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  1. As a 1L U of C student I think what he meant was you are not learning much in your first month. U of C has a foundation class that is really just about getting everyone on the same page before entering their real classes. You will be busy.
  2. Just to add my two cents - Scarecrow is right, the way schools determine GPA varies. Some schools will drop your worst courses, some schools look at your best 2, some only look at your last 2 and some (UofA) will even consider masters programs. My advice would be to now worry about what schools look at what and just focus on getting the best grade you can in your remaining courses. Nothing you can do about the past so you might as well focus on the future. Cross that bridge once you start applying. I am also not sure about how this works, maybe a UofT law student who also went there for undergrad can chime in. If not I would just contact the school and ask. I agree with both scarecrow and JW on this last point. I think scarecrow is right in that it wont really (to an extent) benefit you to study for 10 hours a day on the LSAT. In my experience the days where I did spend 10 hours studying I burned myself out and was basically useless for the next couple of days. That said, I also wrote my LSAT after undergrad so I didn't have the distraction of finals or homework or anything else related to undergrad, which in my opinion really helped me. I was able to focus all of my attention on the LSAT, as far as studying went, and was still able to work/hang out with friends/vacation/etc. There are lots of study guides out there that you can look at, just find one that looks manageable and fits within your time frame. I hope this helps a little bit, regardless good luck on the remainder of your undergrad and on the LSAT and law school!
  3. Just to add my 2 cents. OP if it helps I have almost identical stats as you (3.36 and 3.60 L2) and I was admitted into U of C for the upcoming year. I think you have great softs, but as others have said you will need to work hard on improving that LSAT score! A 136 to a 160 will be tough, but absolutely achievable. I think rziegler is correct in saying that it wont matter what kind of EC you have if you cant write about them. In my opinion the personal statement is as much about your ECs as it is about showing that you can write at a high level and string enough sentences together to create a narrative. Regardless, good luck in September!
  4. Bendz

    Suits For Men

    Hello suit experts of LS.ca, I have a couple quick (hopefully) questions that I am hoping someone can help me out with. Before law school starts I decided that this may be my last opportunity in a while to take a solid two months off and travel a bit, so I am off to SE Asia for a month in July/August. I am wondering if you guys would recommend getting a suit/shirts/pants while over there? I have done a bit of research and from the places that I am visiting Bangkok and Hoi An seem like the best places to go. Specific questions: 1) Would you recommend getting clothing made over there? 2) Would 2 days be enough time to get fitted? I dont have a ton of time in those places, so I would want to ideally get fitted/measured there and then make adjustments in Canada. 3) If I do decide to do this, any tips/advice? 4) what should I be expected to pay? 5) are there any scams that I should be aware of? Thank you all for taking the time to read through this post. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Received the email this morning. Will be declining as I have accepted at UofC. L2 - 3.6 LSAT - 158
  6. I am planning on going as well.
  7. First of all, relax. I know that may not be easy when you are waiting to hear back from schools, but the fact is there is nothing more than you can do. Secondly, you have pretty decent stats (much better than mine) so I would think you will get a few acceptance letters. If you read some of the acceptance threads that might give you a better idea of where you stand and when you think you may see an acceptance/rejection/wait list letter. However, I did not apply to any of the schools you applied to, so someone who applied, or was accepted, to those school may be able to give a better indication than I can. Regardless, good luck!
  8. I've been noticing a lot of these types of posts from high school students looking to get into law. I will reiterate and provide the same advice I have provided on other threads, relax. I think it is great that you are already thinking about law, however it may be a bit premature. If you are really motivated by law school then 100% keep it in mind going through undergrad (which you will need to get BTW). It may help you stay motivated and dedicated to good grades throughout your undergrad. If you still want to go for it in 3-4 years, that's when you should start to really look into it. I am only a 0L, so I may not be able to speak to the Harvard thing, but from what I have read on this site I would follow Radvhe's advice - If you want to work in Canada, go to school in Canada. Regardless, good luck!
  9. Haha, yes. This. I think its premature to say that you will fit into the profession without having been involved in the profession in some way (and maybe you have, I don't know). I just want to reiterate what others have said here. Put law school on the back burner for now. I wouldn't completely forget about it, because it may be a useful motivator when the alarm clock goes off at 7 am and you have to be in class for 8. I know that was my biggest hurdle in undergrad. Enjoy university, work hard and the grades will follow. If you are still interested in law come third year, that's when you should start to really look into it.
  10. I think we are all forgetting the real victim here. Dwayne "the rock" Johnson. He never asked to be brought into this. His only crime was punishing people in the ring and tickling our funny bone in great cinematic adventures such as the Tooth Fairy and Get Smart. His signature move was the "Rock Bottom". For all we know that user in the old thread really was the great Mr. Johnson. How do you think he feels with all of this?!
  11. Agree with what Plinko has said here, along with everyone else. I wouldn't defer a year, no sense in putting your future on hold. But I think that if you have the opportunity to learn the 9-5 "lifestyle" I would take it. I remember my first office job, it was a 4 month summer internship and a very large company (+2000). It was a complete mess and I too felt embarrassed a lot of the time because I didn't know how to do simple things. However, I think the most valuable thing I learned in during my first office job was how top preform in an office job. The small things, like email etiquette, the importance of going for coffee with your coworkers, how to manage deadlines, dealing with bosses, ect... I am sure a lot of these skills can be learned in other types of jobs, but it was interesting for me to see them in a white collar environment. My recommendation would be to take the job. Best case scenario, you love it and learn a ton about the 9-5 lifestyle and make a few bucks. Worst care, you absolutely hate where you work and have a countdown on your white board till you leave for law school while still learning a lot.
  12. I too got very excited after reading TDC's post! I will be at the open house at the end of the month. It sounds like it will be a good opportunity to see the law campus and meet some incoming students. AudreyBerry, I'll let you know if you miss anything exciting!
  13. I think you are wise to apply to schools that look at your best two, not that they wont see your cGPA, but it will help. Like everyone else has said on this post I would rewrite. A few points would go a long way, looking at the acceptance threads to a lot of schools there are a lot of high 150's-low 160's. I have read on this site, and heard, about people being accepted with your stats, but why would you want to put yourself in the "slim chance" category? Why not bump up the LSAT score and put yourself in the "you have a good shot" category, or even better the "100% in" category.
  14. I think you should consider a rewrite. You have very good stats otherwise and I think a 160+ would put you over the top at a lot of schools. Even if you don'y rewrite, I think you would be competitive at TRU. Now, if snowboarding is your passion I would highly recommend Calgary! We have a few great hills very close by (about 90 min drive) in Sunshine and Lake Louise. If you want to go a bit farther, Fernie and Panorama are close enough to make a weekend out of it.
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