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  1. It's my conservative estimate on the money my business will have earned (cash generated by my business) on all files I will have completed within the 365 days after opening the business. It doesn't account for ongoing files which I have money in trust for.
  2. I am in my first year of call as a criminal defence lawyer in Ontario. I carry some civil/administrative files as well. I have essentially zero overhead. My largest expense is loan repayment, and an accountant who holds my hand through the stuff I have no knowledge of. I know you asked about compensation in firms, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people (have to) hang their own shingle if they're serious about criminal defence work. So I figured that was implicit in your question. To that end, I can indicate that my projections for billings in my first calendar year of practice is going to be, approximately, $30,000. It seems now that I am getting significantly more work than at the start as well so it's likely that this is a conservative estimate. I would say that it's a split 50/50 between referrals and generating my own business. So not exactly what you asked, but at least relevant.
  3. There were 12 articling students in criminal law in my city when I articled last year. 6 of those were advertised. So write a good cover letter, show commitment/dedication more than anything. But you would be equally well served by getting involved and essentially creating your own articling position (which necessarily wouldn't need a cover letter when your work does all the talking).
  4. Be okay with not meeting your personal goals. One of my greatest mechanisms for succeeding in law school (i.e. at or above average in most classes) was being okay with not meeting my own personal expectations (or, lets face it, the teacher's academic expectations of my work). Law school is full of people who have almost exclusively been successful at things they try. They're all high achievers. Then, when something doesn't go their way, they start to blame people: "Instructions weren't clear on an assignment", "The question on the exam wasn't actually covered in class." That type of stuff. Obviously, not everyone, but law school is full of them. When one blames other things or people for their own failure, they take nothing from it. Set high goals for yourself. Don't be solemn or accusatory when you don't reach them.
  5. Wow. Saves something like a 2-3 week wait. Now I can apply for LAO panels.
  6. The LSO told me that a message will be released on the 28th through the licensing account.
  7. Wait.. Which one is spot on? Boutiques do the bulk of the work? Or the big Bay firms do? I'm absolutely willing to concede my point to someone with firsthand knowledge.
  8. Your last sentence is key, I think. All SCC cases. I could be wrong, but I don't think many of these big groups are taking on cases before they're pumped full of money from interest groups to fund appellate litigation. But... Again... I only have limited experience here.
  9. I'm speaking from perception, because I don't work in the area. But, it seems to me that the 'Bay' firms usually represent the corporate interests in disputes. Smaller boutique firms are the ones who actually provide the advocacy for indigenous groups (again, my perception, not first-hand knowledge). You're in Ottawa I believe (or will be). Cynthia Westaway's outfit exclusively practices in this area.
  10. If I were in your position I would only consider the potential impact on family. Missing on social opportunities is likely to be negligible. If there's no classes, there's no stuffy wine and cheese mixer you just absolutely have to go to if you want to get in to the corporate/big law game. I don't have a kid. I can imagine that moving from the GTA and being away from my partner just for online classes would feel hollow though. I can't pretend to know about what responsibilities there are to look after a kid - but if I were stuck holding the reins on that one while my partner moved away I don't think it would sit well. That's a tough one to balance. You also have the option of waiting for the very best possible housing option. You don't need to move at the beginning of September. There's nothing preventing you from a late October of December move.
  11. For the whole first year group? I thought Legal Research wasn't curved (just based on memory). And anything on your transcripts would, I suspect, just be your group - not the whole cohort.
  12. Does Mallet still teach con law? She gets a real bad rap around here. Probably because when she teaches its the first time most of the first-year students are challenged by a teacher in class for having an asinine response. Personally I really liked her - she knew her stuff.
  13. You sure do. Unless in the past year since I left there was a big change. No outside faculty members have offices there. But several faculties use the classroom space. Take a look at the sheets of paper outside the doors and see who has the time booked. I was lead to believe that the current Social Sciences Building was built years ago to house the law faculty. But, since the old social sciences building was condemned during the period that the new building was erected, it went to that faculty. It's a very nice building. That's like 5th hand knowledge though. Who knows if it was actually intended to go to the law school.
  14. This might be a bit of a more elementary aspect to criminal law, but something I'm interested in: maybe a brief video on eye-witness identification evidence/in-dock ID's (and accompanied prejudice)/recognition versus identification. Also interested in the use of documentary evidence briefly being shoehorned in to your hearsay exceptions, if there's time.
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