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  1. I am not. But to be fair, if my travel and restaurant budget were what they are now when we were costing out places, we could have bought a much bigger apartment with that money!
  2. We just got a gift out of the blue from the agents who helped us buy our current place about two years ago. I mean, I know people are dreaming these days, but we only moved two years ago. We're not moving again just because of Covid!
  3. I never found it soul crushing. But I would have found it very difficult to get through without being able to access all of my normal social supports, exercise, activities, etc. This year is hard.
  4. This spreads to everything else this year too. I love my job, but don't really like it when I'm at home in my office all day. My motivation and engagement is definitely suffering and I definitely have days where I just do the minimum to get by, which is not usually me (for example, I always post a lot as I use this site for nice little breaks throughout the day, but I definitely take a lot more of them now than last year).
  5. Yeah, I loved law school, and especially first year. But I most definitely would not have loved doing it remotely from my apartment, especially first year.
  6. If you are applying to a place like Cavaluzzo, you are not going to want to put Young Conservatives on your resume. But if you are a Young Conservative, you wouldn't last long at Cavaluzzo, even if you got a job there.
  7. I was almost 30 when I was called to the bar, and I certainly wasn't unusual.
  8. Yeah. It's constant with their fucking demand letters.
  9. Yeah, if this happens the odd time, obviously it's completely understandable, especially over the last few months with people having competing work and childcare obligations. But when it's a consistent pattern, it's a red flag for me.
  10. I don't have time to babysit the quality of work on all my files. I review some stuff, but have to rely on proxies for quality. Being at a big firm is one of them, being spoken highly of by colleagues is one, etc. Doing work in the middle of the night is an indicator of likely low quality. It's not a guarantee obviously, but it's a signal. Do that again and again, and I start to lose faith that the quality is there. And since I don't have time to babysit, I'll put my work with someone who I do have that faith in. Delay delivery would cover up this particular indicator, yes.
  11. We had a slowdown in litigation between March and June when things were closed and there was a lot of uncertainty/adjustment. But we are sending out the same volume of work we sent out last fall, maybe a bit more as we work through the backlog.
  12. I am very well paid, and don't mind working evenings and weekends if there is good reason for it. What drove me nuts was when it was a result of a fake emergency or because of poor planning or just a lack of respect for people's need for downtime. I have one file right now where the partner working on it regularly sends emails in the middle of the night and on weekends. I assume that when that person is working on my file at those hours I am not getting the quality of work I'm paying for, and I won't likely send any more files their way. I'll send work to people who are actually on top of their workload, not regularly chasing it down late at night.
  13. I don't remember what it was that I had to work on, but I do remember thinking "Why the fuck didn't they plan ahead and ask us this on Wednesday?". Stupid shit like that is why I went in house. And since I can't use my vacation for a real vacation this year, I just booked every Friday off for the rest of the year because five day weeks are too long during a pandemic.
  14. I can never spell harassment or accommodation without relying on spell check. Which is not great for an employment lawyer.
  15. Whenever the prof asks a question, answer it. As long as you're right, you'll be fine.
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