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  1. At #61, have a 170 + 78%~. I have the same index as mazzystar. given their #35, it’s not by the known index?
  2. why even have 100+ people on a waitlist when you’re a top 3 school 😭
  3. I emailed them my score update to see what was what, and they said that while my results were positive, they couldn't offer anything to me yet, and that I was "effectively waitlisted", and that I'd be informed of where I was on it later on. LSAT 170 UBC gpa w/drops: 78.4 Index: 91.35272
  4. I'm weighing the possibility of acceptance to another school, but I have a strong feeling that if I don't make the waitlist, that I won't hear an offer from them well after April 1st. What would happen if I were to accept my offer from UVIC by April 1st, pay the deposit, then decline (of course, I would lose the deposit). What's the precedent? Has anyone heard of this before? I've definitely heard of it in the states but there's so much less info on Canada.
  5. Which turns out to be 91.35272 Think I got a good shot? Got into UVIC with a 165 a couple days ago until I found out my Feb score. Unfortunately I don't have much time to decide!
  6. Anyone else get a heart attack from LSAC today out of nowhere?
  7. oh fuck i just got a 170. i...might not be joining y'all. we'll see!
  8. Just got the call! 76.7% at UBC, roughly 3.32 in Ontario. I believe I was an 893 on the index. 165 LSAT
  9. offer came about half an hour ago via e-mail cGPA 3.16 / L2 3.47 / B2 3.53. ok softs, journal, student govt, and civic politics experience. also i'm racialized and a huge sjw so i think that was a given lol.
  10. While you can't predict an LSAT score at all, for the most part you can figure it out within 5 points after rigorous test taking in realistic conditions. Take it timed at 830 am, try it in the room you'll be taking the test in, use a proctor, no breaks, use an analog watch, use the bubble sheet, have shitty sleep the night before, forget to eat, et cetera. No matter what, though, you could absolutely bomb even with the best preparation, and with feeling great about it during the test. Thankfully, no one cares how many times you take the test! For what it's worth, I also have a 165 lsat with a 3.21 GPA calculated in ontario (77% from UBC), but I'm closer to 3.5 for the last couple of years. So far this got me into Manitoba and Calgary.
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