance is open late and has nice sandwiches and salads.
  10. Stuff around Yonge is open. Like B.Good at Yonge and King. Or that little food court there, which is not the most healthy but the Sri Lankan place is very good.
  11. Among a group of lawyers in a firm, it is always going to be impossible to define one person as the best. Everyone has their own mix of strengths. When I was an associate in a firm, I was pretty definitively the best person in the group at legal research. I was better at it than any of the senior partners. But I was terrible at bringing in business. I could write a better factum than a lot of partners, but wasn't great at pitching a client. Other lawyers were great at litigation strategy, or examining witnesses, or making an impressive opening statement. Everyone has their strength, and you succeed when you figure out how to lean on those. Of course you have to keep learning, and continually improve on your weaker areas, but there will always be something that you're comparatively better at. Focus on that.
  12. If you weren't the gold medallist, aren't you used to not being the best? Just apply the same mindset.
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