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  1. Hmm. I found it to be difficult but nothing really unexpected. Part 1 was more difficult for me than part 2, but Public law was kind of killer. I read prof resp a few times so rarely had to look up stuff for it and that saved me a lot of time. That said, I was more comfortable with these subjects than I am with the solicitor material... not excited for this next test...
  2. Has anyone heard anything yet? I think I may be close this year...
  3. cGPA 3.43, L2 is somewhere around 3.71 I think, 162 LSAT. I sent it to [email protected] It took them 4 days to reply to me saying some blanket type answer like "you will be notified if you receive an acceptance" and then 1 week later I was accepted.. Could just be a coincidence, but I'm not sure! Good luck.
  4. Further to twinsfindme's post - I emailed Queen's saying how I was really interested in hearing from the school and had my offer the same week. I ended up declining for another school the other day- hope the spot goes to another ls.ca-er!
  5. Accepted this morning!! Stats for those interested: 3.43; 3.7; 162 LSAT. now to choose between Queen's and Western...
  6. I have definitely heard of this in Ontario - Fanshawe and Western have a couple bridging programs (however, the only one I can think of at the moment is Nursing).
  7. No, it will become firm somewhere around July 2. At least that's my understanding!
  8. I know, I am not even admitted to Queen's yet and I filled it out because I wanted to have my bases covered. I don't understand why it was so hard to find / there is little information about it on the website. With Western they sent around that email with a link so you knew ahead of time.
  9. My understanding is that the Ontario government is eliminating the tuition and textbook credit to make funding available - I'm wondering how this will affect law students and if we will be unable to benefit from the new changes to OSAP or the old tax credit. I only make the point because I know of a 2015 call who was telling me how he will likely have a huge income tax return this year (over 15k) that he plans on putting against his debt. It would suck to slip through the cracks while the changes take place...
  10. I applied for the Queen's law bursary (to start 1L in the fall), it was due on February 15. I know they were still accepting applications for a little while but it may be firmly closed now. ** edit: I checked on their website and they are still accepting bursary applications, here is a link: 2016-2017 Faculty of Law Admission Bursary Application.
  11. I will be starting school in the fall and some schools in Ontario take into consideration whether you have existing debt in assessing whether to grant you a bursary. From my knowledge, they aren't huge amounts in the grand scheme of things (I believe around $2,000) so I would keep this in mind. I have taken a year off and am making the minimum monthly payments as the grace period has ended and the payments will freeze when I start school again even though I can afford to pay off all my OSAP debt from earnings.. I figure it is better to have the money in the bank and pay the low interest fees. Not sure if I can answer any other part of your post!
  12. I have really similar stats - cGPA 3.43, L2 3.71 and a 162 - wanted to bump this post to see chances before April 1... Thanks!
  13. I know right! OLSAS has some awesome stuff floating around on their website, even thought it's not always easy to find.
  14. Check this out from OLSAS: http://www.ouac.on.ca/statistics/law-school-application-statistics/
  15. None of my offers have showed up and I received my first offer on Dec 10... I wonder how long it will take. Only Ottawa stated that it would take a few days to appear on SAM, however, I assume all of the schools operate in the same way.... Not sure if I should be calling OLSAS at this point...
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