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  1. JSB

    Does # of articling students matter?

    I can only speak from my experience at a mid-size firm in a mid-size city (10 - 15 lawyers), so please take this with a grain of salt. Our firm only hires students when they want to hire them on as associates. Of course, this does not guarantee you a job after articles by any means, but it does make it very likely that if they liked you enough during articles, you'll get a permanent position as an associate. I can't speak as to whether the firm with 2 articling students you've described won't hire both of you or what their motives are, but I can say that a firm that only hires on 1 student likely only has the resources for 1, and as such, will probably only want to invest in you if they want to hire you specifically.
  2. I have no idea what they're actually looking for, but I was accepted a few years ago with lots of customer service/serving experience (including working throughout undergrad and always having 2+ jobs each summer), as well as experience working for the BC Government, and finally as a legal assistant in the gap year I had between undergrad and law school. I think your work and volunteer experience sound great - however, I do not work for U of C nor do I really know what they were looking for, either.
  3. JSB

    Networking for OCIs

    I know this is an older thread, but just out of curiosity for myself and anyone else in a similar situation, how did things turn out for you? I hope that isn't too forward or brash to ask; I'm just in a bit of a similar situation (for the Van market as well) and am looking for stories of hope
  4. JSB

    Residence Building

    I highly recommend Crowsnest for 1L. It's good to get acquainted with the city and meet other law friends. And I agree with making sure you get a room with lots of sunlight (if that's important to you)!
  5. I completely agree with this sentiment. I'm a 0L enrolled in UofC for this upcoming fall and I have to say that reasons for why I want to attend UofC specifically were quite sparse in my ps. I dedicated the majority of it to explaining personal circumstances that not only made me want to practice law, but why the events and hardships (for lack of a better word) I've been through have changed me and shaped my overall perspective in life. I discussed how this evolved perspective caused me to make certain changes in my life, and influenced the path of my undergrad, volunteer opportunities, and other life choices. I also discussed how this perspective could potentially carry me into the future, and how a JD would best allow me to achieve these goals and maximize my agency in positively impacting my community. That being said, if you've lived a fairly sheltered life and feel as though there is not much for you to discuss in that sense, I wouldn't panic. I think that as long as you show your interest in law, discuss the hard work/sacrifices you've made thus far to get where you are, and how you would use your JD to better society (I do not mean go into detail about what specific area of law you want to practice - I would advise against doing that altogether), you should be fine. Try your best not to overthink it - I think that doing a rough draft (or 5) will help you feel it all out so you can see what direction you might want to go with this. Feel free to pm me if you need a hand at all!
  6. JSB

    Ask an Upper Year!

    I remember hearing somewhere that U of C was one of the first Canadian law schools to implement non-100% test courses. What does the average course consist of in terms of graded material? I would imagine it being different for every class, but is there a rough ratio of tests to assignments?
  7. JSB

    Ask an Upper Year!

    Ohhh, okay. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I know for me it was very similar in undergrad - we'd all usually meet at the campus pub after an exam if we had time, and it was always a tad scary if everyone else came to a completely different conclusion than you did on an essay question or something.
  8. JSB

    Ask an Upper Year!

    Interesting. Why might it be good to avoid the student lounge before and after exams? I'm assuming that has something to do with people discussing what they think they did or didn't get on exams which maybe led to some tension amongst students?
  9. JSB

    Ask an Upper Year!

    I have a bit of a random question in regards to what is already being discussed here, but I figure this would be the perfect thread for it. Is there anything (big or small) that anyone in the upper years regrets not doing in their first year? I'm starting in September and, like most people I'm sure, I want to be super involved and engaged to get the most out of my experience at U of C. On the same note, is there anything that you did during first year that you wish you hadn't?
  10. JSB

    Accepted 2016

    They told me in March that they'd get back to me with my index by the end of April/early May, and after contacting them a week ago (in early May), they said they would get to me by the end of May. I'm already accepted and going somewhere else (happily), but my curiosity is getting the better of me I guess.
  11. JSB

    Life in Calgary

    I'm more of a deep red kind of person, but I feel like we will all get along just the same in our sobriety-optional events and elsewhere
  12. JSB

    Life in Calgary

    That's so kind of you! Thanks so much! I'll be living in Crowsnest Hall this year so I probably won't be in town until a few days before class, but I would love to meet up with a bunch of people from this site before classes start because everyone seems to be so helpful and awesome! Hopefully that's a good sign that the rest of our class will be just as friendly hahaha
  13. JSB

    Life in Calgary

    Wow, thanks so much! Good to know. I am more of a craft beer/wine person myself, so I'm glad the pub scene is decent.
  14. JSB

    Life in Calgary

    Awesome, thanks so much for the reply! Very informative. This is kind of what I was expecting with Calgary in regards to culture and whatnot. I had heard very similar things from others. Still, the whole food thing is surprising because even here in Kamloops we have some top notch sushi, ramen and Indian places that really stand out from anywhere else I've tried. I did hear that Calgary has some pretty sweet Greek/Italian import shops though, so not all hope is lost.