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  1. Jackman is easily one of the nicest law school buildings in the country.
  2. It's not fun to wait but you have 5.5 months before courses begin. Keep the faith. Consider applying more broadly next cycle if things don't go how you want them to this time.
  3. Your first-year grades are arguably the most important of your law degree. If you do not have to work, do not work. Study more and do an extracurricular.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/feb/07/the-class-pay-gap-why-it-pays-to-be-privileged
  5. Both schools are great. For the sake of discussion, I will call that a wash. Same goes for housing/living costs. That more-or-less leaves us with these considerations: your relationships and networks in Toronto, the city you prefer to live in, your openness to staying in BC, the cost of tuition, and career opportunities. Relationships and networks in Toronto: Moving cities, making new friends, and starting a new program can be jarring for anyone. I did fine with this and I am sure many others on LS were okay with it, too. I am sure you are capable. Nonetheless, ask whether the relationships you have in Toronto would provide you with comfort and stability that you may benefit from during law school. Preferred city: Toronto and Vancouver are two very different cities. I love both but see it as an apples-and-oranges comparison. I have friends that have shuffled to Toronto with no intention of returning to Vancouver and vice-versa. Explore why you believe Vancouver would be an exciting change. Openness to staying in BC: This is important. You've said you are willing to stay in BC for 5-10 years; what's preventing you from committing long-term? In ten years you may have familial and career considerations that would make a move back to Toronto a difficult one. Are you okay with this? Career opportunities: You think you want to do "social justice" law but the areas you listed after that are not necessarily social justice-oriented. You should do more research and keep an open mind. In any event. neither school will close doors but Ontario does have a larger legal market. That includes "social justice" employment opportunities. Tuition: A serious consideration. A full JD at UBC costs about a year at UofT. UofT provides bursaries averaging ~9-10K but they won't erase the difference with UBC.
  6. I'm not sure about "internships" but work experience will make you an attractive candidate in any employment recruit. Grades are important, of course - you don't get a second look if you're below average unless you make that up elsewhere (which is hard to do).
  7. Silence is fine. If you intend to decline, let them know.
  8. Sorry, I worded that weirdly. If you were open to staying in BC, the only school in Canada that I would turn UBC down for is the University of Toronto - and that is a very hard decision when you consider tuition. I would go to UBC, Osgoode, and UofT over UVic. UVic's program is on par or better than the rest of Ontario (My $0.02). That said: you said that you do not intend to stay in BC. That changes a lot. Queen's, Western, Ottawa, Osgoode, and UofT eat up virtually all of Toronto's Bay Street jobs. UBC placed two students in Toronto this year. This also assumes you do well enough in 1L on the UBC/UVic curve to be competitive for Bay (2/4 of the highest admission stats schools in Canada, I believe). To the point I made above about UBC/UVic vs. Ontario schools, you would also need to be well above average to transfer to Osgoode or UofT. You seem to have better work experience than most direct-to-law-school applicants. If you were a decent student at most Ontario schools I would be surprised if you did not receive Bay Street interviews. I'd apply broadly in Ontario next cycle.
  9. 2. If you're planning on Bay Street, go to school in Ontario. Taking yourself as far as you physically can get from your desired market when you know you have no desire to stay in BC is ridiculous. Spend your 1L summer in BC or something instead. 3. UVic and UBC are two of the best law schools in the country. I would only take UofT over UBC. If you get into either of them and accept your offer, you absolutely should finish your degree there.
  10. UofT has family law courses, runs a Pro Bono Students Canada Family Law Project, and provides family law services through Downtown Legal Services (DLS). I can't speak to the strength of the family law division but DLS is a very well-established clinic. You would not have a substandard experience. JaysFan is right, you should think about factors like tuition when making this decision. Most UofT students qualify for 8-10K in bursaries. You also may not want to practice family law.
  11. If that is your OLSAS cGPA, you have not heard back because you are not a competitive applicant with your stats. Wait it out. You never know at a holistic process school. Otherwise, rewrite the LSAT and aim for 160.
  12. Calgary is a slam dunk with the information that you have provided. Good luck with law school.
  13. It's January 21. Offers are made into late August. Relax. The worst case scenario is that you don't get in this cycle. You're still in school so if your grades this term are above your current cGPA you will be even more competitive next cycle. FWIW: if I were you, I would reapply broadly in Canada before taking a US school offer. Your stats will eventually get you into a handful of Canadian schools. Cheaper and will save you NCA headaches.
  14. If you don't apply, you have no chance. If you apply, you might have a chance. If you are interested in the jobs available in the 1L recruit, apply. If you are not, don't. I had straight As at the time of the 1L recruit and did not receive a single interview offer in Toronto or Calgary. I maintained that average and had many OCIs, in-firms, and a few job offers during the 2L recruit. One offer was from a firm I applied to in 1L. @FineCanadianFXs gave some great reasons to apply. My thoughts are more simple: apply if you want to and see what happens.
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