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  1. The health care plan was swapped to YUGSA, iirc. Which is great considering how mediocre the YFS health plan was.
  2. You should nudge student government to put it up, though. Reach out to the Vice-President Internal and ask if she can put it up. The page usually goes up around this time of year (and L&L only started doing it themselves very recently). https://www.legalandlit.ca/executive-team/
  3. Not really typical to have a first year student on the committee. There's a decent time commitment that doesn't really gel with the hectic parts of 1L. Plus I expect SC will want someone with a bit more Oz experience.
  4. Contact Student Caucus. There's normally 1-2 spots. SC members often get first dibs, but email the Vice Chair.
  5. You'll want the VP internal http://www.legalandlit.ca/executive-team/
  6. Contact L&L (the student government). Students used to make the groups - but student gov took over a couple of years ago. Not sure if that has changed.
  7. It's considered good. Your LSAT score won't be any kind of issue at a 162.
  8. I've read this paragraph about five times over and I'm so confused about what's happening here.
  9. You've got a really strong shot. Make sure that your materials are well written and you can make a great case for yourself.
  10. So here's the thing - I know that you're unsure of your application package, but you're a stronger applicant than you think. Over the past few years, there's been a move at Osgoode to include more mature students. There's a belief (that I strongly endorse) that mature students add a lot of value to the student body and are often excellent lawyers. And so mature student applications are looked upon well. As was mentioned in the other thread - you may want to reach out to Osgoode directly if you're worried about if you have enough credits (I don't think it's an issue, but this is not my area of expertise). Make sure that your PS is focused on your experiences working/teaching/running a business and why they would both help you in the profession/why they made you passionate for a career in law. And try to expound on what you would add to the student body at Osgoode.
  11. You don't need to rewrite. You should be set with those stats
  12. Nadler is one of the best professors I had during my post-secondary education. Also such a wonderful human being.
  13. I may be misunderstanding the question, but yes you can fill out Part B. Not common, but not rare. If your GPA/LSAT is strong enough - you can absolutely pull it off.
  14. I would absolutely mention those circumstances in your application. It will be taken into account - especially as you were able to show significant improvement after your diagnosis. I dealt with several applications which had similar circumstances and recommended admits in some. I generally wouldn't worry about any stigma attached to an ADHD diagnosis with Oz - I worked closely with administration in a number of roles (including mental health/wellness related ones) and have a lot of respect for how they handle previous mental health diagnoses/in terms of providing accommodations.
  15. Second would likely be weighed more heavily than the first. It's your most recent experience and shows improvement in your ability to perform academically.
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