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  1. So I know there has been a lot of talk about the pros and cons of both commuting and living in chambers. I’m still unsure of what I should do and would appreciate any advice from those who have commuted or are commuting to osgoode from vaughn/brampton/woodbridge. How long, on average does it take you to get to school and find parking? Google maps says my trip should be around 25 minutes. What’s the drive like when the weather is really bad? Why did you choose not to live in chambers? Are you considering switching from commuting to living in chambers? Or have you considered this? Should I just live in chambers as it would save a lot of time? I just don’t want to waste a lot of time commuting.
  2. I think my personal statement and ec's were really good. 3.6, I had an upward trend
  3. Thank you! Nope! I graduated from undergrad last year
  4. Accepted jan 8 cgpa 3.23 lsat 158 firm accepted!
  5. I emailed admissions and they basically said that some applications are no longer active because they've been cut from the waitlist. Whoever is still "waitlist accepted" on student center is going to remain on the waitlist until Tuesday, just in case spots open up over the long weekend
  6. I manually checked the "view letters" section on student center too, and there's just the wait list offer letter :/ I called the admissions office, but no one answered. I left a voicemail message. Hopefully someone gets back to me soon. I'll post an update once I hear from them
  7. I guess I'll call their office tomorrow for clarification as to what my status is. For whatever reason, they did not update my status or send me an email/letter :/
  8. Did you see a change in your status when you logged into you uwestern account? I didn't receive an email and my account status is still "waitlist accepted"
  9. You should withdraw out of consideration for those of us who intend to accept an offer, if given one. The committee would have to meet again to review applications to find someone to fill your spot. And that would delay (probably 1-2 days, but a delay nonetheless) the offer for whoever eventually receives it
  10. Just spoke with admissions. Class is still over capacity. Not expecting any waitlist movement. Even if 1 or 2 students withdraw, movement is still unlikely. They will also be shrinking the waitlist in the coming weeks. I'd prepare for the worst, everyone.
  11. Agreed, and the chances of that happening seems very low. I was checking the waitlist threads from previous years, and I have seen no movement after the July 1-4 prov to firm deadline.
  12. Over capacity?! Ugh, I guess we shouldn't anticipate waitlist movement this year. We'll be lucky if even one of us is accepted off the waitlist
  13. Has anyone spoken with admissions since the July 4 deadline? I'm curious to know if the class is still full. There doesn't seem to be any waitlist movement. I'm considering calling admissions.. :/
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