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  1. Actually, in Dutch you meant to say: eigenlijk ik denk dat ze zijn retorische vragen en ik ben een arrogante anaal
  2. People call me a troll. Launch several personal attacks. And are generally immature, arrogant, and stupid. I don't let them off and somehow I've got issues. And the point about what I said to you is that this is part of the problem. If you are a lawyer or you are studying to be one... you just keep demonsrating the issue: the know-it-all attitude. Because you learned something others can't learn it or haven't learned it or don't know it. Yes, Diplock, I know about Professional Corporations and the Legal Profession Act (Law Society Act) and the Business Corporations Act and the Partnership Act and the bylaws, rules and regulations that govern the practice of law... and how much of these core Acts... and why LLPs are formed and the requirements for lawyers and paralegals to start practicing and blah blah. Obviously omph doesn't, yet the smug attitude he has...
  3. For the fuckchop omph... who's disappeared... or any other fuckchop on here... here's some fun rhetorical questions on the subject we've been talking about (we'll keep these questions within the arm of the jurisdiction of Ontario): Are all Lawfirms LLPs? Are some Lawfirms Corporations? Can one lawyer or paralegal form a LLP? What is the purpose for forming a LLP regarding praciting law? What jurisdiction do LLPs and corporations fall under for our purposes here?
  4. You assume I didn't know this: more of those faulty assumptions. Why do you think I included paralegals in the question in the first place...
  5. If people like Homer come on these boards and say and contribute nothing to an already misinformed and misguided crew of trolls, it just adds to an already large pile of emotional and useless detritus.
  6. Do everyone a favour. Shut the fuck up. I'm Ryn. I'm a sociopath and nobody likes me.
  7. Ah... good, I'm glad you said this. Ok, so let's make this simpler because I can see that you're struggling. Let's take a person A and B in Ontario. A is a lawyer and B is a paralegal. They want to practice law. What do they need to do to start practicing law?
  8. Don't worry, it won't. I'm just going to show him what a fucking useless idiot he is.
  9. As for you fuckchop, let's play. Don't worry, we'll get to Lawyers and Doctors and distance ed. Let's start... What do you do for work?
  10. Whoa. Geeeze. Ahhh. Whoa. Sounds about right coming out of your mouth. Gibberish.
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