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  1. elleliz12

    London, Ontario - Realistic Career Opportunity?

    Hi there, I am a graduate of the paralegal program at Fanshawe, and I am currently working as a law clerk/assistant at a big firm in town. This is just my 2 cents, but most people I went to school with are not practicing paralegals. I can only think of a few out of maybe 40 people. The market here is very saturated, in my opinion. It is not easy to find paralegal positions at firms. I had a job offer for one paralegal position, but it was a 6 month contract with no guarantee of a full time position. Honestly, I am happy working as a law clerk and if I could go back I would do the law clerk program instead.
  2. elleliz12

    Paralegal: Over-Saturated? Alternate Career Options?

    Hello, I am currently a licensed paralegal (although I am employed at a law firm, I am in a law clerk role and am not providing legal services). So here's my 2 cents. 1. Coming out of the program, I can't really say for certain that your background will help. It certainly won't hurt but it won't affect the major issue with paralegal employment which leads into point 2: 2. In my opinion, there is definite saturation in the market. Self-employment is the only option for a lot of people that want to be practising paralegals. Again, I can only speak for the area I live in (London ON), but there are very few specific "paralegal" positions being advertised here, and if there are, they want those with experience. With a new graduating class of paralegals each year I only imagine that it is going to get harder and harder to find open positions with established firms. The paralegal diploma is fairly quick to obtain. This results in a lot of people taking the program thinking that it will lead them right into a paralegal job but this simply isn't the case. When the paralegal program is advertised or spoken about, the entrepreneurial aspect is after omitted from discussion. That's why it is important to ask questions and do your research about the employment prospects of paralegals, which you are However, I should mention that with a paralegal diploma you can be employed in other positions such as: law clerk, court clerk, etc. Although it should be noted that these positions do not require a paralegal diploma. 3. The paralegal area of practice is growing, no doubt. Especially in the areas of administrative law. However, the bottom line is that you're going to have to hustle to make your own business. It may be that in the GTA there are more in house paralegal positions within firms, but in smaller urban areas that simply isn't the case. If you are comfortable and confident with branching out on your own, this may not be an issue for you. Although obviously most people wouldn't open their own business without having some experience first. I have seen a few contract/temp positions for paralegals so this may be a good place to start to obtain some experience. However I had student loans and bills to pay so unsteady contract work was not something I could feasibly do. 4. I shouldn't really comment on this point because I'm not sure that I know enough about it. I did mention some alternative career options above. It wouldn't be a bad idea to start working as a law clerk for example (like myself) and once you gain some experience you may feel more confident about branching out and possibly looking to open your own business. On the flip side, you may decide that it's not worth the risk to open up your own business and stay employed at a law firm with a steady salary and benefits. However it is important to note many law clerk positions (estates, real estate, family) require knowledge NOT covered in the paralegal curriculum. Even for general litigation clerk positions, your application may be rejected because they are looking for law-clerk specific education (I know I got one rejection for exactly this because I did not specifically have the law clerk diploma). Sorry if I went off on a tangent but a lot of people try to find employment as law clerks after graduating with the paralegal diploma when they see there aren't a lot of "paralegal" positions specifically, so I thought it was worth mentioning. Sorry if this post has a negative tone. I am not trying to be overly pessimistic, I am just writing this from the perspective of myself when I graduated the program, I guess it's just "Things I wish I knew". If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me.
  3. elleliz12

    Paralegal Exam - Prep Course

    Hey there, I wrote the licensing exam in October, and passed. I can't speak to the quality and/or usefulness of the prep courses out there for Paralegal licensing because I think they are fairly new. In my honest opinion, I think they are a money grab and aren't at all necessary for the exam. If you passed all of your courses and review the study materials from LSUC, you will be more than fine for the exam, trust me.
  4. elleliz12

    Feel pretty down!

    Hi there, I completed the Paralegal program after my 4 year BA. Whilst in the Paralegal program, I realized that I really wanted to go to law school. I applied this year but it doesn't look like law school is in the cards for me for this upcoming year. I plan on re-writing the LSAT next June and trying again the following year. Anyways - I don't think that taking a more practical program after a general degree is strange at all - not just because I did it, but many of my friends and co-workers have done the same. A university education is something great to have, but it gives you more soft skills not specific to one field or type of job. This is why many people choose to do something more practical and directly applicable from a college. If you are interested in the field of law, I think the paralegal program is a good option to give you some exposure to the field. However, I found that paralegal jobs are difficult to find - lots of the postings want previous experience which you obviously won't have coming right out of college. The paralegal field is very entrepreneurial based, which I was not aware of until I was about 3/4 done the program. I am currently working at a law firm as an assistant, and I know my paralegal diploma helped me get this position. I've worked here for a bit and it has definitely kept me motivated to pursue law school in the future. I don't know if I went off on too much of a tangent and veered from your question, I just wanted to give you my 2 cents about the program and career prospects. Good luck
  5. elleliz12

    Application Status on myUWindsor

    I wrote the Dec LSAT, and all of my information is listed as incomplete still. I'm assuming once my score is requested all the other information will be updated (I Hope)
  6. elleliz12

    Reference Letters still outstanding

    Each school is probably different, I would recommend contacting them and explaining your situation.
  7. elleliz12

    Reference Letters still outstanding

    When I called to ask, they told me to ask the referee to send the form and the letter by email.
  8. elleliz12

    Reference Letters still outstanding

    I just contacted them and they told me to tell my referee to email it. It seems like we are all getting different answers..
  9. elleliz12

    Reference Letters still outstanding

    Phew. Ok that makes me feel better. I will contact my referee and ask them to send the letter again. Good to know. Thanks!
  10. elleliz12

    "Currently outstanding" LOR

    I will call them tomorrow, since all my other documents have been received. Thank you
  11. elleliz12

    "Currently outstanding" LOR

    One of mine is still outstanding. I'm starting to get a little worried... :/
  12. elleliz12

    Reference Letters still outstanding

    I got an email for Windsor today too! good luck to all