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  1. Could you please name firms that focus on HNIs? What are the grades required to get a summer job at these firms? Would you be open to chat in PMs?
  2. I am a second year law student at Windsor. I am an immigrant and interested in corporate immigration in Toronto. I was hoping to find out what is the first year associate salary at boutique firms like Garson LLP, PWC, KPMG, or Green & Spiegel. Thanks
  3. How does the school assess transfer application? How much emphasis is on 1L grades vs LSAT & UGPA? How do they view graduate degree GPA?
  4. @TheScientist101 what are the chances of getting an offer if you have two interviews. How many people approximately do they interview for each position? I go to Windsor if that helps, and have Master's in software. @chaboywb I only heared from three firms. At this point I think I won't hear back from other firm.
  5. It's possible, but again it's the best efforts date so they can give you interview later if they want.
  6. Before Oct 16. All the firms need to send you invitation for the interview if they are interested.
  7. I heared invitation to interview went out for atleast 3 firms: BLG, Ridout, and CBR. Not sure about rest of the firms. I am guess they would have sent out already since best effort day is before Oct 16, so we have only Monday left.
  8. Now that we have submitted our applications let's discuss Ottawa IP recruitment. Has anyone got interview requests? I have received only acknowledgement emails from a couple of firms.
  9. I think one area of law would be in demand that is AI, machine learning, and data mining law. It would be important to regulate these fields to avoid misuse.
  10. If we use that logic then Queen's should be in that list as well. As far as I know Queen's is as good as Western/UAlberta if not more.
  11. Is it like a coop process in which you apply to bunch of firms through school portal, firms invite you for interview, and make offer if they like you?
  12. @sucheese Any reason you haven't applied to Lakehead, because that could have been your safety school. If law school is everything to you.
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