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  1. I was working in the public sector before going to law school. I had a decent job and probably would have been promoted since then, but I have no regrets. Having worked for a few years, going back to school was a lot of fun. And the jobs I have had since law school pay better and are more interesting than anything in my career path before going back to school.
  2. I was sent a document tonight at 9:30 that is going to our GC and asked to review it immediately so as to not hold things up. I know it's a pandemic and all, but I had a zoom social event planned! Luckily they had cancelled, so I didn't have to tell our GC to wait until tomorrow for my minor comments.
  3. But if you really do know now, just tell them. And you can probably just tell them the reason, unless it's because it's a garbage place to work, in which case you should just tell them you don't think this is the right career choice for you long term and you're planning to look for something else.
  4. I did have a blissful week off between Christmas and New Years where I hardly thought about work at all. Of course, I have a little toddler running around, so it was less relaxing than just hiding in my office and working.
  5. When the weather was nicer, most days I would meet my wife and the baby outside for a walk at the end of the day. But now that it's cold and dark by the time I stop working, it's not nearly as attractive an option. So there may be some SAD or at least winter-related to it. I was definitely doing better through the summer and fall, but my workload was also quite a bit less back then.
  6. Exercise is expressly permitted as it's considered essential!
  7. I normally do this and keep something like 20-30 emails at most in my inbox that I know need my attention when I leave the office every day. I usually know exactly what is in there and how long it will take me and what the deadline is. I currently have 287 emails in there. I know there is nothing that is going to sink me if it's not done in the next few days (and any actual external deadlines are in my calendar), but that's about all the handle I have on it.
  8. Any time any province issues any sort of changed covid regulation my inbox is immediately flooded with hundreds of emails and reply-alls. It's impossible to read them all even if I wanted to.
  9. I am really feeling this these days. I'm in house, so the stress is not the same, but I am definitely subject to the cycle of feeling a lack of motivation due to the lockdown/winter/etc., then getting behind on my work and feeling so overwhelmed that getting started on the backlog seems impossible. I'm not missing anything critical, but my responses are way slower than usual, which leads to delays and is probably annoying some of my colleagues from time to time. I manage to keep on top of it all by trying to do short bursts of high intensity work where I get a lot of little things off my plate (sort of like a pomodoro method, but often I can't even stomach 25 minutes of high intensity work, so I do 10 or 15 to get started), which gives me some momentum to tackle something bigger. I try to make myself one or two reasonable goals for every day that I really need to get done. Taking breaks to eat is important, and I find that when I'm sleeping better it's much easier (I have seen studies that say that being short of sleep can cause effects very similar to ADHD). Anyways, maybe some of these will work for you. But you are definitely not alone.
  10. Both times I bought a condo I just asked my real estate agent who they would recommend. I needed a new one the second time because the first guy had been disbarred for mortgage fraud, so maybe not the best approach.
  11. There seem to be a few categories that most exemptions fit in (though the specific examples in each category are probably due to good lobbying rather than principled selection): Self-regulating professions (lawyers etc.) Work that when it needs to be done really needs to be done without stopping (this is where mushroom farming comes in, along with a few things like sod laying, hunting/fishing guides, etc.) Work that is highly seasonal (landscaping etc) Work where you control your own hours and methods to make commissions (traveling salespeople) You can easily see the arguments for each category, though there are obviously good arguments against for each one as well. And in the categories, they specify what workers are exempted while there are probably many similarly-situated workers who are not exempted.
  12. This is not quite right either. Some salaried employees are entitled to overtime, and some are not. Which category you are in depends on your contract of employment and the applicable employment standards legislation. The right answer was given by CrunchBerries on the previous page of this thread.
  13. "Modern slavery" actually is a term used by many people, and has a commonly accepted definition. There's even proposed legislation in Canada relating to modern slavery. The term, as "many people" use it ... does not include lawyers who work long hours. https://www.parl.ca/DocumentViewer/en/43-1/bill/S-211/first-reading
  14. Almost done! I found a good one in Torys archive.
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