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  1. Applied 3 years ago with 3.43 / 3.66 / 167. Got in to Western Dec 10th. I think you'll be in easily
  2. You can wait until you get into Osgoode to apply too. A number of people apply in the summer before 1L, or during 1L.
  3. I did but I can't really speculate as to whether it made any difference. I think the stats are good enough either way
  4. To be clear this was last cycle though. Currently in 2nd year elsewhere.
  5. I've heard this myth a lot but it isn't necessarily the case. I had a 167 and 3.43 GPA and got in quite early.
  6. I had a similar GPA, slightly higher L2 and a 167 (one write). Was in at Osgoode early March.
  7. For what it is worth, I had similar stats but a 167 and I got into Western December 10 and Osgoode early March.
  8. Sorry for the delayed response, haven't been on here in a while. GPA 3.43, L2 ~3.7, LSAT 167. They told me it is based on a strong (A- range) last two years and LSAT. My understanding is that when you apply after April 30, it is based on 1L grades. Not sure if they still consider undergrad/LSAT to an extent.
  9. No they are still required. Unlike most law school applications, Schulich's application is online and each person you list in references are sent a link via email to fill out the reference form. It isn't really a letter so they have to help again (or you can ask different people).
  10. I am an incoming JD/MBA (4-yr) and applied to Osgoode as a straight JD student. I was accepted in March, and in April I applied to the JD/MBA (by just applying to Schulich). I had an interview and got accepted soon after. As long as you apply by April 30, you can apply based on undergrad grades and LSAT or GMAT. To my understanding, applying after that date would require waiting on fall 1L grades. Also, the GMAT is not 'waived' on a set LSAT score like 165. They waive the GMAT on a case-by-case basis, and I was told that it was based on both GPA (with an L2 emphasis) and a competitive LSAT score. No one at Schulich said 165 or up explicitly. The admissions people indicated my GMAT would be waived, and once you apply they notify you that the adcom has waived it officially. Hope that helps.
  11. Does anyone have experience doing this program? I am starting at Osgoode as a 1L in the fall, and recently heard from Osgoode that Schulich is accepting applications to the accelerated program to start in May. I have long been interested in doing a JD/MBA but did not want to apply to any of the four year programs (essentially I just do not think the opportunity cost becomes worth it for the extra year of schooling when I am leaning towards practicing as a lawyer either way). I recently discovered that I can apply to Schulich and they will waive the GMAT with my LSAT/GPA. My primary concern is the back to back summer MBA semester, 1L, then summer MBA semester after 1L. The summer semester at Schulich would give me most of August off, and I'd have a few weeks after 1L before the next MBA semester starts, but still worried about burnout... can anyone attest to having done this successfully? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  12. I recently accepted my offer of admission. I know that this has been asked in past threads, but my cluelessness about where people tend to live remains. I do not want to live in Osgoode Chambers or near York, and would prefer to live midtown or downtown. I have heard St Clair / Bathurst is a popular area for Osgoode students. Do you know of any other common places people live while at Osgoode? In that vain, I am also wondering what you think about living more downtown vs. a bit closer... i.e. In an ideal world I would live in the Annex over St Clair/Bathurst, but both driving or subway from the latter would save a fair bit of time each day. Thanks for any insight you can offer!
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