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  1. If your intention is to be a paralegal as a fall back prior to attending law school you can get a bachelor of applied arts in paralegal studies (Humber college offers this) and then apply to law school. They only law school that will accept this type of degree (at least back in 2015) was Uwindsor and I believe osgoode. I went to Uwindsor with this type of degree.
  2. is the receipt of your Canadian JD contingent upon completion of the American JD (in other words are you able to enter the program and drop out of the American portion or be kicked out of the American program for having bad grades for example or drop out due to not being able to get a loan)? might be a silly question but I am genuinely curious.
  3. Thank you I am thankful that I got into at least one Canadian program to be honest.
  4. I've heard it is difficult to do so but it is possible. That would be something that I would like to do but I must be prepared just in case I am note able to transfer.
  5. Yes this is an option however I am hesitant due to the financial cost of spending another 5 years in school :S
  6. Yes they did and I think that is what happened unfortunately. Now the only program that I got into is the Dual JD at Windsor.
  7. No I only applied to schools that I contacted previously that would recognize my degree (Windsor and Queens) unfortunately I didn't get into queens of the single JD at Windsor
  8. I've been working in the legal field for 3 years (process server, assistant), lots of retail and customer services experience (of course needed to fund my undergrad) volunteered at a church for a few years, no publications but would for legal aid for criminal duty counsel, strong interest in access to justice. However it is important to note that I obtained my degree from a college (bachelor of applied arts four year program, a degree nonetheless). I am also a licensed paralegal.
  9. got accepted to the dual JD program but am concerned about the price. I am wondering what types of financial aid the schools offer (entry scholarships, bursaries, etc) I understand that OSAP does not provide funding and I would have to obtain a LOC from the bank but I am trying to lessen the cost as much as possible. I know for undergrad some schools (such as mine) had renewable entry scholarships that were awarded to everyone so long as a certain GPA is maintained just wondering if there is something similar for law school?? -poorlawschoolcandidate
  10. just got rejected via e-mail. LSAT 158 (only write) CGPA 3.9
  11. I e-mailed the school a month ago and was told the class was not yet full, I just called today and was told that the waitlist should be compiled by the end of this week
  12. I'm in the same boat, I just called University of Windsor and they assured me that once they receive the file back from the Detroit school a letter of acceptance will be provided on their end.
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