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  1. Also, no 1L takers to do this year's thread? Happy to keep this one going but it would be great if someone could step up and pay it forward. You'll get assistance from the upper years.
  2. If there's two of you, I'd definitely go for the 1 bedroom large if you can get it. But you should get that application in and I'd also recommend emailing them and just explaining WHY you need the 1 bedroom large. It would easily be enough space for two and also give you some breathing room during exams. So it's kind of unknown how they hand out the apartments. There were some who put their names on and had to wait, and I also know two who just got them in 1L at the beginning. There are two emptying out this year I think, which will help
  3. 1 Bedroom Larges are an obnoxious amount of space, they're double the size of a normal one bedroom and bigger than most condos downtown. But they're really hard to get because of the demand.
  4. Genuine question: How does a new school set up some of the student life/career pieces for students? I'm curious about how you set up your student clubs, organize funding for them (this would typically be run through student government - but that's going to be even more difficult for a new school dealing with ancillary fee changes), create your student government structures and help them network with firms. A lot of Oz's firm tours are run through its student clubs and upper years are fairly integral to helping prep you for the OCI process etc. It seems like students who decide to go here will have a *lot* that they'll have to figure out on their own.
  5. Could I suggest throwing this at the Class of 2020 instead? You'll get a lot more answers, to be honest
  6. I'm not sure how standard they are, but phone interviews do happen. Ask for one if you're too far too commute, it won't hurt to ask
  7. Only going to tackle part 5. @Ryn has been around here longer, but iirc people have asked for scholarship information in the past due to circumstances that require it and have heard back. To be honest, I wouldn't worry about it harming your chances. The people who work that office are phenomenal and understanding. Just give them a small heads up about why you need to know sooner.
  8. Ask for one of the outside facing apartments at 18 Passy. By far the best deal you'll get - easy access to the parking lot, quieter since you're not on the road and your apartment opens up on a park - which is wonderful over the summer. Multiple people own BBQs and it can be fantastic.
  9. They are absolutely not subject to casual conversation. I'm staying out of the thread for this year because I don't want to somehow break confidentiality or give an impression that I am, but everyone on the committee understands the importance of keeping information strictly private.
  10. CLOC, Crown Offices, CLB, Environment are the ones I can think of.
  11. Just to note, 290 is just the class size. You need to then add on the leaders, exchange students and exec for events. It just isn't logistically possible to include +1s as a part of the week.
  12. The Chambers apartments are close to empty right now - there are only a few students around. Let's not start this rumor.
  13. It's definitely common. I brought my family along too
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