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  1. KilltheLSAT

    Will Robots Take My Job?

    I think one area of law would be in demand that is AI, machine learning, and data mining law. It would be important to regulate these fields to avoid misuse.
  2. KilltheLSAT

    Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Finally it's over!
  3. KilltheLSAT

    Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    If we use that logic then Queen's should be in that list as well. As far as I know Queen's is as good as Western/UAlberta if not more.
  4. Is it like a coop process in which you apply to bunch of firms through school portal, firms invite you for interview, and make offer if they like you?
  5. KilltheLSAT

    No Luck in Second Attempt

    @sucheese Any reason you haven't applied to Lakehead, because that could have been your safety school. If law school is everything to you.
  6. KilltheLSAT

    Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Accepted. 3.4 and 160
  7. KilltheLSAT

    Trouble accessing myInfo

    Call/email IT, they should be able to help you with it.
  8. Didn't know this feature exist. I should definitely use it. I am all up for debate if it is productive and constructive, I actually prefer to know other views than my own.
  9. Few negative and arrogant people who post 24*7 making me feel like leaving this forum forever.
  10. @SIckOfAllTheWaiting It took a month for me, but I was accepted in early December and my deadline to accept was in April. You may want to contact them on Monday.
  11. KilltheLSAT

    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    @[email protected] I have any offer from Lakehead and received that email that you are talking about so it seems like everyone got it. Hope this helps.
  12. KilltheLSAT

    Law School Chances - What should I do?? Help

    Hahaha. Don't know what I was thinking.
  13. KilltheLSAT

    Law School Chances - What should I do?? Help

    May be you are right. I guess, I have lot to learn about profession yet.
  14. KilltheLSAT

    Law School Chances - What should I do?? Help

    I agree that people might think that way. Telling your goal doesn't mean that you are not going to focus on the process (one can still focus on getting in the shape and learning the game). Don't you think problem is with the people who are judging you based on few sentences alone. Some people likes to express their feelings and some not. I don't see a big deal with that. P.S. I don't want to be a judge. I do not have any end goal.
  15. KilltheLSAT

    Law School Chances - What should I do?? Help

    Playing doubles advocate. What's wrong in saying that your ultimate goal is to be a judge to everyone, but you understand that you might not get there. However, you will try your best to make it happen.