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  1. Trust me, I have been answering questions like this for the last six weeks
  2. You also did not consider the different common law treatment of fixed-term vs indefinite contracts of employment.
  3. The first paragraph is accurate in most provinces, but not NS, Quebec or the federal sector. The second one is dead wrong. This is why we don't give legal advice around here!
  4. Yeah, I guess you do have to do some work determining what experience is "cool" vs what experience could help you succeed in a law firm environment. Luckily you don't need to assign anyone to spend time looking at transcripts, so you can focus on that instead.
  5. Experience, qualifications, etc. The same thing that everyone other than lawyers look for when they review application?
  6. I am not reviewing student transcripts any more, but if I was I would not be paying any attention to any grades from this semester. The circumstances are too unusual for them to mean anything. As long as you have grades, it means you didn't drop the ball in very difficult times, which is the standard being applied to my work right now too.
  7. I have an ipad with the Logitech keyboard case, and have started to use it quite a bit for work (and even more now that I'm working from home full-time). But it's not a true replacement for my laptop.
  8. A lot of union side lawyers do a lot of hearing work. There are very few management-side who would get as much hearing work as the union side people.
  9. I have gone for more outside advice this week than most. And litigation is a bit slow for now, but there will be a rush when the courts start to come online again.
  10. The HR people at big firms are pretty busy right now, so I'd give them two weeks before checking in with them.
  11. Our IT systems are working very smoothly today. Koodos to the IT people, who have been working hard on this for the last month.
  12. I'm surprised that many are still going to the office.
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