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  1. https://www.thebay.com/ted-baker-no-ordinary-joe-joey-grid-check-wool-suit/product/0600088460384?FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302024579&R=697141725529&P_name=Ted+Baker+No+Ordinary+Joe&N=302024579&bmUID=mClxZwx Is the extra pocket on the right side of the coat too much for a law firm on this Ted Baker suit?
  2. Should we respond to emails that contain our in-firm interviewer names? Seems like a bit much considering it'll be the same thank you email I sent when the interview time was confirmed.
  3. What's everyone's opinions on how stylish to dress for a) in-firm interviews and b) summering? By stylish, I mean something like cropped trouser with loafers? Very 2018 style that looks amazing with no socks as well. Too risky for interview and/or summering?
  4. I paid for 7sage after doing 153/156 doing only powerscore. Studied the 2nd most expensive course (ultimate??) from sept - feb and ended up getting 162 and I would attribute most of that bump to 7sage. Note that I should've spent a full year on the course but it still paid dividends for me so I would 100% recommend!
  5. Thanks for the great response Hello12345! I do have a question about Jan term... when you say you don't have classes, does that mean there's no in class work, or are you still expected to be on campus meeting with profs, working on your moot in the library and so on? Might be a weird question, but there's a method to my madness...
  6. Could anyone post their 1L schedule from a recent year? I'm curious what to expect, and I do realize that there a multitude of things that will make my schedule different, but I'd still like to have a rough idea...
  7. Are there any good hi-rises downtown to look out for? I'm looking for a nice 1 bed downtown. The kijiji for London is pretty overrun by condo management companies relisting their openings at regularly timed intervals, so its a bit annoying to parse over the various apartments and locations. Any help would be appreciated
  8. I would definitely contact them... Uottawa had a similar notice on my file and I had to email them to clarify.
  9. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know RK! Was gonna call on Tuesday, but you saved me some time
  10. Me too! I'm almost the exact same... LSAT - 153, 156, 162 CGPA - 2.67 (OLSAS) L2 - 3.7 (3.9 final year) Question - I realize that the chances of me getting in anywhere else are slim, but I am still holding out for something closer to home. The Western portal does not let me provisionally accept, but the OLSAS website does... maybe this is a stupid question, but can I still provisionally accept? I was under the impression that they did not let you provisionally accept after April 1. Thanks in advance.
  11. February 2016, but by the time the scores have come out, most Ontario schools will have already rolled out their first set of offers. If you're on the fringe anyway, then that won't matter. I'm taking the Feb LSAT myself..
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