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  1. I have many of the same issues/questions as some of you. I have submitted all my OSAP information via the online portal but will be mailing the MSFAA on Monday. OSAP gave me an estimate on what i could potentially get, but nothing else. I was hoping they could give me an earlier answer to my financial need assessment but that doesn't seem to be the case from what i'm reading.
  2. I was waiting and was going to e-mail as well. If you are able to report back with any response from them, that would be much appreciated! Assuming they don't get back to everyone that has submitted one all at the same time.
  3. The engineering building is beautiful inside and the Schulich Med school is pretty nice as well although not as new. I remember about a year or two ago getting an e-mail letting all students know about what construction projects were coming up (what would be closed off, change in walkpaths and landscape, and so on). If i am not mistaken there is still more revamping to come based on that e-mail.
  4. Cool! I did my undergrad at Windsor as well and am headed there in the Fall for my first year of law school. I started my undergrad there 5 years ago and saw the "beautification" of the campus over the last couple of years. However, the improvements were a bit of a hot topic the last year i was there with the Welcome Centre being built. Many thought it was a waste of money because of the many other buildings that needed an upgrade. It does look significantly better than when i first started there, although some would ask at what cost... On the other hand, I think a new law building would be great, but i am biased
  5. Yes. Sorry, I should have been more clear. At the myuwindsor site, under my application for the JD it has a column with "Deposit Received" and then next to that it will say either "Yes" or "No", depending on your deposit status. In this case mine updated to "Yes" in about 3 business days.
  6. I believe that it has to be received by the university by June 1st. I put mine in through online banking on a Friday night and my application was updated with "deposit paid" by Wednesday of the following week. Make sure you send the [email protected] (I think that's what it is) an e-mail letting them know that you put it through your online banking. They also send you an e-mail when they have received the payment.
  7. Accepted to the single JD off the waitlist today. I'll be declining my spot to the dual as the single was my preference. Hopefully my spot gets filled soon for someone waiting on the Dual. Good luck!
  8. Status changed to "Accepted Final" on UWindsor today, no e-mail yet. I was waitlisted Apr.28th. Good luck to those still waiting!
  9. Waitlisted as of yesterday. Uwindsor CGPA: 77.2% LSAT: 150, 154 EC: Leadership on student club, board member at non-profit, part-time work experience, help run family business LORs: Great professor and fellow board member No special considerations with social justice oriented PS. Was also accepted to Dual, but would prefer single JD. Would also appreciate others declining their offers lol, GL to everyone.
  10. Accepted today. Got a letter in the mail and accepted final on uwindsor. Overall GPA: 3.22 (olsas) 77.8% (uwindsor) LSAT: 150, 154 EC's: Board of Directors for a non-profit org, leadership position in student-led club, lots of part-time work experience, helped dad open a family business. LORs: Letter from a great prof and another board member from the non-profit. No special considerations. Excited to know what i'll be doing next year. I hope this gives hope to people who have strong 'softs' but lower GPA/LSAT.
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