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  1. Happy to help Also - this isn’t articling but there is an initiative called the National Canadian Lawyers’ Initiative that was started by a group of junior lawyers/law students during Covid-19. They aim to help small businesses and anyone else who needs legal help by matching law students / new law grads, even recent calls with more experienced lawyers to mentor them and work on cases. It’s pro bono work but working on a project like that will help you strengthen your resume and make connections with lawyers who might just be willing to take an articling student on after working with you. This is the website: https://natcanlaw.com/ Also - if there are more senior lawyers here who would like to step in and become a mentor at NCLI and lend a few hours of their time, please reach out. If you want you can DM me and I can get you in touch with them or you can contact them directly through the details on their web page
  2. I'm not sure if you are a member of the facebook group lawjobexchange but they post legal opportunities there that includes articling. If you're not a member, it's worth it to join. I just saw someone post this one: Keswick, Donnell Law Group is looking for an articling student to start sooner rather than later! We are a multi-service firm that runs like a family! If you are interested please email your cover letter, resume, and transcripts to [email protected]!
  3. Does anyone here do / know of anyone who does public procurement law? If so, what type of work do you do (e.g. example of a file you may handle), do you find the work interesting, and do you think there is a demand for it in this market?
  4. Friend of mine did insurance defence work for their articles and got hired as in house counsel in a completely unrelated field as a new call. I think it’s all about selling yourself, so you should definitely give it a shot.
  5. I’m wondering whether asking for 70k for a first year associate position at a (very) small midtown Toronto firm is reasonable. The firm practices in real estate, corporate, and wills and estate law. Since the current market seems to have forced firms to reduce associate salaries, I am finding it hard to gauge what a fair salary is. If the consensus is that it isn’t reasonable, what should I aim for?
  6. My first instinct would be to call the law society too, but then I would worry that by complaining to the law society, the principal would be bitter towards me and possibly try and find ways to take it out on me. What about emailing your principal first and telling them your concerns, and and then saying something like if you would like, I can reach out to the LSO to see what their recommendations are during this (unprecedented) scenario? Just lightly reminding them that they have obligations to fulfil under the LSO and if not, you’re not afraid to complain. It could seem like a thinly veiled threat, but you’ve then given them the (subtle) heads up. It might force them to actually come up with a plan for you to finish articles, which is what they should be doing, anyway. Feel free to say this is a dumb suggestion by the way, I’m just throwing out an idea.
  7. Thanks very much, that also helps. The real estate lawyers I’ve been networking with told me that residential real estate is very different from commercial real estate. So I was under the impression that I should specifically look for commercial real estate work. But at this point I need experience and so maybe looking for solicitor work at any real estate firm will bring across some commercial deals.
  8. That gives me hope. I like smaller boutique firms, and have no plans right now to go for a bigger firm. So that works out. Many thanks!
  9. Thanks for your reply Deadpool! I think my post wasn’t clear though - I should have clarified it a bit more. I want to get into solicitor work in commercial real estate - the transactional side rather than the litigation side. But since I don’t have that experience and have mostly litigation experience, I’m worried I won’t be hired. Most firms seem to want at least a bit of transactional experience. At least that’s the trend I have been seeing so far. If there are/you know of commercial real estate lawyers working on the solicitor side that were hired with a minimum amount of experience, that would give me some hope. I just want to know what my chances are of getting hired, and if there are any strategies (e.g. things I can do) to show my interest in it so I can become a more competitive candidate. Thanks!
  10. I articled in a boutique commercial real estate law firm, but received more experience in litigation vs. solicitor work. I’m interested in solicitor work, but the particular firm I articled at didn’t have much work to give me except in litigation. I have some experience in drafting commercial leases, a residential agreement of purchase and sale, and other commercial agreements (e.g licenses and telecommunication access agreements) and I assisted in title review of a large commercial deal - but that’s about it. I’ve been applying for associate positions for awhile, but they all want 2-3 years of transactional experience. Should I give up and focus on applying for litigation jobs (where I have more experience)? Does anyone have experience being hired in commercial real estate with minimum experience? I’d really appreciate some insight into this from anyone with experience in commercial real estate. I’ve been networking, and the firm I articled at gave me good reference letters, but they’re not really willing to go the extra mile and refer me to contacts they know of (and I’ve asked / hinted). So now I’m wondering if I should give up the search and apply for litigation positions, even though practicing in commercial real estate is my dream. Any advice?
  11. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Con Law II with Peter Oliver. It appears that I may have to switch from my fall Con Law II class (taught by Larry Chartrand) to the Winter one taught by Peter Oliver. The only info I can gain on him is on ratemyprof and both reviews weren't encouraging. One said it's hard to know his expectations for the course and that he is a hard grader; the other said he lacks structure and he has trouble conveying info in an interesting way. I got into the Environmental Law clinic and I really want to participate in the clinic, but for some reason they scheduled Con Law II, which is a required course, and the clinic at the same time. And the other two fall con law classes were full from the very beginning and I couldn't get in. So any info on Peter Oliver's class is appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Thanks GTM39 and TheScientist101 for the replies! I guess I will look at how my first term of 1L is going and then decide. I wouldn't want to overwhelm myself and then have to make the decision of whether to stop working once it's too late.
  13. I was wondering how realistic it is to have a part time job while in law school? Has anyone done this/ is anyone planning to? It looks like i'll need to take on a student line of credit in addition to OSAP as it doesn't look like OSAP will cover everything for me, so am looking at ways that I can reduce my debt load - hence the part time job question. Speaking of student lines of credit, can anyone recommend a bank / have any experience with student lines of credit? I've been looking up Scotiabank and they seem to have a pretty good interest rate (prime rate + 0.5%), although most of the major banks don't seem to differ much in what they offer.
  14. Ah, that makes sense if there is less selection available for French Common Law students. I wouldn't mind at all if there were a few phrases here and there in French that I can learn, but the idea of taking a whole class in French with me having no prior knowledge of it worried me. Nutty, building up my French really is a good idea as being bilingual would definitely be of advantage especially in Ottawa, so I'm definitely going to make an effort in that area. I'm going to call admissions tomorrow and inquire as to whether they made a mistake. Thanks for all your help everyone! Will let you know if/when I get an answer.
  15. Hi all, Thank you all for replying! Yes, I was definitely accepted to the English Common Law program. It says so both on acceptance package as well as the email. But within the package when detailing the admission and registration processes it has that statement. I'm puzzled as to why.
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