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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I am taking all this info into consideration.
  2. I'm going to be applying for a 2016-2017 start. One year between now and then
  3. I've been working within the financial industry, taking on large projects that represent the face of the company. My resume would show a gradual increase in responsibility each year. I've also been helping out a family run business during the weekends. I would not define my job role as having a major relevancy to law school or legal practice in general. Also, thank you Lawstudent1, I have browsed that sub-forum. Going forward, I am leaning towards taking additional credits, at the university, this upcoming September 2015 to improve my GPA for a September 2016 application.
  4. Hello, I just discovered this website recently. I am looking to get advice on my situation below. Next September (2016) I will be able to apply to Law School as a mature student. My current stats are as follows: CGPA: 2.5 (4 years honors degree) L2GPA: 2.7 LSAT: 170 For Canada, I am too late to apply to Law School for this upcoming September. However, I did apply to the UK and have been accepted to one of their schools for an undergrad Law program for this coming September 2015. My question / advice that I am looking for is that would I be better off accepting the UK law school for this upcoming September (2015) or do I have a reasonable chance to apply to Law School in Canada for next September (2016) as a mature student? I have been working for the five years after my undergrad and I do wish to practice law in Canada. Thank you for any and all advice / recommendation.
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