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  1. Do not read our recent cases. Do not read our recent cases. Please. Holy shit this is terrible advice. It's going to be the student person and someone who wasn't on that case. Please don't do this. Are you trolling me right now
  2. Can someone point me to this person's other posts to justify this? Why do we always resort to this nuclear button? It's a cheap trick. To be honest, Deadpool, I don't think you've worked on Bay Street if you think this. There are so many high-strung, fragile ego, anxiety-prone people there that I think they outnumber the zen people. To the contrary, that's why many of them are good at their jobs: they're terrified of risk. The clients pay us so they don't have to stay up all night worrying about whether their asses are covered. We'll do that for a competitive fee. On a broader point, there is no place for this comment with such little information. If OP is legal dynamite but suffers from some mild anxiety, then so what? You can work on that. You can improve. Hell, you can medicate. This is the opposite of the critical thinking a lawyer must bring to a situation. Maybe you should reconsider your career path if your thinking is this lazy.
  3. Sorry for the confusion. I was addressing the school's inconsistency, not you. Enjoy Ottawa!
  4. "Ryerson Law challenges the status quo to ensure that the lawyers of the future are equipped with the diversity of skills required to represent the needs of all Canadians" - RyHigh Law's website. looking at the fee, I don't think you're off to a good start.
  5. I'm not sure you got the point of the thread. Seemed like someone had a confusing emotion and just wanted to share. I can't criticize how people feel, but I certainly agree that you have more control over how you react. With that being said, the quoted section above really resonates with me. This thread confused me at first. I didn't feel like OP was ill-suited to law or immature, I felt like OP might be missing out. I go out of my way to do the maximum the LSO will allow an articling student. That's not because I have some character trait that looks good in a job interview. It's because being in the action is so much more fun. It reminds me of playing poker online for fake money versus playing a cash game with your friends. You may lose but you also get to win sometimes, and that feels a lot better when something's on the line. If you a won a mooting trophy, then good for you. But getting a real win, even in a small claims matter, feels a lot better (you just improved someone's life in a very real way!). I don't think you have to be born "wanting the ball". Sometimes, you just have to remember you don't always drop the ball. Sometimes something good happens. Those are the moments I'm living for.
  6. Lol I swear this happens once a week on here. Someone has a bona fide problem. Someone else ups the ante somehow. - find undergrad tough? Wait until law school. - find law school tough? Wait until practice. - find articling tough? Wait until you're an associate. - find being an associate tough? Wait until you have a kid while being an associate. P.s., articling is OK compared to school. The TTC? Fuck that.
  7. This will be tough but not impossible. Employers tend to know and therefore trust Canadian law schools. I haven't talked to anyone who has been to an Irish law school outside exchange. That said, you may be able to find someone who understands what an Irish law degree represents. For example, look at firm websites to see if anyone else took this path, or if anyone went on exchange to an Irish school. If someone has gone to an Irish school, reach out. They may either give you a chance after meeting a few times or give you tips on how to break in (the latter being directed at people who graduated from an Irish school). Good luck!
  8. I feel like this was misinterpreted and that was probably my fault. Talking about the Raptors' offence strategy superficially is a bad idea, but I find that making a general comment about the Kawhi deal or the Raptors winning is harmless banter that avoids awkward breaks. Just don't pretend you know what you don't. That's not a winning strategy.
  9. It's more about what you shouldn't talk about haha. Avoid politics, sex or religion unless you're 100% confident you both hate Trudeau. Here's an acronym for small talk questions: FORM (family, occupation, recreation and motivation). Motivation refers to why they do what they do. For example, "what got you interested in insurance defence?" Before getting into the FORM questions, try to find something in the environment to comment on to start the conversation. For example, "isn't this spread of crab cakes great?" A few more tips: Download the sports net app and read a few articles. I swear only 10% of people actually like sports, but it's so accessible that it's great conversation material. The weather has been a conversation opener in Canada since Champlain's time. Shop talk is great but don't gossip at other people's expense. It'll come back to haunt you.
  10. Don't see this often. 1. You're trying to be a lawyer but aren't doing any research. 2. Came to an online forum for legal advice despite that being against the rules.
  11. Yeah, try all those ones: foodora, doordash, ubereats, skipthedishes. The financial district is a ghost town at night. You can get better tasting/healthier/sometimes cheaper food delivered.
  12. First, they're not outlines. They're like a horn book (I think that's the term?). What do you need it for
  13. Not really a thing I have found in Canada. Here's a better idea: ask an upper year once you arrive or go to your law school's website and see if they post them there. Those will be better btw because they account for the professor. If you want an outline of the law, then use the Irwin law series. Those are great for getting an overview.
  14. I thought OLE was a mess - questions were mostly too easy imo. I thought Emond used unnecessarily wordy questions. There weren't any double negative questions on the real thing. That being said, the value of knowing how to navigate your TOC and index cannot be overstated.
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