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  1. I loved living at Passy. YMMV but at the very least, it's worth the cost for first year.
  2. Give them a call. It won't affect you negatively and you'll get an answer
  3. This is done by L&L, the student union. I'd expect early next year. If it isn't done by then, message the mods of the 2021 group and ask them to put one up
  4. Hi OP, A You absolutely have a shot, and a decent one. Adcomm will take your unfortunate circumstances into account, just make sure that your documentation is solid and that you properly explain your situation. It could go either way, but you're not out of the running. Good luck!
  5. No they don't. This isn't something you need to be worried about
  6. You should absolutely include it. Personalizing your statements in general is a good thing
  7. I'll help out a tad here again. My apologies if my answers seem a bit shorter. Also to note, things are rather hectic rn so I can't guarantee that I'll be paying too much attention to this thread. I'll try to answer questions when I can. Honestly, it's largely extenuating circumstances or something really notable (first in your family to finish university, if you immigrated and learned English from scratch etc). I can't say anything will be a sureshot in terms of compelling the committee, it's more a question of your actual circumstances. Something to note, you can put something like having had to work multiple jobs to support yourself. It may be considered, but you should have an upward trend or something that shows that you can handle the rigor of law school regardless I feel like this is really hard to give advice about. Here's what I'll say, go with whatever you think gives the most compelling picture of you as a candidate. This is both in terms of 1) why we would want you at Oz and 2) why you should be at Oz. Tell us about something notable you did or what made you want to come to law school. I really do NOT think that EC over work experience or vice versa is a sure shot. What I'm trying to say, albeit badly, is that there is no perfect formula for your PS. Feel it out and spend some time thinking about what experiences you're most proud of/what creates the most compelling and accurate narrative about you.
  8. Concurring with Ryn that the ICLP does not have a LSAT or GPA requirement.
  9. Honestly, include it. This seems completely fine
  10. Just on this note generally - Osgoode DOES NOT have an auto-rejection number. Every file is reviewed by someone on the team and if there are compelling reasons as to why you had a sub 3.0 GPA, they will be considered. This doesn't mean that a 2.8 GPA individual has an amazing shot of getting in, but the process really is holistic and mitigating factors can be considered. There are also no definitions/ranges. The "high GPA" may be true to an extent - something above a 3.7 is obviously looked at more favorably than, let's say, a 3.2. But never during my time at Oz did we base anything off of any preset ranges. I could go into this further but frankly, it's not really necessary.
  11. Going to help Ryn out when I can. I have the same experiences as them. The review teams do not have the previous files, but we can request the information from admin if we needed it. Practically speaking though, the scenario you're worrying about will not happen. It's quite rare for us to look at your previous application. That being said I've always been of the opinion that you should tell the committee about your experiences. No reason to remove them IMHO
  12. Well this is too late, sorry about the delay. Mccamus is supposed to be good but restitution is considered to a pretty difficult course.
  13. Call the admissions office. You should be okay but just check before you make decisions based on this forum
  14. Yeah, CLASP doesn't really consider grades heavily when looking at applications. They do look over them, but your experience, CV and interview play in much more. A "C" doesn't mean that you'll be a bad fit for legal aid work or that you'll be a bad advocate - bit different if your transcript is all Cs. I know of multiple scenarios where students with higher grades were passed over for students with a better overall profile (including ones with Cs). In terms of sheer number of applications, CLASP is usually very competitive and gets most of the students they want.
  15. This all happened after the last recruit. I'm curious about what happens in January when the next set of applicants come in
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