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  1. Avoided a potential big dilemma LSAT 170 cGPA 3.50
  2. Accepted today thank fucking god LSAT 170 cGPA 3.50 L2 3.20 Very good high school ECs, very mediocre undergrad ECs, I'm guessing the LoRs were pretty solid but my PSE was probably just average. Will likely be accepting. Good luck to everyone waiting!
  3. Should've aimed for 169. No way anyone will take you with a 170. (From experience)
  4. Yeah! I can add to this. I applied last year as well and I was waitlisted, and only rejected in late August.
  5. You think you got rejected BEACUSE of your 173?
  6. Rejected. LSAT 170 cGPA 3.60 B3 3.60 I'm outta here! (I'm a uoft undergrad)
  7. Downward trend in GPA? Poor ECs or PS?
  8. looks like more of a focus on GPA and less of one on the LSAT compared to previous years. Time to kms.
  9. For the record I wasn't trolling and still haven't heard back!!!!! Getting pretty panicky. My L2 (2nd and 3rd year) was 3.50 on the dot (I think) and my first semester this year was 3.25.
  10. You could pay me to keep them in my apartment for you LOL
  11. Fuck I should have delayed sending mine. Bombed last sem. LOL
  12. I can't give you any sort of answer, but I'm in the same position myself! Edit: (except I haven't gotten in...)
  13. cGPA 3.5 (very strong downward trend) LSAT 170 Still haven't gotten in. Starting to get paranoid about being dissed in my LoRs or something. Sorry if that sounds silly, the anxiety might have something to do with it. Should I press the panic button yet?
  14. I hate those fucking emails.
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