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  1. Let me be clear, I’m not questioning the truth of your comment. Someone who isn’t ready yet shouldn’t become solely responsible for files they aren’t equipped for until they either gain more experience or have some guidance. What I’m questioning is the necessity of your comment. Even though what you said was true, there’s really no need to come in here, provide no real advice, and kick someone while they’re down. I don’t think your comment had any intention of actually trying to help the OP whatsoever. I sincerely hope that if you ever find yourself needing help or advice, that whoever you turn to for help is actually interested in helping you rather than taking the opportunity to feel better about themselves for not being in an unfortunate position at that time.
  2. Yikes, this post was arrogant enough for me to go dig up my login so that I could respond to it. ”Yeah, I guess your best option since you suck at getting jobs and failed at that would be to try and set up your own shop. You’re probably going to fail at that though and fuck up people’s lives so good luck with that” I’m sure the OP, who came here looking for help with something they’re struggling with, was really helped by your comment... I hope it made you feel better about yourself though in whatever position you currently find yourself in that makes you feel like you can smugly condescend to people you appear to see as beneath you.
  3. I agree with you on your point that there is absolutely racially based privilege at least partially separate from class based privilege, probably more than just partially separate. There is absolutely room for debate though, I mean the fact that this thread has quickly gotten this long is proof of that. My problem is that the approach you’re taking here is dangerously arrogant. To say that you are absolutely right about something controversial and that anyone who disagrees is stupid and isn’t worth talking to is why, in my opinion, this debate is so controversial in the first place. It really is hard to agree with someone who, as I think you’ve shown in your posts here, resorts to ad hominem attacks and is closed minded to thoughts from others who see things differently. It’s not all that hard to argue and fight with them though, because they seem to lack the maturity to act like an adult when faced with something they disagree with. No one’s opinion will ever be changed by someone acting like their word is gospel and above questioning, regardless of whether they’re right or not.
  4. Not at all, you can absolutely keep looking if you don’t get something through OCIs. There are tons of people who don’t find a job through OCIs and find something later.
  5. I hesitate to give advise because I’m not any closer to my goals than hmyo is, but I felt I might have something to add because they seem to be dealing with this the same way I did. Maybe it’s a law student thing but when I got hit with tons of rejection I didn’t really know why and all I wanted was a specific reason. I got lots of general (and good) advice but I picked holes in all of it cause it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. So I went on for a little while bitter and angry but mostly not knowing what to do to improve. The only thing that really helped was some time to cool down, move on and talk to others to realize there’s more people on this boat then I thought. It really comes down to arbitrary things out of your control, if I present myself in the best way I can then eventually the things I can’t control will line up in my favour, it only has to happen once. I don’t know if any of that is what anyone is going through or is at all similar. It helped me, maybe it could help others.
  6. From what I understood though I thought that someone who got an offer could ask for 24 hours to consider it? If that’s the case then it might be possible that someone who got an offer could consider it for a day then turn it down and so that firm could make an offer to another person on later days?
  7. Nothing that immediately comes to mind I’m afraid. I can hardly claim to be a regular poster or even a regular lurker so maybe I’ve just been unlucky with what I’ve seen. I used to look at a lot of threads with people asking about what they can do to be more competitive applicants and more recently looking at threads about career advice. I can only speak to my experiences and that’s the impression I’ve gotten from what I’ve seen. I hope that other people have had different experiences and have gotten advice that really helped them. I’ve been pretty turned off though by the times I’ve seen posters with thousands of post demonstrating a holier than thou attitude and being in my opinion incredibly arrogant.
  8. It’s been mentioned in here already but I think that the problem isn’t so much that the same few people post in every thread but that those same few people are more interested in talking down at people looking for advice and acting as if anyone who might disagree with their opinion is a worthless peon who hasn’t experienced the world and couldn’t possibly have any knowledge on the subject. The advice tends to more be about the person giving it than about actually helping the poor person who asked for it. Maybe it’s unavoidable and has more to do with the type of lawyer/law student who wants to chip in and make their opinion known on every subject. It’s an incredible shame though because this could be a fantastic place to get advice about starting a career in the legal profession, but because of this it’s really the last place I’d look for any kind of real advice that’s meant to actually help me.
  9. Surely though you have to see a difference between that and a 2L student doing an interview when they shouldn’t have.
  10. Please don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that once you’ve given your word then that should be final and that you shouldn’t continue looking. Its another thing entirely if the OP were to actually accept the 2nd offer, I think that would be relatively more serious. But there are way more serious ways someone could breach the LSUC guidelines than doing some interviews after accepting a 2L position. Does it reflect badly - yes. Is it a mistake - yes. But I have to take issue with implying that someone won’t be a good lawyer or that a firm will be unhappy with their work or unhappy to have them just because of something relatively minor like the situation so far as it’s been made clear. No one’s been murdered here but everyone seems pretty excited to rush down off Mt. Pious to admonish the OP for something that in all likelihood (assuming the 2nd offer isn’t taken) really isn’t the end of the world.
  11. Why don’t you just take a big step back and realize what you’re saying here. I don’t know the OP and it seems like they might be on the verge of making a bad decision, but if they had already made a decision to go back on their word then they wouldn’t have made a thread. Obviously they want advice, and advice was given. I don’t know if that advice will be followed, but to imply that someone won’t be a good lawyer or won’t be successful in their chosen career path because they are tempted to do something that they think will be better for their career and life then I think what you wrote says a lot more about you then it does about them.
  12. They’ve been making calls for interviews next week I’ve heard.
  13. Yeah, I was told how this is a pretty unique process but it's especially frustrating and surprising having come from a recruiting background where meeting and interviewing someone in person and then never following up in any way is more than just frowned upon
  14. So are there other people that did OCIs with Ottawa firms and then never heard any sort of follow up from them at all? I know that this is a pretty intense process but even in Toronto they at least sent out PFOs after OCIs. I understand how this all works but it seems unprofessional to not even send a follow up email regardless of how many applicants there were.
  15. I thought the rule was that since interviews would be next week that today was the last day firms could offer interviews?
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