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  1. If you could do it as a secondment, that would be a great arrangement. That's how a lot of us got our first taste of in-house life. And going back to a firm after a year at a client isn't "moving backwards" - to the contrary, you'll be coming back as a better lawyer, with better career options whether you still want to move in house or you decide you actually like private practice. And you don't have to ask the firm to take a year off. Get the client to propose it.
  2. There was a claim above somewhere in this thread that downtown Toronto is the epicentre of Ontario's covid outbreak. That was not true - downtown Toronto is very safe! But here's a good article about where the outbreak actually affected many people. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2020/06/28/torontos-covid-19-divide-the-citys-northwest-corner-has-been-failed-by-the-system.html
  3. Another point for people reading this... I'm only one guy, and I only control about 5M in legal spending a year, but if I ever heard in real life someone talking like some of what I've heard here, none of that spend would go to a firm employing that person. "Unfiltered" online talk is worth what it's worth, but make sure you don't take some of it into the real world.
  4. In real life, any law student who did bother to offer strong "unfiltered" opinions about the practice of law would just be ignored. On an anonymous forum it's harder, because a random person reading this thread may not have any indication which posters actually have zero direct knowledge about any of the issues they are expounding confidently on.
  5. You specifically said above that routine clinic work is something no one wants to do but that some people settle for it because they can't get jobs on Bay St. You are wrong about a lot of things on this site (often because you're spouting off about what legal practice is like even though you have never done it), but not usually this wrong.
  6. I mean, any labour lawyer around here knows that there are all kinds of lawyers out there defending people who have shit in weird places, and they're not all legal aid clinic lawyers. Most of them are union lawyers!
  7. Good post. I think that nailed my clinic experience as well. I have spent the rest of my career as a big bad management side labour lawyer, but find that my clinic experience is always back there reminding me that all law has to be practiced with consideration for the humanity and dignity of the people on the other side of the table.
  8. I was talking about Parkdale. I never really thought of the business thing as a real clinic.
  9. I did a term at Osgoode's clinic and it was probably the single best thing I've done for my career.
  10. I thought a topically organized index would be more useful than trying to figure out keywords. It really is about preference.
  11. I noted the things that were in the text but were actually not related to the subject heading. Maybe they've improved the materials by now so that the gaps don't exist any more?
  12. I was in the guinea pig year for these exams, so there was no "received wisdom" or indices circulating. I just used the detailed table of contents, which I annotated as I read. As I read each section, I compared the contents with the heading in the DTOC and made a note if there was any gap between them.
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