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  1. Oh man, here we go again on ls.ca with judging some rando into oblivion based off 2 posts. I'm not saying you're wrong @Diplock. Starting a business to fill a gap in your resume doesn't tend to work. Hell, starting a business generally doesn't tend to work. The numbers are against anyone. @chezjackie, don't be an idiot. You have worse odds right now than most people starting a business, and they have have bad odds already. But I'm not here to get into those probabilities. I just want to remind you that whether or not you succeed does not depend on your reputation here. It depends on luck, ingenuity and hard work. Just because you asked dumb questions here does not mean you are not capable of adapting and working hard. Don't forget that just because someone who has a grand reputation here has told you they have "serious concerns", whatever that means. This just touches a nerve because I know it can be easy to carry this kind of comment with you whether consciously or not. One more thing: I hate when people come to snap judgments with so little evidence. You posted two small posts in this thread. We can't even judge your demeanour of asking those questions.
  2. 1. No. 2. None of your business. 3. Don't do it. Edited: I was going to leave it there, but I felt bad. That said, abstractions (personal value? Rewarding?) can be worthless so I don't really know what you mean. Look, if you want a simple answer to the question of "what should I do with my life", then stop. The most successful people in law I know are people who knew what it is and did it anyway (e.g., clerks and assistants). So here's the best advice I have without all the navel gazing: be the weirdo who shadows a lawyer for a day (or week?). I could give you an answer here but you wouldn't believe me anyway if your heart is set on it so just try to experience it in some way. Think of it like moving to a new city. Best idea is to live there for a few weeks.
  3. No. Absolutely not. Your primary goal is getting good grades and converting interviews. That's like buying a $2,000 suit today because it would be useful as a partner.
  4. Second this. This ranking argument is getting annoying.
  5. I change my answer. If I could do anything with cars, I would do that. Just thought that opportunity had long gone. Idk if Mercedes Canada is trolling ls.ca but feel free to drop into my DMs.
  6. Try to own instead of work. It's exhausting to work all the time. Buy some real estate, maybe even a franchise or two of something proven, who knows. Anything to work less and earn more. I'm tired and broke, and it's embarrassingly early for that. Maybe that attitude will change once the loans are paid off. Who knows.
  7. Right. You do 12hrs a day usually but you hope that 7-8+ of that is billable.
  8. That was the whole point of the post!!!
  9. Just to put this in perspective: 250/30 (no weekends) is about 8h20 per day. 250/20 (weekends) is 12h30 per day. That's a lot considering not every minute is billable. On the other hand, those numbers are pretty normal for in-office time on Bay Street.
  10. Cryptic question but boy do I have an answer: social ease. What do you do? It's the easiest answer: "lawyer". No need to explain how you review basket weaving tutorials or even that you have some respectable but hard-to-define job like 'operations analyst at bank X'. It's like being married. Do you have a wife? The answer is a simple "yes". It's not, "I have a girlfriend [terminology cringe] but we've been off and on for 3 years and I don't know where she is right now." That's a pretty small benefit compared to the costs though lol.
  11. Do not read our recent cases. Do not read our recent cases. Please. Holy shit this is terrible advice. It's going to be the student person and someone who wasn't on that case. Please don't do this. Are you trolling me right now
  12. Can someone point me to this person's other posts to justify this? Why do we always resort to this nuclear button? It's a cheap trick. To be honest, Deadpool, I don't think you've worked on Bay Street if you think this. There are so many high-strung, fragile ego, anxiety-prone people there that I think they outnumber the zen people. To the contrary, that's why many of them are good at their jobs: they're terrified of risk. The clients pay us so they don't have to stay up all night worrying about whether their asses are covered. We'll do that for a competitive fee. On a broader point, there is no place for this comment with such little information. If OP is legal dynamite but suffers from some mild anxiety, then so what? You can work on that. You can improve. Hell, you can medicate. This is the opposite of the critical thinking a lawyer must bring to a situation. Maybe you should reconsider your career path if your thinking is this lazy.
  13. Sorry for the confusion. I was addressing the school's inconsistency, not you. Enjoy Ottawa!
  14. "Ryerson Law challenges the status quo to ensure that the lawyers of the future are equipped with the diversity of skills required to represent the needs of all Canadians" - RyHigh Law's website. looking at the fee, I don't think you're off to a good start.
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