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  1. Wait for a second and say good afternoon
  2. I don't think I would want to work for a firm which judges anyone for not drinking alcoholic beverages or any kind of dietary restrictions. How can a firm support diversity or any other tough issues when they are judging you for your food choices unless you are being too weird like ordering a glass of milk.
  3. A firm said their interview is only 45 minutes so I scheduled another firm after 1:30 hour (8am and 9:30am). Is there any potential problems with not leaving 2 hours between two interviews?
  4. I didn't hear anything from them. Don't know what to think.
  5. Bereskin & Parr, Smart & Biggar, or Ridout & Maybee anyone?
  6. I have friends at Lakehead. I don't know all the details so take it with a grain of salt. Lakehead students take 1 extra course for 5 semesters than any other law schools, so that's 5 extra courses or equivalent to 1 semester. They only take 1 semester in 3rd year and get a placement at law firms for 1 term (they can do everything what articling students are allowed to do). On top of that, they have practical component (research assignments, advocacy exercises, negotiation, documents drafting, and so on) in every course they take during all 3 years. This is called IPC program. They do not have to do articling because of IPC.
  7. Last year someone got accepted in last week of the August as well.
  8. I am a single JD student but I have many friends in Dual JD. I can confirm that carpool would be possible. You don't need to drive.
  9. Three of my applications went from reviewed to not reviewed as well. I think its just a software glitch that all applications went reviewed at 5 pm on Aug 19. I do not think there is anything to read into.
  10. Could you please name firms that focus on HNIs? What are the grades required to get a summer job at these firms? Would you be open to chat in PMs?
  11. I am a second year law student at Windsor. I am an immigrant and interested in corporate immigration in Toronto. I was hoping to find out what is the first year associate salary at boutique firms like Garson LLP, PWC, KPMG, or Green & Spiegel. Thanks
  12. How does the school assess transfer application? How much emphasis is on 1L grades vs LSAT & UGPA? How do they view graduate degree GPA?
  13. @TheScientist101 what are the chances of getting an offer if you have two interviews. How many people approximately do they interview for each position? I go to Windsor if that helps, and have Master's in software. @chaboywb I only heared from three firms. At this point I think I won't hear back from other firm.
  14. It's possible, but again it's the best efforts date so they can give you interview later if they want.
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