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  1. I've been accepted to 3/5 schools I applied to. I have until April 1st. I really am unsure of where I want to go at this point. Is there any benefits or consequences of accepting closer to the April deadline opposed to sometime sooner? Thanks!
  2. If you are double majoring, should both programs be listed on OLSAS under program on the current application data? Probably not a big deal either way but I'm wondering if the information down is correct (they have my one program but not the other). Thanks!
  3. LSAT 159 cGPA: 3.68 (probably will be higher at the end of the semester) L2GPA: 3.9 Pretty good softs (gov work, part time job through school, volunteer involvements, research experience etc.) Chances?
  4. CGPA: 3.7 best two years: 3.9 LSAT: 158 Looking at Osgoode, Western, Queens and Ottawa
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