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  1. BleedBlue

    Dual JD and OCIs

    Yes, the participate in the OCI process just like any other Ontario law school. Not taking Torts doesn't seem to play any part whatsoever.
  2. You need the CC for the exam, you can't access anything on your computer. Buy the CC, not the Constitution Act.
  3. BleedBlue

    Question regarding living area

    The Windsor food basics is not the best grocery store, IMO. Pretty common opinion among law students as well. And yes, I mean south - got turned around.
  4. BleedBlue

    Question regarding living area

    1640 Huronchurch Rd.
  5. BleedBlue

    Question regarding living area

    Not quite true, McKay has a fair number of students on it. Most of the students either live "close to campus", which is Campbell Ave and west towards the law building, or "downtown", which is anywhere east of Victoria. That being said, Mckay is a five minute walk away from Campbell, so not that far. Probably wouldn't want to walk to campus from there, but it's a <10 min bike ride. Also, Windsor barely has a "downtown" haha. The only grocery store downtown is brutal, and 99% of students shop at a plaza just north of campus which has grocery stores, or at the real Canadian superstore north of downtown.
  6. BleedBlue

    Current Windsor Waitlist 2017

    While I don't necessarily agree with your implied assumption that the only jobs which pay market in Toronto are those attained through the OCI process (ignoring Blaney's, the OSC, many MAG branches, boutiques, etc), which is where the 16% comes from I assume, and the further assumption that if you don't get a summer job in Toronto through the OCI process "it will be difficult to get an articling position, never mind one that actually pays", I don't think this is the thread to have the old Reputation of Windsor debate we've seen here so many times before. That being said, you are very correct in saying that a much smaller portion of students at Windsor attain Bay Street gigs compared to UofT, Osgoode, Western, etc. Probably best to just leave it at that- for the sake of this thread, if you want to respond I would suggest messaging me directly.
  7. BleedBlue

    Current Windsor Waitlist 2017

    What do you define as "sweet job", where do you get the 15% figure from, and what about the employment of the other 85% makes you say they are "in trouble"?
  8. BleedBlue

    Moving to Windsor

    The Mentorship Program signup will be in September, and information will be distributed to you during your orientation week. You will be paired with a mentor sometime in October. Check the Windsor Law Facebook groups for 3L students that are leaving - there's lots of housing though, but I agree you should do it in person as some of the house are garbage. Most people live in apartments, Victoria Park Place is super popular.
  9. BleedBlue

    Just finished 1L Single JD - Ask Me Anything

    Yes, but not that much, in my experience. In 1L I had a m/c section on my crim exam, and a m/c section on property, neither of which comprised more than 20% of the exam. In 2L I had one small elective course that was a 100% m/c final, and another class that had a m/c section... so out of 13 classes taken through two years, four courses had a m/c component. That being said, you can find/avoid m/c exams just as you did in undergrad. I would say no, others may differ. Generally I believe the consensus is that the LSAT is not a strong correlation to law school success.
  10. BleedBlue

    Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    To make you feel better, I didn't get accepted until late June a couple years ago. I was waitlisted in January.
  11. BleedBlue

    Just finished 1L Single JD - Ask Me Anything

    As another opinion, I would say this depends on what works for you (in fact, that statement applies to the majority of studying and general success tips in law school). I relied heavily on CAN's, and in fact for many courses never opened a textbook. If you have a prof who hasn't changed their course in 5 years, and a set of CAN's that runs identical to the lecture, it can be a very efficient way of learning when you know the notes and briefs in your CAN's are accurate and you can really sit back and pay attention to the lecture, add in your own notes, etc... versus furiously typing and taking notes all class. My general strategy was to take a set of CAN's, and type notes in another colour throughout the document as the lectures progressed, and at the end of the semester consolidate and refine the notes until I had an outline I could use to study for exams. It helped tremendously by reducing the preparation I needed to do for class. I did very well in both 1L and 2L using this strategy. That being said, some profs are new and the CAN's aren't as helpful, some prof's change the course year to year, and some students just do better with their own notes - everyone is different. Take the first couple months of law school to figure out what works for you, just don't discount CAN's until you've figured out for sure how well they fit with your style of learning. I will say this though - rely on upper years. They've been there, done that. Law school is all about efficiency, so learn from those who have come before you!
  12. BleedBlue

    Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    I'm assuming you're talking about the ScotiaBank 150k loan for dual students...... If so, you're correct in saying that will about cover tuition. In terms of funding for living expenses, books, etc, OSAP generally grants about 14k a year (in my experience), plus the financial support from Windsor is actually quite good. I came out of undergrad with no debt whatsoever, and Windsor still gives me 3500 a year in financial aid. Top 10 students at Windsor get 5k+ from Windsor and 3k+ USD from UDM, with top 3 students getting closer to 10k and 8k, respectively. Keep in mind you typically need to be on OSAP in order to receive bursaries and scholarships, either merit-based or need-based, so make sure to apply for OSAP before starting the program. Financial aid is usually awarded in late October, early November.
  13. Not trying to start arguments here, just providing my perspective as a current 2L student in the program. I don't have stats to back this up, but if anyone wants to message me personally I'm happy to chat. The Dual program is insanely expensive, prohibitively to many in fact, but there are many students who have career goals of working on Bay Street, who obtain fantastic summer 2L positions, and the placement numbers have increased favourably in the past 5 years. Maybe they did blackmail the admissions committee. I would be very surprised to hear this though. To elaborate, my roommate in first year transferred into the single program with no 'unforeseen personal circumstance'. Others transferred because they could no longer afford the Dual program. I can think of two others who transferred for health/family reasons. Is it difficult? Yes. Is it entirely subjectively based on the opinion of the admissions committee? Probably. Is it impossible? Nope.
  14. This year's dual degree class has 3-5 students working in Detroit at around that salary. Roughly 60% are working on Bay Street.
  15. This is incorrect. Current dual student here, can count about 5 students off the top of my head who transferred from Dual-Single without 'unforeseen personal circumstances'.