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  1. If this is for SLOC I used the acceptance letter that was emailed to us with my student ID and I got approved
  2. I have a 3.4/3.65/161 and got into Queen's in Feb. Your L2 is way higher so I would say 160+ would put you in good shape.
  3. haha no I was general, but I would argue that my EC's/References are way above average which is what probably did it
  4. I have 3.4/3.65/161 and got into Queens mid Feb (accepted right away so didnt hear from other schools after) - so you definently have a good shot depending on your LSAT!
  5. I was referred in mid-late November and got waitlisted either late January or early Feb .. I forget when exactly
  6. I got waitlisted at Windsor, accepted to Queens on Feb 16, firm accepted 3 days ago - up until then I didn't hear back from any other school (Ottawa, Dal, Western) Congrats on the LSAT! I am sure you will hear good news soon! I would be patient until the April 1 deadline though since a lot of seats will open up when it hits
  7. I'm bringing my family - 3 guests
  8. Thank you for your response I appreciate it! I would prefer not to live in a "student ghetto" house, as I lived in pretty awful conditions during my undergrad. What would be the average price range for places, that you or people you know have had? I would like roommates, so 2-3 bedroom places? Just so I don't look for places that are way above average
  9. I recently got into Queens with every aspect of my stats lower than yours - 3.4/3.65/161
  10. I still have about $2,000 to pay back OSAP and will be attending law school this September
  11. I have 3.65 l2 (OLSAS)/161 and have not heard anything yet ontario resident
  12. That is a very good point and I am sure that has a lot do with it. I am glad to hear that I won't have a problem finding a roommate(s) for 1L. I do have a couple of friends still in their undergrad I could possibly live with, I am just hesitant because they are in their 5th year and I can only imagine how much they will want to party. Thanks for the response, I appreciate it!
  13. May as well just continue this housing thread. I got an email about Housing facts and noticed that 42% of law students live alone. I would much prefer a roommate(s), but is there a reason why such a high percentage live alone? Typically single bedrooms are the most expensive, which is a big reason for me of why I want roommates (I'd also like the company). But maybe people do it because of privacy? or is there another reason? Essentially what I am asking is for future students, what are your plans/thoughts on this? and for current students what is your experience with roommates/living alone? I'll be looking for places to live soon it would be nice to hear input on this!
  14. I received an email about where law students live, and it mentioned nothing about residence. It says only 3% of students are in Queen's owned housing, so I think its fair to say they don't have a Law Residence.
  15. Just got it! Was not expecting to hear this early 3.4/3.65/161
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