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  1. Yes, they have approved the part time status. I am in the works of trying to get everything else sorted out. The suggestion was that I take out civil and constitutional in which case I am part time OR I take out foundations in which case my course load becomes 12/12 making me full time. Apparently foundations is not needed for second year…. Any disadvantages of not taking foundations?
  2. Hi Everyone, Question regarding part time and full time. It looks like if I want to take a reduced courseload in first year, I have to drop a "pair" of courses. As a result, it makes me a part time student and I can only take the other two courses in second year. Are there any disadvantages of being a part time student? Can you be part time in first year but then full time second year? I am also planning on taking a couple electives in the summer. Looking forward to your thoughts
  3. Thank you all the responses. I am going to be a student with the Office for Students with Disabilities and am in the process to get connected with them. i can't take 6 or 7 courses with my learning needs. So, they told me get settled with them and then Im suppose to meet with the dean the week of August 10 to get things approved. What Student affairs told me was that I would most likely take either 4 or 5 courses during the year and 2 or 3 in the summer. Has anybody done this?
  4. Hi everyone, Those who are in or are going into McGill law school, I wanted to ask you if you had any suggestions on how to go about taking a reduced course load with courses in the summer. I called the admissions office and they said to talk to the academic advising in the student affairs office. Have any of you taken a shortened course load, if so how did you go about it. Could you please let me know. Thanks!
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