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  1. I don't think there's a divide like the ideological divide in labour/employment work. But there is probably a practical conflicts divide.
  2. Toronto’s winters are pretty conducive to a normal wool overcoat. It’s rarely too cold for that.
  3. I hardly go outside if the sidewalks aren’t relatively clear. You don’t really have to if you live and work downtown.
  4. On all but the slushiest days, I just give my shoes a wipe when I get in the office. You don't have to spend much time above ground if you don't want to. On the slushiest days, I wear boots and carry my shoes.
  5. Ten to 25 per cent roughly. Cannabis companies, mostly.
  6. Ban firm sponsorship of frosh week and first year events. Get better career offices at the law schools to help students understand the entire landscape of potential articling and career options.
  7. Through the wonders of gmail, I just pulled up my confirmation. I got it on the Friday of interview week.
  8. These jobs put you in the top 5-10% of income earners in Canada. But they probably put you in the top 0.1% of income earners in their first year out of school. So any process to access them is going to be extremely competitive, but also probably seem somewhat random in its results since everyone is competing with people with very similar qualifications and experience. It can be hard to understand why someone is hired and another person is not, and that's because there is virtually no difference between the two in terms of their potential as a lawyer. That said, the process is anxiety-inducing, it is intense, it happens quickly, and you are with all of your past and future peers at every step of the way. That alone makes it uniquely stressful. I'm pretty sure I woke up and vomited immediately all three days of the process, even though I had a full slate of interviews and was feeling fairly confident about my prospects. I have a stark memory of sitting in an interview with Davies litigators, and being unable to focus on my answers because I was plotting out how I could graciously get to the bathroom if I had to do it again. And I wasn't even reading these forums, which would have increased my anxiety by a hundred times! I didn't know anything about the "first choice" game and didn't tell anyone they were my first choice. I'm removed from it (from either side) by a few years now, but I still feel ill thinking about it. I feel for all y'all.
  9. I would say that getting a job and being good at it are the most important things.
  10. Technically the rules do not even prevent firms from pressuring you to tell them if you'll accept their offer. They just can't *unduly* pressure you. I am not sure what kind of weasel thought it necessary to add the word undue in there, but it is. The commentary to the rule also studiously refuses to say the firms are not allowed to do it in a veiled or indirect way, just that it's "considered inappropriate" to do that.
  11. To be fair, that email that BQ typed out is something that no normal human would ever have an instinct to type. Someone should be able to adapt themselves to this bizarre process without having to ask how to use the bathroom, but there is nothing normal about it! Of course, many of the questions here are not about how to navigate this specific and odd process (which I think are quite legitimate!), they're about how to act in regular social situations like going to a cocktail reception or going to dinner.
  12. I've mentioned the travel above, and of course the expensive canned fish, but my biggest single splurge item over the last few years has been a really nice bike. It's hard to beat the feeling of riding in a big group really fast out on country roads.
  13. I am happy to discuss the fish further! The cooking/eating thread has been dead lately...
  14. Maybe. I'm 11 years out now, so many in my cohort are pushing 40.... But we're not special! It's a handful of Bay St lawyers, a handful of criminal lawyers, a handful of government lawyers, a few who have gone out on their own and a bunch of in house people.
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