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  1. On a brighter note, the LSO finally emailed us with an update that was empathetic (included an excerpt below). Really glad that they're talking about holding a ceremony after this ordeal is over
  2. I see day 15 of social distancing is going well on this forum
  3. One bedroom. Its absolutely worth the money. You're going to spend a LOT of time in that apartment during exam times - do yourself a favor and give yourself a separate area to study in from where you relax. Also, the price point is actually fantastic.
  4. Sorry, yes - I should have clarified this. I reviewed a number of files which had reduced course loads, and I don't remember a single time where that raised a red flag for me. If someone had been taking - let's say - two courses a year. I'd have wanted an explanation for why. If an explanation was given and it was sufficient (medical reasons? financial hardship? significant involvement in student government?**), I'd be satisfied. **high threshold for this one.
  5. Nope. If you take something super low, it might raise a flag. But taking a reduced course load is quite normal, tbh.
  6. The RSVP may say "business casual" but the event ends up being so formal in terms of clothing. The year I went, it was nothing but suit & ties for the guys. I'm not great at women's clothing, so I can't comment there.
  7. It's not statistically different enough to matter between a 3.46 and a 3.52, I'm afraid. But the L2 would be an asset - upward trends are considered. Hi Koramayo, Stories like yours do come by Oz and mitigating factors are considered. Your 3.35 GPA could be offset by the L2 and the experiences you mentioned above. What worries me here is the LSAT score. It can be offset if the committee decides that you would be a valuable addition to the Osgoode community, but it's borderline. I did recommend acceptances for individuals who have gone through challenging circumstances, but each case is different and it's hard to compare them. FWIW - I don't think you're out of the running. It'll just depend on the full extent of your application.
  8. 100 a session?? Jesus. I'm going to agree with just going with Yoni instead, he's phenomenal.
  9. No, it does not include the subway. The buses are a different problem as they have to cross the picket lines on the roads. It was more of an issue during the 2015 strike than the 2018 strike (subway wasn't finished yet) Folks - I'm going to agree with healthlaw here. Osgoode is a fantastic school and I wouldn't let this deter you. You will likely be fine - admin also put in a commendable amount of effort to accommodate students.
  10. 2018 was fine. They didn't close down the school, but did make the lectures available. You have the choice to pass/fail courses (for the life of me, i can't remember if it's pass/fail the semester or individual courses. Can someone else from my year confirm?) Basic idea is that you didn't need to cross the picket line if you didn't want to. You could also defer your exams until after the strike ended. Tbh life went on. It wasn't ideal, but it wasn't a show stopper by any measure. The big difference here is that the subway allows for students to get on campus regardless.
  11. I liked it. I was able to show Osgoode to my parents and learn a bit more about the school i was going to attend. It's non essential and does play a role with the undecided applicants, but I do think that it was worthwhile.
  12. It's not really "waves". Oz has more of a rolling admissions process, you'll end up with a larger number of admissions being pushed at the end of every month, but reviews are always happening.
  13. I loved living at Passy. YMMV but at the very least, it's worth the cost for first year.
  14. Give them a call. It won't affect you negatively and you'll get an answer
  15. This is done by L&L, the student union. I'd expect early next year. If it isn't done by then, message the mods of the 2021 group and ask them to put one up
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