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  1. My exact sentiments. But how would the LSO know? Do we have to send them an email? They basically left us in the dark in regards to the actual date, allowed our firms to make hireback/start date decisions, and then changed it up through a random email at 9a.m. on a Saturday.
  2. The June call is a rolling call that can last "several weeks after June 10", into July.
  3. I’ve heard rumors of bleak numbers from cassels and Blaney can anyone confirm
  4. Anyone know the start dates for these firms who have announced hireback?
  5. I'm sorry but I truly do not understand how someone can call the Ontario bar exam a joke. It's far from a joke. Yes, it's not as hard as certain states, but that does not make it a joke. It's draining to sit there and read through all those pages for the ~1.5 months you get to study (if you write both in June). It's hard to get a solid grasp on every single concept in those materials in that timeframe. Is it very doable? Yes. Is it a joke? No. I would never tell someone about to study for the bar that it's a joke. It's very doable, but requires a lot of work and dedication. It's a grind more than anything.
  6. There tends to be an uptick in insurance litigation during a recession due to fraudulent claims.
  7. Good news is that the Superior Court is Justice will rolling out virtual courts shortly. That’ll keep litigation files moving and give some articling students their appearances back! I’m happy the courts are making the change to electronic means
  8. My apologies, I failed to consider a May end date. However, would you not be able to work until you were called regardless? (Unless you were granted an extension of articles, however we seem to be talking about actual lawyer work) Regardless that would bring you to a beginning of July (or end of June) start date, but that still would make it so from the end of May to post call where you cannot work as a lawyer anyways, no? I’m just trying to grasp a firms decision to lay one off when, for at least two months from the end of articles to post-call, you cannot work as a “lawyer” anyways
  9. Are you saying that someone was offered hireback, signed the contract, and were told they will be laid off as soon as articling ends? Or were they were just told that they would be hired back in passing? Regardless, is that not how things go? You article until June 8. You stop working. You get called late June. You start work again late August?
  10. Mid sized lit firm. At the moment we are fine.
  11. My firm is mid-sized (35+ lawyers). All assistants are to work from home
  12. Yes. If you are able to muster up a past exam with an A answer, mould a pre-write to that and you will be good to go. Source: me in 3L
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