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  1. Honestly, include it. This seems completely fine
  2. Just on this note generally - Osgoode DOES NOT have an auto-rejection number. Every file is reviewed by someone on the team and if there are compelling reasons as to why you had a sub 3.0 GPA, they will be considered. This doesn't mean that a 2.8 GPA individual has an amazing shot of getting in, but the process really is holistic and mitigating factors can be considered. There are also no definitions/ranges. The "high GPA" may be true to an extent - something above a 3.7 is obviously looked at more favorably than, let's say, a 3.2. But never during my time at Oz did we base anything off of any preset ranges. I could go into this further but frankly, it's not really necessary.
  3. Going to help Ryn out when I can. I have the same experiences as them. The review teams do not have the previous files, but we can request the information from admin if we needed it. Practically speaking though, the scenario you're worrying about will not happen. It's quite rare for us to look at your previous application. That being said I've always been of the opinion that you should tell the committee about your experiences. No reason to remove them IMHO
  4. Well this is too late, sorry about the delay. Mccamus is supposed to be good but restitution is considered to a pretty difficult course.
  5. Call the admissions office. You should be okay but just check before you make decisions based on this forum
  6. Yeah, CLASP doesn't really consider grades heavily when looking at applications. They do look over them, but your experience, CV and interview play in much more. A "C" doesn't mean that you'll be a bad fit for legal aid work or that you'll be a bad advocate - bit different if your transcript is all Cs. I know of multiple scenarios where students with higher grades were passed over for students with a better overall profile (including ones with Cs). In terms of sheer number of applications, CLASP is usually very competitive and gets most of the students they want.
  7. This all happened after the last recruit. I'm curious about what happens in January when the next set of applicants come in
  8. CLASP ranks somewhere up there, as well. Parkdale traditionally gets a few extra applicants but it does seem like that changed a tad last year.
  9. Yup. Agreed on this. DO NOT try to reduce the overall number of courses for the year. Most you can do is put both of your yearly 3 credit courses in the first semester so you have a smaller workload. But I do NOT recommend doing this, your second semester will be a jaunt through hell. Take a bird course like Trial Ad instead. It's really useful and fun but also not graded.
  10. IIRC these are the prizes available. https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/financial-services/fund-law-school/scholarships-awards-prizes/medals-awards-prizes/
  11. So this is super subjective. it's going to matter on: 1) Is there an award for the class? Check the awards list to see if it's eligible and 2) Were you the only A+? If not, did the professor find the other's mark to be better than yours in some way? Like we can't really give a guarantee here. You're going to have to wait and see, to be frank. Checking if there's an award in the first place is a good idea
  12. You do NOT need to take tax. Take it if you want to practice it or need it for your practice, but it's not essential for the bar.
  13. Tbh I did the 15 credit route and haven't regretted it for a second. The hands on experience I got was invaluable and I do feel like I learned more there than I did with some courses. I know you've probably been told this, but it's not the worst idea to do some bar courses. It's not make or break, but it does help a bit.
  14. Yep. Transfers normally do a 3L clinic. You'll have some last minute opportunities open up, but it's really rare.
  15. They all open at the same time regardless of semester. Early Jan and deadlines being later in the month
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