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  1. Whether you take a full course load or take the summer course, it's unlikely that either will have any impact on your likelihood of acceptance. With regards to your first question, they will take the last 2 years available to them at the time. Once you have applied and subsequently finish a semester which hasn't been submitted to them, you're required to send it in to them and they'll evaluate it at that point.
  2. Thanks to those who inboxed, my question has been answered
  3. They said entrance scholarships were going to be sent out in late February, has anyone received any? You don't have to specify $amount if you don't want to, I just want to know if they awarded any yet.
  4. I'm interested in Western as one of my options, but I'm not really set on one field of law over any others just yet. I know "Pretty much every Canadian law school gives a stellar legal education", but I'm looking beyond the basics here. Thanks!!
  5. In on the 27th of November as well, cgpa: 3.1 l2: 3.4 LSAT: 170 Solid Ecs but nothing miraculous
  6. From what you've described I think you have a very solid chance, LSAT could be higher but I would still feel optimistic. A 162+ would seal the deal
  7. How about me? Cgpa: 3.05 L2: 3.41 LSAT:170 Queen's, Western
  8. I think you're stressing too small an issue, I can't foresee it being relevant at all.
  9. I cannot find any clear indication or prompts for UoA's personal statement. It just says a personal statement between 750-1000 words must be submitted. Am I missing something? Any direction or pointers would be appreciated. I know UofA's PS isn't the most critical part of the application, but I still want to be right on key.
  10. Lol no I don't even plan on bringing it up in my statement, it's not worth it compared to anything else you could write about that can add value. Yes there are a very small minority of super mathematically intelligent people who can smash straight 4's in sciences/math. However, who's really getting a 4.0 average? It may be easier to get a perfect GPA in some science courses (though many science courses are also heavily subjective, which people don't often recognize), but it's easier to get an 80+ in an arts course. But yeah that's just my 2 cents, thanks for the talk everyone!
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