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  1. How strenuous are the 2 modules due by the end of O-week?
  2. How does a 1L's fall examination period typically look? I understand that several courses have 100% exams, which I presume occur in the April exam period?
  3. Green Non-Reserved - New Permits (Valid in green zones) $38.35 $460.20 Grey Non-Reserved - Renewal Permits only if you currently have a Grey Permit (Valid in grey and green zones) $41.00 $492.00 Looking into parking passes. Do not really know campus. Any benefit to grey zone parking as a law student?
  4. From what I saw this cycle, your chances of getting into Osgoode are low. Unless you are Osgoode or bust, you will likely be accepted to another school before the July 1 deadline and be forced to decide law school or wait for Osgoode...still with a low chance of acceptance. With that said, this is just a general sentiment, you might have some unique aspect on your application, which gets you an acceptance in reasonable time. Good Luck.
  5. When are the formals typically held?
  6. I know this is probably posted somewhere, but can someone speak to hours of class per week, time spent studying, and ability to manage social activity. I understand this would vary significantly between persons, but I'm happy to hear all experiences... thanks
  7. Based off what we have seen this year and granted you are dead set on OZ, I would re write. You're likely to get waitlisted with stats above. Good luck! Aside from OS and UOFT, however, you should get in everywhere else in Ontario - I'd wager for that.
  8. High stats getting waitlisted must be super competitive
  9. I currently have plenty more pros for Western. Yet, I came into this wanting Osgoode and made it my goal. I love Toronto and live only 5 minutes from York campus. So this is why I am a bit stuck. But, I will probably end up choosing Western today. It's a new experience, London is a cool town and I can live in my own pad for cheap. Also like the class size of Western and certain offerings... I tend to get fixated on reputation, its narrow minded and silly, but I think we all fall victim to this at times... With that, both schools reputations are similar and by speaking to alum I have not heard one bad thing about Western Law. Cannot say the same about Osgoode - but I know many who absolutely loved their time at the schools.
  10. On Thursday I was offered a scholarship from Western with today as a deadline to respond. I still remain in queue at Osgoode, my first choice coming into all of this... I do not want to forgo this scholarship and then have to accept Western anyways in 2 weeks time because of a unfavourable response from Osgoode. I understand it is likely a risk i'll have to take if I want to keep Osgoode as an option, however, has anyone had any experience in expediting a decision? Judging by my convos with admissions, I would imagine most answer no, as they are just flooded with applications. Thanks for taking the time to read this...
  11. I have lower stats and got into western - I feel as though you should get a bite off the waitlist there...
  12. If you look back on the thread you'll see people have been, yeah.
  13. anyone speak w admissions today?
  14. Seeing stats higher than yours getting waitlisted while you're still in queue and have been for an eternity....Comforting.
  15. I'm still in queue, however, noticed a few people getting in off waitlist recently. Will these next offers be to those previously waitlisted...?
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