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  1. Just go to city hall for an hour around noon. No one will notice you're gone.
  2. According to her brother, she's about to be fired:
  3. I'm all for opening up alcohol sales (and not because of convenience - I live in downtown Toronto, so have about 6 LCBOs within a 10-15 minute walk from my apartment) but am also really confused about the priorities and strategy of this government.
  4. Just don't get married. My grandmother thinks I'm going to hell, but everyone else has stopped asking when we're planning on getting married. Even my aunts don't inspect her finger for a ring every time they see us any more.
  5. Most law students don't have "business backgrounds". People who have "business backgrounds" get jobs without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to go to law school.
  6. Believe it or not, there are four times as many people in defined benefit pension plans as defined contribution plans in Canada now. A lot of those are certainly government employees, but there are still a bunch of non-government places with DB plans. In 2016, about 11% of men in private sector employment had DB pension plan coverage vs 8% who had DC coverage. https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/daily-quotidien/180627/t002e-eng.htm
  7. For litigation, clinics and moots are really good experience.
  8. Try outlining your answer. Just spend the first 1/4 of the alloted time spotting issues and outlining them into the right order to analyze them. I find this tends to expose and highlight other issues as you notice the flow and the gaps. Then spend the next 3/4 turning your bulleted outline into full sentences/paragraphs, and you're mostly there.
  9. Shouldn't you just buy the client lunch with your BD budget?
  10. I'm ten years in and wouldn't change my path for any reason. I worked for a few years before law school, and the career paths open to me now are many times better than the ones I had before law school. I did about 5 years in private practice, and just over 5 in house now. My job is ideal for where I am in life right now. Hours are 9-5ish (obviously if something comes up, I have to be available) and salary is about $170+ db pension.
  11. I'm in house, but probably know more about federalism than almost any lawyer in the country. And that part of my job is boring as hell. Welcome to constitutional litigation!
  12. When I was a kid, I thought journalists and politicians were the smartest people out there. When I got a bit older, I thought it was doctors, lawyers and professors. More recently, I realized that someone's profession says a whole lot less about them than I thought it did.
  13. That would put you solidly within the American mainstream, which has an aversion to Arabic numerals. Sadly, most Americans are not aware that the Muslim ban did not also cover Arabic numbers, which are quickly infiltrating American society.
  14. OK. I was on my firm's hiring committee, and that never came up. But I can't say no one ever asked about it. I have two close friends who did their first year summer in New York and came back to Canada for their second year summer. I don't know if they were ever asked about it, but they certainly never had any commitment to New York. If you were asked, I'd be surprised if it was for anything deeper than finding something to chat about.
  15. My grandmother hates lawyers. When I graduated, she sent me a card that said "I hope you're happy now." She still included 10 bucks, though! Same thing she's included since my 10th birthday...
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