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  1. No, but no one that I know that made it to second round heard anything about a final cocktail or dinner. I can’t confirm but I don’t think they are doing that.. seems it was more of a traditional 1st round, cocktail and final interview process.
  2. They have interviews scheduled up until tomorrow afternoon, so it seems there would be a very small window for them to reach out to people seeing as they can’t contact anyone after 3pm Friday. Are you assuming there is a final cocktail or it was confirmed?
  3. Are you referring to De Grandpré Chait or Joli-coeur?
  4. Faut pas abandonner tout espoir. Je ne donne pas trop de détails, mais j'ai reçu un appel d’un cabinet pour une entrevue sans rien avoir reçu l’année passée. UdeM, GPA juste en dessous de 3, mais avec un baccalauréat antérieur, plusieurs années d'expérience de travail dans une entreprise et quelques expériences liées au droit. Les notes ne sont pas toujours l’élément le plus important. Everything is possible!
  5. Question for anyone who has some insider knowledge on this whole recruitment process: Do you think they actually review every single application and read every single letter? Or say those with a GPA below a certain threshold are tossed aside, even if they have good CV, letter and previous studies that would make them a strong candidate. Every single rep from most firms usually says something about them looking at the whole picture when considering candidates, but there's obviously what they tell prospective students and what actually happens behind closed doors.
  6. I can confirm I know someone who got called from Blakes yesterday from UdeM
  7. Anyone heard anything from Langlois?
  8. Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the average cost is for UdeM per semester or per year? Is it more or less the same as a regular bachelors degree? Asking this as I'm beginning loan applications and just want to know what to expect. Thanks
  9. Félicitations! And don't worry too much!! Vous allez avoir votre bac en droit à la fin et c'est ce qui compte. Je dirais que le certificat montre que vous étiez déterminé de rentrer dans le programme
  10. Thanks great news, congrats! How did you manage that? I've heard that its very difficult to do
  11. Visitez cette page: http://droit.umontreal.ca/fileadmin/fichiers/PDF/Documents_etudiants_actuels/Horaires/Horaires_2015_2016/A15H16_ListeCoursPremiereAnnee.pdf Je l'ai vu en passant et j'imagine que c'est les memes choix de cours chaque annee. Je l'ai trouve dans le section "Etudiants actuel" sur le site
  12. Dans les papiers qu'on a recu au soiree d'acceuil, c'est indique qu'on va recevoir un courriel dans le mois de mai avec les infos, mais l'inscription commence en juin.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, they have a formula that transforms university marks into an equivalent Cote R so that might be the case here.
  14. If you find out keep us posted please! Was wondering the same. I feel as if it might appear at a similar time that tuition is due considering the admissions process is still not over, however I could be mistaken considering that top university applicants are admitted early on.
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