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  1. Got the call this morning around 11! cGPA: 3.51 LSAT: 176
  2. cGPA 3.52 LSAT 176 There's a lot of debate here but I'm most interested in UofT so I think I'm a splitter seeing as I exceed their median LSAT but fall pretty short of their median GPA Thoughts on U of T chances?
  3. I'm quoting myself here and I know this is for Ontario schools but could anyone shed some light on my chances at top US schools (HYS) I'm assuming my GPA holds me back quite a bit.
  4. CGPA: 3.52 B2: 3.62 B1: 3.86 LSAT: 176 I'm looking at U of T and Osgoode. Thanks!
  5. FWIW, over at reddit.com/r/lsat the moderator said he talked to someone from LSAC and that speculating on experimental sections was fine.
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